Pyro H Support

Use the SONY NP-F series battery to power the device such as F970, F750 and F550. You can also use the V-mount battery when you have a D-Tap to DC cable.

The device supports power supply through a standard 5V 2A USB-C charger in unicast mode.
Note: It does not support power supply through a fast-charging USB-C charger. It is not recommended to use a power bank to charge because the charging current and voltage of the power bank drop rapidly. The device’s charging current and voltage needs to be over 5V 2A.

The device supports power supply through the DC adapter with a voltage input from 6-16V.

Only the receiver can perform the channel scanning function. Long press the thumbwheel switch for 3 seconds to enter the menu. Scroll the switch up and down to select the function and press the switch to confirm.

Only the transmitter can select scene modes. Different scene modes are designed for different application scenarios.
1. HD Mode: Support up to 12 Mbps high bit rate, excellent video quality, ideal for Microfilm and advertising shooting.
2. Smooth Mode: Adjust video quality to maintain low latency when interference occurs, suitable for live shooting.

Only the transmitter support adjusting the fan speed.
1. Auto: The device automatically adjusts the speed of the fan according to its temperature (noise up to 55dB).
2. Low: The fan speed is reduced to a minimum (45dB), and the temperature of the device will be slightly higher.

Download the HollyView App from your mobile store and check if your device supports 5G Wi-Fi.
Note: Android devices can only connect to channels 1, 2 while iPhone devices can connect to all channels.
Steps for connecting the HollyView App:
• Find the WIFI PASSWORD on the menu of the transmitter.
• Enter the Wi-Fi password and connect to the “HLD_XXXXXXX” network.
• Open the HollyView App and Click ” Connect ” to get the video feed.
1. It is advised to turn off the “Wi-Fi Assist” function in the “Cellular” settings for the first time.
2. Turn off the “Auto-join” function in the “Wi-Fi” settings.
3. Permit the HollyView to access your location.