11 Best PTZ Cameras for Live Streaming in 2023

PTZ, or pan, tilt, and zoom cameras offer a lot of flexibility to camera operators. They’re essentially remote-controlled miniature robots that can tilt vertically, pan horizontally, and zoom in on almost any subject without making the image too pixelated. 

Along with capturing breathtaking overhead shots, PTZ cameras are also simple to control, easy to transport, and perfect for operating multiple cameras simultaneously. 

Their excellent digital and optical zooming, 60fps streaming, and automatic tracking make them ideal for live-streaming videos on social media, especially if you move around a lot or like having a shot from several different angles. 

11 Best PTZ Cameras for Live Streaming in 2023

With such a wide range of cameras available, finding the right one is no easy task. To help you make the best decision, we’ve reviewed eleven of the best PTZ cameras for live streaming. Whether you’re shooting in the vast outdoors or small, dimly-lit rooms, these cameras capture you perfectly, ensuring exceptional live streams every single time. 

If you’re in a bit of a hurry, take a quick look at our comparison table below: 

TitlePanasonic AW-UE50 PTZObsbot Tiny 2Logitech PTZ Pro 2PTZOptics 12x SDI Gen2 cameraSony BRC-X1000Sony FR-7Datavideo PTC-140Canon CR-N300Hollyland VenusLivMEVO StartObsbot Me
Resolution4K or 1080p4K1080p1080p4K4K or 1080p1080p4K1080p1080pdepends on your phone’s camera
Pan±175°290˚±90°NA±170°depends on lens340˚±170°NpNAdepends on your phone’s camera
Tilt-30°to 90°90˚± 35° / 45° NA+90°/-30°depends on lens+90° to -30° -30° – +100°NoNANA
Zoom24x optical, 28x digital in 4K, or 36x in 1080p4x10x 12x12xdepends on lens20x (+10x digital)20x3x optical and 2x digitalNAdepends on your phone’s camera
Frame Rate25/30fps at 4K30fps (or 1080P @ 60fps)30fps 60fps at 1080p59.94at 1080p / 4k at 30fps120fps at 4K60fps at 1080p60fps at 1080p or 30fps at 4K60fps30fps at 1080pdepends on your phone’s camera
Field of View (FoV)74.1˚85.5˚ 90˚ 72.5˚ to 6.9˚ 64.6˚   depends on lens55.8 to 3.2˚3.6˚ to 65.6˚  80˚84˚depends on your phone’s camera
Connectivity optionsUSB, HDMI, EthernetUSB-CUSBHDMI, Ethernet, SDIHDMI, EthernetUSB, HDMI, EthernetEthernet, SDI, HDMIHDMI, BNC, Ethernet, NDIWi-Fi, LAN, HDMI, USB-C (2.0 and 3.1)Wi-Fi (NDI), USB-C, 3.5mm micWi-Fi (NDI), USB-C, 3.5mm mic

Best Camera for 4K Live Streaming: Panasonic AW-UE50 P

image 381
  • Price: $3650
  • Resolution: 1080p or 4K
  • Pan: ±175°
  • Tilt: -30°to 90°
  • Zoom: 24x optical and 28x digital 
  • Field of view (FoV): 74.1˚
  • Frame rate: 25/30fps
  • Connectivity options: USB, Ethernet, HDMI

Boasting USB-C, IP, and SDI video output, the Panasonic AW-UE50 PTZ is perfect for the modern live streamer. It offers 24x optical zoom, has a compact, dome-like design, and can be operated with a single cable. 

Its wide-angle field of view means you can easily shoot in smaller spaces, and there’s also a wide range of control systems. The web interface further makes camera operation practical, while the near-silent motor system means you won’t even know you’re being recorded. 


  • Intuitive built-in browser control system
  • Extremely wide lens for a PTZ camera
  • Works as a webcam


  • Most Panasonic software isn’t Mac-friendly
  • Maximum 1080p IP streaming

Best Compact PTZ Camera: Obsbot Tiny 2

image 390
  • Price: $329 on Amazon
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Pan: 290˚
  • Tilt: 90˚
  • Zoom: 4x
  • Field of view (FoV): 85.5˚
  • Frame rate: 30fps or 60fps
  • Connectivity options: USB-C

If you’re in the market for a powerful webcam that can track and lock on to the slightest of movements, then the Obsbot Tiny 2 is the one for you. 

