Hollyview APP connection

OVERVIEWS: Mars M1 supports up to 4 app connection, but you need to set it to transmitter mode when using APP connection.

Mars M1 OnlySupport 4 APP connection
Connect to 1RXSupport 2 APP connection
Connect to 2RXDon’t support APP connection

Note: The WIFI name is  【”HLD_”+”SN”】. You can check the wifi info on 【Device Info】

WiFi default password: 12345678


Mars M1 should be in 【Transmitter】 mode when connect the APP.

①Download 【Hollyview】application in APP Store.

②Set Mars M1 to【Transmitter】 mode.

③Open WIFI setting on smartphone, and search WIFI name 【HLD_XXXXXXX】, you can check it on 【Setting】 => 【Device Info】

④Connect WIFI enter default password: 12345678

(Some smartphone have 【WIFI Assist】 function need to be turn off)

⑤Open 【HollyView】 app on smartphone, click connect to watch the video

Article Number: 【AS-220827003_8】

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