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Why Is My Comment Pending On Facebook

Facebook is all fun until you encounter any head-scratching technical issues on the platform. Imagine yourself happily engaging with your friends, family, or favorite brand on Facebook and finding out that your comment is stuck in a pending status. I get the frustration! 

Get ready to explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and what to do when your comments are still awaited. We’ll also look at Facebook’s Community Guidelines for a thorough grasp of content moderation.

Ready? Let’s dive in and get your commenting experience back on track!

Here’s Why Your Comments Are Pending On Facebook

Why is your comment still pending on Facebook? Several factors could contribute to this delay:

  • Awaiting Moderation

Your comment might be undergoing moderation, a preliminary review process, for various reasons. It could be flagged by the system filter or require human intervention based on the article’s content.

  • System Filter

Specific keywords or phrases trigger Facebook’s system filter, marking comments as potential spam or inappropriate.

  • Posting Behavior

Your overall posting behavior could influence the fate of your comments. Activities such as sending too many friends requests rapidly or sharing inappropriate content may lead to comment restrictions.

  • Technical Issues

Slow internet connections or problems with your browser cache can contribute to comment delays.

  • Facebook Jail

Colloquially known as “Facebook Jail,” temporary glitches may also impact your commenting experience. Logging out and back in might resolve such issues.

What To Do When Your Comment Is Pending?

If your comment seems stuck in limbo for an extended period, consider these fixes:

Fix 1: Refresh the Page

A simple page refresh might resolve the issue. Try refreshing the Facebook webpage to see if it allows you to post the comment.

refresh webpage

Fix 2: Log Out and Log In

Logging out and back in can help reset temporary issues causing comment delays.

Fix 3: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can resolve temporary files or data-causing


image 212
clear cache and memory

Fix 4: Update the Facebook App

Ensure your Facebook mobile app is updated. Outdated apps may lead to posting problems.

update app

Fix 5: Reinstall the Facebook App

If updating the app doesn’t work, consider reinstalling it to address potential installation issues.

Fix 6: Check for Network Issues

Ensure a stable internet connection, as network problems can prevent comments from being posted.

Fix 7: Contact Facebook Support

If issues persist, report the problem directly to Facebook’s support team for assistance.

image 215

Note: If your comment is pending due to moderation, it may take time to be approved. Patience is crucial in such cases.

As previously noted, if everything else fails, you can contact Facebook support for assistance. However, how do we actually approach it? Next up, let’s examine it:

How do I approach Facebook to report an issue?

Follow these steps to report any issue on Facebook:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Ensure you are logged into the account where you are experiencing the problem.

facebook login page

Step 2: Navigate to the Help Center

Locate the question mark icon (help center) in the top-right corner of the screen and click on it to open the drop-down menu.

visit help and support. 

Step 3: Select “Report a Problem.”

From the menu, select “Report a Problem.” This option may be located at the bottom of the menu or within the “Help & Support” section.

report problem

Step 4: Choose the relevant category 

Facebook categorizes issues to streamline the reporting process. Choose the category that best sums up your issue.

something went wrong

Step 5: Follow on-screen instructions

Facebook will guide you through a series of on-screen instructions. Be specific when discussing the issue, providing as much detail as possible.

provide details

Step 6: Attach screenshots (if applicable)

Consider attaching screenshots to provide visual evidence if your problem involves specific content or errors. This can help Facebook support to understand your concern better.

add screenshots.

Step 7: Submit your report

Review your report to ensure accuracy once you’ve completed the necessary information. Click the “Submit” or equivalent button to send your report to Facebook.

image 222

Step 8: Check your support inbox

Facebook may respond via your support inbox after submitting a report. This is accessible by visiting the “Help and support” section of the Facebook Help Center.

check support inbox

This one term, moderation, has been repeatedly mentioned in the entire blog. Moderation on Facebook refers to reviewing and managing content posted on the platform to ensure that it complies with Facebook’s Community Guidelines. Moderation could be the reason why your content stays pending on Facebook. 

Let’s examine Facebook’s standards more closely to see how they are structured to prevent it. This way, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your comments in the clear.

A Brief Overview of Facebook’s Community Guidelines

Facebook’s Community Guidelines aim to create a safe and respectful environment for all users. These Guidelines apply to everyone on Facebook and all types of posted content. They cover various aspects, including what content is allowed, what gets a warning, and what happens if you violate a standard. The Guidelines revolve around crucial values such as authenticity, security, privacy, and dignity. Violations of the Community Guidelines can result in actions such as content removal, account suspension, or account deletion. 

Facebook’s enforcement mechanisms include algorithms and internal moderators responsible for tracking and removing content that violates the Guidelines. The company’s enforcement report shows it catches between 90% and over 99% of community Guidelines violations. However, some types of offences, such as hate speech and online bullying, are more challenging to detect and enforce. Users can report violations and appeal decisions related to community Guidelines.

Key components

Facebook’s Community Guidelines are divided into six sections, each addressing different types of content and behavior. The major categories and some examples to illustrate each category are as follows:

  • Violence and Criminal Behavior

Policies on content related to terrorism, organized hate, mass or serial murder, human trafficking, and organized violence or criminal activity.

  • Safety

Covers content threatening or promoting physical harm, including self-injury and suicide, along with policies on dangerous organizations and regulated goods.

  • Objectionable Content

Policies on hate speech, graphic violence, adult nudity, sexual activity, and other potentially offensive content.

  • Integrity and Authenticity

Policies addressing misrepresentation, including fake accounts, spam, and false news.

  • Respecting Intellectual Property

Guidelines on intellectual property covering copyright and trademark infringement.

  • Content-Related Requests

Outlines the process for requesting the removal of content violating Facebook’s Community Guidelines.

These categories offer a structure for understanding what content is permitted on Facebook and what might be taken down or subject to other enforcement measures.


In conclusion, if your comment is pending on Facebook, it could be undergoing moderation, triggered by certain keywords, or affected by technical issues.  Try the easy fixes we provided above to address this. Comprehending Facebook’s community guidelines is essential to improve your chances of approval.  Remember that you can contact Facebook support for help if everything else fails. Following these steps and guidelines allows you to navigate the platform more effectively and improve your commenting experience.


Q1. Why can’t I leave comments on some posts?

You are unable to comment on certain posts for several reasons. Let’s discover possible causes and solutions below:

  • Slow or inconsistent internet: Ensure your connection is stable and refresh the page.
  • Restriction by the group/page owner: You cannot leave a comment unless you’re a group member or a friend of the original poster.
  • Temporary Technical Issues: Wait for the issue to be resolved on its own or contact Facebook support.
  • Issue with the Facebook webpage: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and check if this fixes your issue.

Q2. What are the consequences of violating Facebook’s guidelines?

Breaking Facebook rules can get you in trouble. If you don’t follow the rules, you might be put on probation and not allowed to post or chat in groups for a week to a month. You could also have limits on starting new groups or inviting people to join existing ones. Groups that often break the rules might face restrictions on what they can post, and fewer people might see their content. Facebook can even close accounts that keep breaking the rules, especially for things like bullying, hate speech, or terrorism.

Q3. How long does Facebook take to approve a pending comment?

The time it takes for Facebook comments to get approved can be different. Usually, comments are checked within 30 minutes to an hour. But sometimes, especially when sharing in groups, comments with links might take a really long time to get approved. It could even be forever if the group moderators don’t know about the pending posts. Approving Facebook ads can also take a short or long time, depending on things like what’s in the ad and the history of the account.


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