With a simple plug-and-play operation and a 4K 30fps output, it beats most of the webcams available today. Its voice commands essentially make it a camera operator you can direct, making it perfect for live streaming on Twitch or OBS.

The HDR and field of view further make it great for streamers shooting in inconsistent lighting. The scaleable H.264 encoding ensures high-quality videos, while integrated voice control and hand gestures make engaging and disengaging tracking incredibly easy. 

The Obsbot Tiny 2 is also designed with an LED that indicates whether the AI understood your command, which becomes intuitive and natural to use. Its privacy mode is even more instinctive – simply point the lens of the camera down! It comes with a hard case as well, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. 


  • Comes with a magnetic mount
  • Draws power from a USB connection
  • USB Type-C is compatible with MacBooks
  • Intuitive privacy mode


  • Hand gestures may not be suitable for everyone

Best for Video Conferences: Logitech PTZ Pro 2

image 391
  • Price: $350 on Amazon
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Pan: ±90° 
  • Tilt: ± 35° / 45° 
  • Zoom: 10x
  • Field of view (FoV): 90o
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • Connectivity options: USB

Designed particularly for interviews and video conferences, the Logitech PTZ Pro 2 is one of the best cameras for live streaming today. Whether you’re looking for life-like videos, ease of use, or an elegant design, this camera is a nearly flawless device that has got it all!

When it comes to performance, it offers sharp visuals with exceptional optical accuracy and truly stunning color production. Its wide field of view is a great plus as well, allowing you to capture wide shots with breathtaking detail and making it perfect for streamers with large rooms or multiple guests. 

The Logitech PTZ Pro 2 also boasts 10x optical zoom with autofocus, which is incredibly rare to find at this price range. Rather than a smartphone app, it comes with a remote control and presets that save your preferred settings, enabling you to smoothly transition between pan, tilt, and zoom at the press of a button. 


  • 10x optical zoom with autofocus
  • High-quality videos with stunning details
  • Several different mounting options
  • Beautiful design


  • Doesn’t have a smartphone app

Best for remote control: PTZOptics Gen2 Camera

image 388
  • Price: $1499 on Amazon
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Pan: NA
  • Tilt: NA
  • Zoom/optical: 12x
  • Field of view (FoV): 72.5o to 6.9o
  • Frame rate: 60fps
  • Connectivity options: Ethernet, HDMI, SDI

If you’re looking for a PTZ camera with a wide variety of remote control and connectivity options, then look no further than the PTZOptics Gen2 Camera. 

Also available with 30x and 20x lenses, these devices have multiple sockets, and they all even work simultaneously! This means that you can connect the camera to your monitor with an HDMI cable while using SDI at the same time. 

Along with a dedicated Mac and PC app for easy camera control, PTZOptics also have an OBS plugin and an open-source system to allow streamers to create their own ideal system. This results in new, useful features that conventional camera brands may not have even imagined, such as making the Gen2 Camera compatible with Xbox controllers instead of costly broadcast joysticks. 

If none of the controller connections tickle your fancy, the device comes with an IR remote as well. This remote boasts several different options, including camera selection, manual and autofocus, and fast and slow zoom rockers. 


  • Excellent lens quality
  • Several different image quality adjustment options
  • Incredibly adaptable


  • Resolution dial could be improved

Best for Sports: Sony BRC-X1000

image 382
  • Price: $7930 on Amazon
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Pan: ±170°
  • Tilt: +90°/-30°
  • Zoom: 12x
  • Field of view (FoV): 64.6o
  • Frame rate: 4k at 30fps and 59.94 at 1080p 
  • Connectivity options: Ethernet, HDMI

For live streaming sports or any other event, the Sony BRC-X1000 is more than equipped to handle every situation. Along with shooting in real 4K, the camera also comes with a 12x optical zoom and a back-illuminated, one-inch Exmor-R CMOS sensor that ensures high-quality live streams with brilliant details every time.

