How to Find Out Why I Was Banned from Facebook

Do you use Facebook to chat or share updates about your personal life? Many businesses also rely on this social platform to promote their products and services. But, how would you feel if Facebook had banned your account? You would start searching for the reasons for getting your Facebook account banned.

How to know the reason for the account ban

Once Facebook has banned your account, you will not be able to post any content. Facebook will also prevent you from leaving comments on others’ posts. In most cases, Facebook blocks the user from accessing your account. 

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But, how will you know why Facebook has banned your social media account? Facebook will give you a notification and clarify the reason behind the banning. The type of restrictions will depend on your history of past violations and the policy against which you have posted content. 

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You will receive this type of alert from Facebook.

The duration of your account restriction will vary according to the number of offenses you have made.

1 offense- Get a warning message

2 to 6 offenses- It leads to restrictions of some features. For instance, you may not be able to post in groups for a number of hours.

7 offenses- You cannot create content for 24 hours. It restricts Facebook page creation, commenting, and posting.

8 offenses- No content creation for 3 days.

9 offenses- Restriction over content development for a week. 

More than 10 offenses- You will not be allowed to create content for a month.

You might have heard about the term “Facebook jail.” This phrase denotes the temporary banning of your account. You cannot create or post content if you have a banned account. Facebook jail means bans and blocks resulting from a violation of guidelines.

What are the potential reasons for the Facebook account ban?

Facebook may permanently and temporarily deny access to your account. Your Facebook business page can become unpublished or invisible if the social media has banned you. In most complicated cases, pages cannot be restored in any way. So, it is always essential to be aware of the factors that lead to a Facebook ban.

Fake Facebook account name

Facebook often suspects account holders who have not used their real names. Your name should match your ID to prevent your account from getting deleted or disabled. In fact, Facebook wants to create a community where all people should do their activities with genuine names. 

So, what makes Facebook feel that you have used a fake name? The presence of symbols, numbers, and incorrect capitalization can make your name suspicious. Letters in your name must not be in different languages. Besides, you should avoid using offensive words while writing your name. Moreover, it is better to avoid using professional titles like Prof. and M.D.

Multiple accounts

If the IP is the same and the user has logged into multiple accounts, Facebook will become suspicious of that user. It is safe to stick to a single user account for a particular device.

Spam content

Sharing several posts within a short period may lead to different problems. Facebook can ban your account if you do so. The rule is the same if you have liked several pages/posts or sent out a lot of friend requests at a time. So, any over-interaction will cause a problem.

Besides, you must not encourage other users to over-interact with your post. For example, you must not provoke people to hit a link that does not redirect them to the desired page.


According to Facebook’s guidelines, it does not delete misinformation but labels it to prevent others from being misled. But, some suspended Facebook users claimed that their post removal and permanent suspension happened due to false news. It is to be noted that Facebook wants to determine whether the news is detrimental to public and personal health.

We can refer to David Icke’s (a conspiracy theorist) case that led to an account ban. David made false claims that 5G mobile networks are responsible for the spread of coronavirus. In Instagram posts also, David made the wrong claim that 5G mobile networks prevent oxygen absorption.

Posting offensive content

As a Facebook user, you should learn about the Community Standards set by Facebook. You must not post or share any content that incites or promotes violence. Other types of content not acceptable to Facebook are

  • Depiction of sexual exploitation
  • Harassment or bullying of other users
  • Nudity
  • Deception and fraudulent activities

So, you should not post unpleasant content on your Facebook account.

Copyright violations

Your content type is not the only factor responsible for the account ban. If you have posted other’s content and claimed it as your own, the social media will remove it. Besides, it may lead to the violation of intellectual property rights, which include media, company trademarks, and other content.

If you have a Facebook business page, there are several reasons behind the ban.

  • Deletion of comments– When you dislike a user’s comment, you want to hide or delete it. But Facebook will think that you are trying to keep the truth hidden from customers.
  • No response to customer’s complaints– Facebook does not prefer disreputable retailers who often ignore customers’ complaints. So, it leads to the banning of your Facebook page.
  • No match of images– If the images for your ads do not match your product images, it leads to issues.

Final thoughts

Facebook may impose permanent or temporary restrictions on your access to the social media account. Based on your case, a temporary suspension may last up to 30 days. The social platform will alert you when it lifts restrictions from your account. When it bans or suspends your account, it also mentions the reasons behind the decision. In case the account has been restricted, you cannot share content, make new posts, or leave comments. These signs let you know that Facebook has banned or suspended your account. You should read its guidelines and rules to avoid these issues. 


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