10 Best DSLR Monitors in 2023

If you are a photophile, you would know how essential the world of photography and videography is. You must be taking a lot of pictures and videos with DSLR cameras for high-quality results. However, the tiny built-in screens on these cameras put limitations on the true experience of their excellence. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore because this is where DSLR monitors come to the rescue.

These DSLR monitors allow the camera users to see better results and give more control over their work. In this article, you will be familiarized with some of the best DSLR monitors currently available in the market. Read the article to the end to learn the best about their features.

Top 10 DSLR Monitors in 2023

DSLR monitors have become a valuable tool for both professionals and enthusiasts in the same way. This section will mention the top 10 DSLR monitors that will unlock new realms of creativity for you. Also, we will highlight the importance of these monitors and how they make a huge difference in taking amazing photos and videos.

1. Atomos Ninja Ultra 5.2″ 4K HDMI Recording Monitor

This DSLR monitor is ideal for use on almost every DSLR camera, as it supports 4K HDMI and can even record up to 8K with compatible cameras. The operating system of this monitor comes with a new and improved interface for a more user-friendly experience. You can also modify this tool with the “CONNECT” module to access the cloud workflows, which allows you to send signals to live streaming platforms.

The Ninja Ultra is also compatible with hard drive units offered by Atomos to let you record directly to the drives. Moreover, you are allowed to access LANC control and calibration with the help of a USB-C to serial connection cable in this DSLR monitor.

atmos ninja ultra dslr monitor

Key Features

  • This gadget offers a 1920 x 1080 display with a touchscreen interface for advanced accessibility.
  • You can get a 10-bit color processing with an astounding 1000nits brightness screen with better visibility even in sunlight photography.
  • Ninja Ultra supports 8K videos at 30fps and 4K videos at 60fps, making it efficient for professional use.
  • Sony and Canon DSLR cameras can perform auto HDMI camera trigger with this monitor, as it supports this function smoothly.

2. Andycine A6 Plus V2

Andycine A6 Plus V2 is a 5.5-inch 4K HDMI touch monitor with high resolution and wide viewing angles. The large screen isn’t the only function of this monitor; you can perform various handy features like focus assist, false color, grids, etc. Also, you can zoom anywhere in your results by pinching to get specific details in the frame. Users can access the common settings by swiping up in the bottom zone of this DSLR monitor.

Along with touch assistance, this monitor also supports physical button controls, where you can use the wheel button for a quick selection of functions. Additionally, Andycine A6 comes with an adjustable LED backlight and SD card slot for 3D LUT that allows you to upload and upgrade firmware.

andycine a6 plus v2 dslr monitor

Key Features

  • This DSLR monitor features standard mount points to attach with cameras and rigs. You can even mount it on a handheld stabilizer or to the bottom of your camera for an image flip function.
  • One of the great features of this tool is the facility of a portable sunshade that lets you focus more on your work and avoid the interference of unpleasant light.
  • With its wide viewing at 360-degree angles, you can see almost in every direction, having better visibility.
  • Users are facilitated with the waveform feature in this monitor, which helps professionals correct the exposure and brightness of their cameras.


FEELWORLD FW279 is an ultra-bright and high-resolution DSLR monitor with a huge screen of 7-inch display. The 4K HDMI connection is compatible with almost all DSLR cameras that support 4K at 30fps. You can also monitor audio with this gadget with the help of a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack or its own built-in speaker. 

The lightweight design of this DSLR monitor helps the users to mount it and hold it with ease and comfort. Furthermore, the FW279 has comprehensive monitoring tools, such as focus assist, histogram, zebra exposure, etc., that can aid you in taking amazing shots. Regardless of the conditions available for shooting, the overall result of this monitor is sharper and better in text clarity.

feelworld fw279 dslr monitor

Key Features

  • With its ultra-high brightness of 2200nits, you can meet the sunlight challenge and take crispy shots without restrictions.
  • This monitor offers an impressive high pixel density of 323 PPI that results in a sharper display and makes it ideal for focus pulling.
  • You can get a wider angle of 160 degrees with this DSLR monitor, enhancing the visibility of your shots and making it more professional.
  • The monitor automatically preserves the settings that you change and returns to the original settings when you turn it on next time.

4. Blackmagic Video Assist 7” 12G HDR

This DSLR monitor is a professional monitor, compatible with any SDI or HDMI camera in almost all resolution formats. Blackmagic offers a feature of USB webcam output that allows you to send full-resolution signals to your computer using the stream-friendly format. Also, you can audio recording support with the help of 2 balanced 3-pin mini-XLR inputs. 