You can, of course, control the camera remotely and even adjust the speed of the pan, tilt, and zoom according to your preferences. While the zoom isn’t as high as some other PTZ cameras, Sony’s ‘Clear Image Zoom Technology’ increases it to 18x in 4K or 24x in HD without compromising on quality. 

Thanks to its rear and front tally light, the Sony BRC-X1000 boasts adjustable brightness and works great in low-light conditions as well. Lastly, it comes with user upgrades, an IR remote, mounting screws, cable clamps, and ceiling brackets to ensure an easier setup. The only real drawback of this camera is its extremely high price point. 


  • 4K video resolution
  • Large one-inch sensor captures stunning details
  • Excellent for shooting in low light conditions
  • Comes with an IR remote


  • Zoom range is smaller than other PTZ cameras


Best for high-end budget buyers: Sony FR-7

image 387
  • Price: $9699
  • Resolution: 1080p or 4K
  • Pan: depends on lens
  • Tilt: depends on lens
  • Zoom/optical: depends on lens 
  • Field of view (FoV): depends on lens
  • Frame rate: 120fps
  • Connectivity options: HDMI, USB, Ethernet

The Sony FR-7 elevates high-end PTZ cameras to a completely new level with interchangeable lenses. A true game-changer for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom cameras, it sits in the cinema range and captures exemplary footage with breathtaking detail. 

It comes with standard 15mm rods for attaching mountable accessories, while its back-illuminated Exmor-R CMOS sensor boasts an ND filter and multiple phase-detection focus points, ensuring your viewers enjoy nothing less than the highest quality live streams. 

Thanks to the FR-7’s 12G SDI connection, it fully supports 4K, but there are also HDMI, LAN, and dual CFexpress / MicroSD cards for easier and more convenient use. 


  • 4K resolution for high-quality live streams
  • More than 15 stop dynamic ranges
  • Hybrid and real-time autofocus 
  • Dual SD or CFexpress cards


  • Much more expensive than other PTZ cameras
  • Not a lot of lenses have powered zoom

Best for field operations: Datavideo PTC-140 

image 386
  • Price: $999 on Amazon
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Pan: 340˚
  • Tilt: +90° to -30°
  • Frame rate: 60fps
  • Zoom: 20x
  • Field of view (FoV): 55.8˚ to 3.2˚
  • Connectivity options: SDI, Ethernet, HDMI

Boasting an onboard streaming encoder, the Datavideo PTC-140 can encode two different data streams simultaneously. It offers both SDI and HDMI connectivity options, so you can use it in almost all creative environments, while the 3.5mm stereo input allows you to take audio for easier and more convenient encoding. 

Its low-noise CMOS sensor further offers 20x optical zoom, making for great live streams every single time. The Datavideo PTC-140 offers industry-standard control systems and a great movement range as well, so you can easily move around without worrying about the camera leaving you out of the shot. 

If you don’t want to use one of Datavideo’s – or any of the compatible – control systems, the device also comes with an IR remote as well as a UV filter and ceiling mounts, making it ideal for field operations. 


  • Works great in low light 
  • Dual streaming option
  • Excellent value for money


  • Digital zoom is a bit soft

Youtube link:

Best for cinematic quality: Canon CR-N300

image 383
  • Price: $2399 on Amazon
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Pan: Horizontal ±170°
  • Tilt: -30° to +100°
  • Zoom: 20x
  • Field of view (FoV): 3.6o to 65.6o
  • Frame rate: 30fps (4K) and 60fps (1080p)
  • Connectivity options: BNC, HDMI Ethernet, NDI, Canon XC

Although all of Canon’s PTZ cameras offer great autofocus, the Canon CR-N300 features a hybrid autofocus with a distance sensor underneath the lens, making it more reliable than a contrast AF system. So, if you want to focus more on your live streams and never want to worry about whether your subject is in focus or not, give the Canon CR-N300 a try!

