Pyro H Support

1. Channel scanning for free channel selection.
2. Correct installation.
3. Ensure that the power supply is stable.

  1. Check the camera’s HDMI output settings, ensuring the HDMI information display is off, and the HDMI control is disabled.
  2. Examine the HDMI cable for proper functionality: connect the camera directly to a monitor to verify if the video output is normal.
  3. Use an HDMI output from a laptop to connect to the video transmitter. Observe if the transmitter screen displays the video format correctly.

The HDMI IN 1 port of the ATEM mini switcher only supports RGB mode, while HDMI IN 2, 3, and 4 support YUV mode. Our device supports YUV mode.

Please keep the mobile phone at least 2m away from the transmitter.