In addition, users are allowed to simultaneously display their recordings live on larger screens using loop-through outputs. You can also avail yourself of some additional controls like histogram, vectorscope, battery status, and many more in a semi-transparent overlay. The display of this monitor comes with capacitive touchscreen functionality, allowing the users to control it with ease.

blackmagic video assist dslr monitor

Key Features

  • With the dual high-speed UHS-II slots of Blackmagic, you can record your files at much faster rates and can start editing the results without even converting.
  • You can capture videos and audio using 12G-SDI and HDMI inputs that assist you in monitoring ultra-HD footage, even with mirrorless cameras.
  • This monitor offers a super bright display of 2500nits with 1920 x 1200 resolution that enables you to view captured shots even in extreme sunlight.
  • The video footage with this monitor can be displayed at 10-bit and has a high ratio of 4:2:2, making it more efficient and professional.

5. Shinobi 7

Shinobi 7 is an ideal DSLR monitor for most users that combines the features of a large 7-inch display with calibrated high brightness. With the help of the intuitive touchscreen of this monitor, you can access and control the crucial features of your camera at your fingertips. Additionally, the USB and RJ45 control ports on this DSLR monitor can provide you support for future developments, enhancing the functionality of touchscreen camera control.

This screen lets you replicate post-production workflows by simplifying the complexities of shooting Log and HDR. Furthermore, you can also use custom 3D LUT to stream live and always maintain creativity. With the analysis mode, you can view your shots simultaneously while shooting and can even switch between different waveforms.

shinobi 7 dslr monitor

Key Features

  • This LCD offers the users dual battery slots and saves them from running out of power at crucial times.
  • Shinobi 7 supports up to 4K at 60fps via HDMI inputs and can cross-convert anytime between 4K and 3G-SDI signals.
  • You can use the large display as a perfect confidence monitor during selfie mode, allowing you to bake in a LUT to your camera input.
  • With the adaptive cooling of this tool, you can reduce fan noise and brightness, which normally peaked at 2200nits.

6. SmallHD 702 Touch 7″ On-Camera Monitor

This DSLR monitor features an IPS LCD panel with a wide off-axis viewing experience without altering colors or contrast. It comes with a dual L-series battery plate, but you are allowed to use the battery of your choice with its interchangeable functionality. Various other features included in this monitor are waveform, anamorphic de-squeeze, and custom LUT support.

With the graphical user interface of this monitor, you can selectively apply monitoring tools without confusing menus. Its intuitive touchscreen lets you swipe through different preset pages and control functions with ease. In addition, users get the facility to record audio with a headphone jack or built-in speakers.

smallhd 702 touch dslr monitor

Key Features

  • This monitor offers a 7-inch display with a 1920 x 1200 resolution of 1500nits brightness, allowing you to have a seamless experience.
  • Display images in the panel come in 8 bits per color, but the internal monitor comes with 10-bit processing.
  • You can use the joystick button to pinch-zoom in 2x and 4x with a smooth pan using this DSLR monitor.
  • Frame guides of this tool assist even new users for ease of accessibility.

7. Desview R7II Camera Field Monitor

Desview R7II is a large screen and latency-free DSLR monitor designed with HDMI input and output interfaces. This gadget comes with a wide-angle view that allows photographers to watch from a wide range of angles. Also, you are facilitated with various professional monitoring functions like histogram, false color, focus peaking, vectorscope, etc. 

With anamorphic mode, you are allowed to change the frame shape of clips to fit monitor screens whenever you want. Moreover, this DSLR monitor offers two ¼” screw holes and a mini hot shoe, allowing it to mount on cameras with low-angle accessibility. Using a D-TAP cable, you can charge it with a DC power supply, making it convenient for both indoor and outdoor activities.

desview r7ii camera field dslr monitor

Key Features

  • Users get to have a 7-inch display with 1920 x 1200 pixels and a refresh rate of 60Hz, which makes the interface of Desview R7II smooth and comfortable to look.
  • By using the 3D-LUT function, you can change the color tone of your image instantly through a U Disk.
  • The eye-saver mode and flicker-free technology of this gadget help you to get relief from eye strain for longer activities.
  • With the better shading performance of this DSLR monitor, you can see more dark and bright details even in daylight.