Unlike its bigger versions with 1-inch sensors, this PTZ camera has a 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS sensor with 20x optical zoom for capturing and live streaming even the smallest details. Although the compact size is a bit expensive, its 3G-SDI means you can live stream videos at up to 1080p or record 4K content at up to 30fps, making it one of the best PTZ cameras for cinematic quality. 


  • Hybrid autofocus for accurate and fast focusing
  • DIGIC DV6 processor ensures excellent results in every situation
  • 4K UHD recording for stunning quality
  • Supports a wide range of control and streaming protocols 


  • 3G SDI does not support 4K broadcast

Best Live Streaming Camera for 24/7: Hollyland VenusLiv

C2AW krip dXzBnG4OmoDA b0qPbebNDmLflqs5ssk0Zp4Hxs LWNnunphTcKY6E KRcjYnXpckvBHrCNcJtdt8Y2fAWcu1GlVyfNWqqXYZZjsukrM5OogrTjjL6w
  • Price: $999
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Pan: No
  • Tilt: No
  • Zoom: 3x optical and 2x digital
  • Field of view (FoV): 80-degree
  • Frame rate: 60fps
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, LAN, HDMI, USB-C (2.0 and 3.1)

If you want to savor the joy of interrupted streaming 24/7, the Hollyland VenusLiv is an ideal option. No overheating, no unexpected shutdowns, thanks to VenusLiv’s aerospace heat vacuum system to ensure smooth streaming without a hitch. 


Hollyland VenusLiv

One-Stop Wireless Live Streaming Camera.

Learn More

One of the mind-blowing features of this camera is the RTMP. With the Real-Time Messaging Protocol, you can stream by simply sharing your URL to various infamous sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Besides, you don’t have to copy and paste the link every time, as this camera saves your streaming URL for your upcoming streams so you can go live again in a single click. 

While many streaming cameras require a capture card, the Hollyland VenusLiv frees you from such accessories because of the USB Video Class (UVC) support. You can connect the camera to your PC for a lighting-fast streaming experience with the help of a USB cable. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your appearance and surrounding environment for regular streams. Because you can monitor your actions directly from the camera due to the 5-inch touchscreen display with CalMAN color calibration assistance so your audience can enjoy immersive and vibrant visuals. 

Additionally, you can adjust exposure, ISO, white balance, and many more settings through the HollyOS operating system. The Hollyland VenusLiv also allows you to mount it horizontally and vertically to stream at your preferred angle.


  • 600 nits brightness
  • 3x screen presets
  • Built-in color correction tool
  • Straightforward configuration and menu system


  • It lacks pan/tilt functionality

Best Software PTZ Camera: MEVO Start 

image 384
  • Price: $394 on Amazon
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Pan: NA
  • Tilt: NA
  • Zoom: NA
  • Field of view (FoV): 84o
  • Frame rate: 30fps (1080p)
  • Connectivity options: USB-C, Wi-Fi (NDI), 3.5mm mic

Although the MEVO Start isn’t technically a PTZ camera, its functioning and features are very similar to that of one. With an incredibly user-friendly phone app, you can control the camera with your phone’s hotspot or a WiFi network, making it perfect for streaming on the go. 

This tiny camera either shoots at its full 84o width or crops in and closely tracks the movement of your face. It also saves recordings to the MicroSD card, so you have a backup video to edit later. It further inputs sound through a 3.5mm mic, your phone, or its in-built microphone array, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Along with being easy to use, the app also offers a wide range of picture adjustments and connects seamlessly to streaming platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and RTMP. It boasts a long battery as well and can work for up to six hours on a single charge. 

So, if you’re planning on live streaming while on the road, the MEVO Start gives you the flexibility and power to wirelessly broadcast from anywhere without compromising on video or sound quality. 


