The 11 Most Annoying Sounds in The World: Ways to Cope with Them

Have you ever heard any sound that caused a headache or ring in your ears? Yes, I’m talking about some of the most hated sounds by the general public. The sounds that can break through your peacefulness and make you cringe and yearn for silence.

But, worry not- in this blog, we will walk you through the 11 most annoying sounds in the world and reveal smart ways to deal with them.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

Why Some Sounds Feel Like Annoying: Physiology Behind It!

Before delving into the list of the most annoying sounds in the world, you must get a sneak peek at why some sounds feel annoying. What is the physiology behind it? Here’s a more straightforward explanation for you.

How our mind processes sound is the main scientific reason behind this occurrence. To distinguish patterns and abnormalities, our auditory system is highly developed, which was an essential trait for our ancestors to survive in the wild. However, being oversensitive to sound might backfire in the modern environment, which makes us distressed when exposed to undesirable or annoying sounds.

There might be another reason, like you are suffering from noise sensitivity or a condition like misophonia. The annoying sounds can potentially cause extremely strong emotional reactions 

Like frustration and rage.

However, frequency can also be one of the contributing factors to making the sound annoying. Most people have strong unpleasant responses to highly pitched sounds, like the screech of brakes or the whining of mosquitoes. Furthermore, our perception of sound’s annoyance can be greatly influenced by the environment in which it occurs. We can take the example of the sound of the kids playing. It might be pleasant when you hear it in the park, but it might be annoying when they are studying silently. So, sometimes, it all depends on the environment.

11 Most Annoying Sounds in the World!

So, what are the world’s most irritating sounds? Though it differs from person to person, some noises undoubtedly irritate us all severely. Here is our comprehensive list of the 11 most annoying sounds in the world, listed in no particular order.

Chewing Loudly

Chewing with an open mouth. For some, it’s enough to make them angry or disgusted. Everyone has that one coworker or friend who eats really loudly and frustrates everyone. According to a 2021 poll by British Store Currys, nearly 48.92% of people surveyed voted for chewing as the most annoying sound.

Loud Talking

Other people’s chatter can be bothersome, especially when you are trying to focus on some important task. There are some moments when it takes all of your attention and leaves you with a feeling of frustration and rage.

Nails on a chalkboard

One of the sounds that is most hated by everyone is the awful squeak of the nails on a chalkboard. When you hear that, do you get shivers? Or do you find it disgusting? It may even make you laugh when you are thinking about it.

Alarm Clocks

Well, it is true that alarm clocks are among the most bothersome sounds since they pull us from the depths of sleep with their constant ringing and loud beeps. People found it frustrating because the beep of the alarm clock can cause stress for the rest of the day.

Babies Crying

Our love for babies stays so behind when we hear them constantly crying. It might be an unbearable sound. In fact, according to 36.19% of survey participants in the Currys study, children’s screams are the noises they dislike the most.

Construction noise

Patients are probably frustrated by the constant banging of jackhammers and the whirling of circular saws, which may turn a quiet neighborhood into a noisy construction site. Moreover, when the drill is placed against a concrete wall, it causes an awfully loud noise, which is annoying.


It’s especially difficult to imagine the person lying around you in a deep sleep, and you’re struggling to fall asleep just because of the noises they are making. Only because they can’t control it makes snoring more annoying.

Dogs Barking

Have you ever been kept up all night because of the stray dog barking outside your home for the whole night? We know this is the worst noise you have ever experienced. Even though the dog isn’t probably trying to irritate you, it nonetheless manages to succeed.

Noisy Traffic

Did you think that one loud car was enough? Imagine now that you live close to a busy road where dozens of cars congest the region twice a day, filling up the air with relentless horn honking. It is the most unpleasant thing in the world.

Squeaky Doors

Do you also feel a disturbing sensation in your teeth or ears when you hear a highly-pitched sound during the opening and closing of the door? The sound you hear is the metal scraping against one another that occurs when dirt gathers in the hinges. It is also among the most annoying sounds.

Vacuum cleaners

Firstly, would you believe that vacuum cleaner noises are used in some white noise loops? Well, who wants to listen to such monster noises while attempting to fall asleep? No one, right? These can produce a noise level of 60- 85 decibels, which can be as loud as heavy traffic. This definitely creates the most annoying sound.

So, we have covered all of the 11 most annoying sounds in the world that you would probably resist listening to. Now let’s move on to the next section, in which we will reveal ways to cope with the annoying sound.

Ways to Cope with Annoying Sounds

You cannot always find a way to cope with such annoying sounds, but there are some things that you can try to do to deal with annoying noises. Some of these can be:

  • Establishing a calm environment at home might help mitigate some of the effects of annoying noises.
  • You can use noise-cancellation earplugs whether you are a construction worker or lying near a snoring person.
  • You can incorporate white noise or calm background music if you are having trouble sleeping due to neighbors or traffic noises.
  • Try meditation and relaxation techniques to manage your stress level caused by annoying sounds.
  • Install soundproof windows or doors, or you can simply make them soundproof by applying tapestries. It is a better solution for canceling annoying sounds.
  • If you are suffering from conditions like noise sensitivity or misophonia, consult an audiologist.

The Bottom Line

Well, it’s true that some noises disturb you greatly, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let them disturb your mental peace. You can try the tactics shared by us to wave goodbye to the most annoying sounds in the world!


Q1: What makes a sound annoying?

High pitch, irregularity, or repetition can make the sound annoying and cause irritation.

Q2: Why do some sounds seem more annoying at certain times?

Stress and mood can make some sounds more annoying at certain times. If your mood is upset, you will find the unbearable sound more annoying.

Q3: Can annoying sounds affect productivity?

Yes, annoying sounds can affect productivity by triggering concentration or focus power.

Q4: How can I cope with annoying sounds?

You can easily cope with annoying sounds by maintaining a calm environment, using noise-cancellation earplugs, incorporating white music, etc.


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