How Long Does Tinder Likes Last

Tinder is amongst the world’s best dating apps that intend to match all singles with their love partners. Thus, if you’re alone and need a friend to share your feelings, Tinder allows you to find the right match for yourself. Therefore, you can push likes to different people as a way to get matched.

Meanwhile, the other person can check who liked their profile. But do you know how long Tinder Like lasts? This article will provide valuable information on this.

What Are Tinder Likes and How Do They Work?

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Tinder likes are a way to connect with people you want to date or make them your love partners. The like is basically a sparkle-shaped icon that you need to press. You can even give a like by swiping right on the screen. So, once you navigate into someone’s profile, you can tap on their profile picture and give the like. The possibility also includes liking their other images in the profile.

When you like someone, it gives a message to them that you want to connect. In response, if they like you back, Tinder will automatically establish a match which leads to the chatroom.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Tinder Likes

Tinder likes are a great way to connect and interact with people you want to make love. However, there exists a certain lifespan of Tinder likes. But what are the factors affecting this lifespan? Let’s find answers here:

  • Account Activity: As per Reddit, likes can stay for up to three months if the user account is not active. But if a Tinder account is active, the likes may last for a short period. After all, active users are prioritized at Tinder. Thus, people have long-lasting matches through the likes.
  • Type of Account: There are paid accounts like Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. With premium subscriptions, users may have different experiences with the lifespan of Tinder likes compared to the likes on free accounts. After all, users can see who liked them even if they disappeared. 
  • Like’s Age: With the constant change in Tinder’s algorithm, it becomes unclear to determine how long the Tinder likes last. Meanwhile, older likes are less likely to be matched or even shown to others. The age of the like also depends on the user activity, swiping.
  • Boosting Strategy: The more likes you get, the more likes will exist on your profile, even if some disappear with time. For this purpose, use Tinder’s boost feature to increase profile visibility. Automatically, this provides better chances of receiving likes and matches. 

How Long Does Tinder Likes Last

Well, the Tinder Likes don’t expire unless the person who liked you has deleted or deactivated their account or may have unmatched with you. Henceforth, the duration of the like highly depends on the preferences and actions of involved individuals in the matching process. Meanwhile, Tinder Likes for the paid subscribers refresh after every 24 hours.

Do Likes Sent Expire on Tinder?

Although Tinder Likes don’t expire, they can, however, get disappeared around 24 hours. Hence, if someone has liked your profile or swiped right, you’ll have 24 hours to get yourself matched with them. If you don’t respond, likes expire and are automatically removed from the match list.

Meanwhile, the exact duration of the likes could vary. After all, likes can disappear if a person revokes their like after giving it to you in the first place. The likes can also disappear from your profile if the user is inactive or has stopped using Tinder for an extended time.

Can You Still See Expired Likes on Tinder?

The expired likes are basically hidden on the Tinder app. This is because all your previous likes will expire after a particular time, and thus you need a re-like to regain your likes. In general, if you upgrade your subscription to Gold, you can still see who liked your profile, even if you haven’t liked them yet. This also includes those likes which are buried under recent likes.

What Happens When Likes Expire on Tinder

When a like expires, it will be removed from your profile on an instant basis. Thus, you won’t be able to match with the person who’s liked your profile unless they swipe right again on your profile. There may be several reasons why likes expire on Tinder; some of them are profile inactivity or the person who initially gave you a like has removed it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Already you have got a lot of information on Tinder likes. If you’re still unsure, these FAQs may enhance your knowledge:

1. What are Super Likes?

Some people are special to you, and for them, you may need super likes to get matched. Basically, with super like, your profile appears on their like list with a star and blue border. This will highlight that you gave them super like. Thus, the chances of getting a match increase. 

2. What are Priority Likes? 

This feature is exclusively available for all Tinder’s platinum users. Thus, your likes and super likes will appear higher in the list, and therefore you’ll be seen faster by the person with whom you want to match. All the likes from non-subscribed accounts will appear after priority likes. 

3. How many likes can you send in 12 hours? 

Tinder doesn’t allow you to swipe right or press likes all day. After all, you can send likes for only 12 hours daily. Even in 12 hours, you can send only 100 likes, which was 120 before. 

Final Words

For all single males and females, Tinder provides a perfect platform to get the right match for friendship. Thus, you can like the people you want to match, connect, and chat with. However, specific rules exist for likes, e.g., their lifespan, expiry period, etc. This article has comprehensively provided all these details for your ease.


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