  • Brilliant and easy-to-use software
  • Compact and portable
  • Software adapts to your audience’s growth
  • Wide variety of picture adjustments 


  • 4K requires Mevo Plus
  • Some features are only accessible with paid subscription 

Best for Phone Streaming and Vloggers: Obsbot Me

image 385
  • Price: $149 on Amazon
  • Resolution: depends on your phone’s camera
  • Pan: depends on your phone’s camera
  • Tilt: NA
  • Zoom: depends on your phone’s camera
  • Field of view (FoV): depends on your phone’s camera
  • Frame rate: depends on your phone’s camera
  • Connectivity options: USB-C, Wi-Fi (NDI), 3.5mm mic

If you’ve invested all your budget into purchasing a high-quality phone and don’t have any money left for a camera operator or a production assistant, then this device is the perfect choice.

The Obsbot Me effectively transforms your phone into a PTZ camera that follows you around. Although this device doesn’t exactly fall under the PTZ camera category, it’s still incredibly handy for live-streaming content on your preferred platforms. 

It folds down into a small size but still opens up to hold nearly every phone, including a large iPhone Pro Max. It’s also compatible with standard camera software, so you don’t need to install any extra apps or go through any other tedious processes. 

The device’s lens is integrated with hand gestures as well, so you can enable and disable tracking by simply giving the Obsbot Me a high-five. Lastly, it comes with a tripod mount, earning it a place on our list of best PTZ cameras for live streaming. 


  • No app needed
  • Perfect for a vlogger’s B-roll
  • Uses the quality of your phone’s camera
  • Comes with a tripod mount


  • Lacks a tilt function 
  • Resolution dial could be improved

Factors to Choose the Best PTZ Camera for Live Streaming 

It can be daunting to find the best PTZ camera for live streaming, but the decision becomes much easier when you consider your budget and specific needs. Here are a few factors you should consider before buying a PTZ camera:


Resolution is one of the most important factors to consider when opting for a PTZ camera. Cameras with higher resolution produce clearer images, but they also tend to be more expensive. 

If you’re planning on broadcasting or live streaming, then it’s best to go for a 1080p resolution camera. However, if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, then a camera offering 720p resolution will do as well. 

Zoom Capability 

PTZ cameras boast optical zoom, which is usually much better than digital zoom. A camera with a higher optical zoom allows you to get close to your subject without blasting the pixels. If you’re planning on live-streaming sports, then it’s advisable to opt for a PTZ camera with a higher optical zoom. 

Field of View 

A camera’s field of view is basically the amount of space it can capture or record in a single shot. Wider fields of view are more suitable for capturing large groups of people or spacious rooms, while narrower fields are better for focusing on only a single subject. Make sure you choose a PTZ camera with a field of view that suits your specific needs. 

Connectivity Options 

PTZ cameras offer several different connectivity options, including SDI, HDMI, and IP streaming. It’s advisable to choose a camera that offers the connectivity options you need. 


Lastly, make sure you consider your budget before purchasing a PTZ camera. These cameras can be costly, but there are also a few budget-friendly options available on the market. It’s always best to opt for a PTZ camera that meets both your needs and your budget. 

Final Thoughts 

PTZ cameras are truly incredible pieces of technology, and with the arrival of AI, they’re still continuing to evolve rapidly. However, with such a wide range of PTZ cameras available today, finding the right one is no piece of cake. 

Luckily, by considering your needs and doing thorough research, you can find a camera that will make your live streams go viral. The best PTZ camera for you will depend on your audience, budget, and the content of your live streams. 

If you’re just starting as a live content creator, it’s best to buy a cheaper camera. This will allow you to test the waters before you take any giant leaps, and you can simply buy a better camera as you expand your live-streaming career. 


Are PTZ cameras suitable for live streaming?

PTZ cameras are perfect for live streaming from a studio, as they allow you to just set and forget them. You can mount a PTZ camera on several different surfaces, including a table, tripod, or ceiling, making it ideal for long-term use. 

How is optical zoom different from digital zoom? 

Optical zoom uses the lens of the camera itself to magnify the subject, which has little to no effect on the quality of the image. On the other hand, a digital zoom pushes in on the subject and reduces resolution, causing the final picture to look a bit grainy and blurry. 

Are there any disadvantages to using a PTZ camera? 

Although PTZ cameras allow you to live stream high-quality footage from several different angles, there are a few drawbacks. These devices can be costly and some may even have very limited zoom capabilities. 


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