8. BM5 III

BM5 III, featured by Portkeys, is a lightweight and rugged on-camera monitor with several professional capabilities. This DSLR monitor offers a durable aluminum build for both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and SDI loop output. Users can control multiple camera functions with this monitor by using mini-USB ports available.

You can experience a fantastic performance with the integration of an L-series battery plate in this gadget. Additionally, users can enjoy wireless camera control with this DSLR monitor on some compatible devices like RED Komodo, V-RAPTOR, etc. Professional monitoring tools like waveform, peaking, ARRI, and false color are also supported with full functionality.

bm5 iii dslr monitor

Key Features

  • This DSL monitor features a 5.5-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio.
  • The peak brightness offered by this gadget is 2200 nits, enabling it to be viewable in strong daylight.
  • You can utilize the D-TAP cable feature of this monitor, which can be used to charge it with an external power supply and to increase its accessibility.
  • BM5 III allows you to access the position of the Tilta Nucleus N/M and display the wireless follow focus scale with its wired motor control.

9. Shogun 7

This beautifully designed DSLR monitor is especially for professionals who want to push the boundaries in cinematography. With its 7-inch large display and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, you can elevate the essence of captured images to new levels. Also, the high-quality cinematic experience makes you confident about making on-set decisions. You can get high production values of RAW and 4K HDR to maximize your control over every aspect. 

This DSLR monitor retrieves data in RAW form directly from the camera’s sensor and saves it in unprocessed form, giving you freedom in post-production finishing. ProRes RAW files are lightweight and small, enabling you to edit and grade quickly and efficiently. Simple monitoring tools of Shogun 7 put almost every detail of the image within your control, including focus peaking, false color profiles, vectorscope, etc.

shogun 7 dslr monitor

Key Features

  • The dynamic zoned backlight of this monitor maximizes the HDR experience for you, where blacks are deeper and whites are brighter.
  • This DSLR monitor lets you shoot RAW videos at extremely high frames, up to 240fps, capturing enhanced details of moving objects.
  • You can get an accurate representation of your video with Dolby Vision and in peak brightness of 2000nits using this handy gadget.
  • When used with mirrorless cameras, Shogun 7 allows you to get up to 4Kp60 ProRes and AVID DNx codecs via HDMI to enhance your editing and archival experience.

10. Lilliput Q7-12G

Lilliput Q7-12G is a professional DSLR monitor for photographers and filmmakers, specially designed for outdoor activities. This gadget is a precision camera monitor specially designed for super picture quality and a variety of professional functions. Some of these amazing features include HDR, 3D-LUT, exposure, false color, etc., which can help photographers capture every detail of their shots.

In addition, you can change the color temperature of your photos to make them warmer with yellow color or colder with bluish color. With the false color filter of this monitor, you can adjust the camera iris exposure, and the elements of the image can be altered accordingly. 

lilliput q7 12g dslr monitor

Key Features

  • This monitor supports video resolution up to 4K60, allowing HDR images with high-quality and detailed range of exposure.
  • Lilliput Q7-12G is compatible with almost all the latest DSLR cameras with the integration of HDMI 2.0.
  • You can get 12G-SDI signals and display them simultaneously through the picture-in-picture function, where you can adjust the size or position of it.
  • This gadget is equipped with a 2000 nits ultra bright LCD display and 1200:1 high contrast image production that can lead your photography to excellence.

Q1. Why do I need a DSLR camera monitor?

A DSLR camera monitor provides a larger and more detailed view of your shot with its high-quality screen. It helps you compose and focus your images and videos, especially in challenging lighting conditions. These monitors are particularly valuable for videographers and photographers who need precise framing.

Q2. Are there wireless options for DSLR camera monitors?

You can go wireless to link the monitor and your camera without using an HDMI cable. Wireless monitor systems usually rely on Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies to send the camera’s video to the monitor.

Q3. Do DSLR camera monitors drain my camera’s battery quickly?

When you use a DSLR camera monitor, it can drain your camera’s battery more quickly because it takes power from the camera. The impact on battery life depends on factors like the monitor’s size, brightness, and usage. However, certain monitors come with power-saving features to conserve your camera’s battery.


In a nutshell, you have been introduced now to some of the best on-camera DSLR monitors with their prominent key features. All these monitors are great in their performance and can transform your photography into professional cinematography. Thus, it’s up to you now to choose the best one of them as per your requirements and compatibility. Pick up your choice wisely to let you get the most of its useful features that can run on your device.


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