Top 5 Tripods Recommended by Vlogging Experts

Are you a professional photographer who likes capturing beautiful scenic landscapes such as mountains, rivers, and deserts? Therefore, you would know how important it is to have a quality tripod to capture crisp and clear shots. Tripods are essential in vlogging as they keep your camera steady and secure in rocky places. In this article, we’ll explore the top tripods you can purchase for your next adventure.

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General Overview of Tripod and Its Importance for Vlogging

A tripod is a three-leg stand that holds the smartphone and camera, allowing vloggers to capture a video without anyone needing to hold the camera. It helps to capture steady footage and avoid blurred and shaky videos and pictures. Additionally, the tripod stand is helpful in shooting the time-lapse video that brilliantly captures the event.

Vloggers can also use this stand to capture video in low light, as it allows them to shoot video with long exposure. Other than that, they can adjust the frame for shots while setting the camera on the tripod. Sometimes, people want to capture a scene from a difficult angle or a location impossible without the tripod. Also, you can capture the same composition with each shot for HD photography with the help of a good-quality tripod.

Different Types of Tripods and Their Suitability for Vlogging

Vlogging becomes easier with the tripod stand as it provides the stability to capture the required scene. There are different types of tripods for different requirements of vloggers. Some of the types are given below so you can thoroughly understand their suitability for vlogging:

  • Traditional Tripod: The most commonly used type is a traditional tripod, which has an extended length that can be adjustable. Tripod offers flexibility and versatility for various vlogging scenarios. Moreover, it is suitable for capturing stationary shots or interviews more conveniently.
  • Travel Tripod: People who travel frequently need a travel tripod that is compact and lightweight. This type is useful for vloggers who want to balance stability and ease of transport. Furthermore, this tripod is easy to use in limited space or situations.
  • Mini Tripod: Sometimes, the larger tripod is impractical in some shooting scenarios. A mini tripod or tabletop tripod helps in this situation by allowing easy and quick setups. In addition to that, they are lightweight solutions for handheld shots and time-lapse photography.
  • GorillaPod: Vloggers can mount the camera on unconventional surfaces with the help of GorillaPod. While shooting, this saves the camera or phone from falling from irregular surfaces like poles or tree branches. Also, their unique design makes them suitable for adventurous vloggers.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tripod for Vlogging

Vlogging has different types, including vlogs on food, travel, comedy, and daily lifestyle. Depending on the type of vlogging, vloggers should consider some factors to choose the best one for themselves. Additionally, choosing the right tripod ensures the fulfillment of the requirements of vloggers. Those key factors to consider when choosing a tripod for vlogging are given below.

  • Weight: One of the most important factors to consider while choosing a tripod is weight. Vloggers who make travel vlogs should choose the lightweight tripod to carry it easily. Furthermore, a lightweight tripod is best for capturing the scene while mounting a mountain or irregular surface.
  • Portability: The tripod must be portable to adjust in different shooting scenarios for all vloggers. Food and travel vloggers should keep portability in mind when selecting the tripod. Moreover, it is important for people who want a quick setup for shooting in a dynamic environment.
  • Stability: The main purpose of a tripod is to capture steady footage and avoid blurred pictures and video. Stability must be the most important factor in selecting the tripod for capturing the scenes. In addition, a professional look is achieved in vlogging by ensuring stability during the shooting process. 
  • Height: Food and daily-life vloggers should keep the tripod’s height a key consideration for creative low-level shots. The tripod they choose needs to have adjustable height capability to capture from different angles. 
  • Features: Vloggers must think about the features of a tripod while choosing it to shoot attractive vlogs. The features include a pan head for smooth pan movements and ball heads to adjust the camera’s angle. Other than that, a quick-release plate allows for instant camera attachment and detachment.
  • Budget: Budget consideration when choosing the tripod for vlogging is crucial. The price of a tripod varies, and vloggers should select the affordable one that fulfills their requirements. Additionally, they need to balance the performance and cost of a tripod. 

Top Picks for Vlogging Tripods

There are a variety of tripods that you can buy, but which one is the best choice for your professional vlogging? In the following, we have provided you with top tripod picks that can help you make informed decisions about the choice.   

JOBY GorillaPod 5K Flexible Mini-Tripod Kit

JOBY mini tripod is the best choice for photographers, cinematographers, and vlogging. This tripod is up to 5kg/11lbs and offers exceptional versatility that supports heavy cameras. Moreover, it has flexible jointed legs that adapt to various surfaces and terrains. The kit includes the BallHead 5K with a 360° panning and 90° tilt feature for precise equipment control.

joby gorillapod 5k mini tripod kit

Furthermore, the tripod is very compact, with a 15.2″ height, which makes it a highly adjustable device. If you want stability, this tripod is equipped with rubberized joints, so you don’t scratch it. It has various durable construction, including stainless steel, machined aluminum, and ABS plastic. 

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod is a lightweight and portable solution for professional photographers. It is specially designed for DSLRs, point-and-shoots, and compact camcorders to ensure steady and smooth video shots. In addition to that, its push-button mechanism locks the ball head and allows for quick positioning. This tripod has rounded outer legs for a comfortable grip and reaches a max height of 5.31″.

manfrotto pixi mini tripod kit

Furthermore, the tripod weighs 6.7 ounces and supports up to 2.2 pounds with its Adapto polymer construction. The rubber feet ensure that your camera stays stable on any surface so that you can capture stunning visual shots. 

Manfrotto Element MII

The Manfrotto Element MII is an ultra-compact and lightweight tripod with a weight of 1.55 kg and a height of 160 cm. In addition to that, this tripod has an 8 kg payload capacity and is compatible with heavier lenses. If you want smoother video Wmovement, its aluminum ball head provides a dual-locking mechanism for precise framing. 

manfrotto element mii

This tripod has an ingenious core with a sturdy aluminum spider that houses leg angles. Other than that, it also enhances your video-taking functionality with rapid leg opening, ergonomic twist locks, and a bottom hook. You can express yourself with various vibrant color options and carry your tripod around with a padded carry bag that ensures comfort. 

Sirui 3T-35K

The Sirui 3T-35 Table Top is a versatile camera support that you can use for video shots or low- or high-angle shots. It is made of stainless steel, weighs only 250 grams, and is highly portable for photographers and videographers. Additionally, this tripod is 10.1-inch long with 180° foldable legs that offer stability. The tripod includes a short and long column that can be extended by 8.5cm, or you can remove it. 

sirui 3t 35k

Moreover, the tripod legs can also be folded for better handling purposes, making it very convenient to carry around. The 3T-35 ball head of this tripod supports up to 4kg cameras with a full 360° rotation. It is built with high-quality aluminum, so it is much more adaptable for various shooting situations.


SwitchPod is a versatile tripod ideal for any camera type, such as phones and DSLRs. You can quickly transition between handheld and tripod modes and streamline video production. Moreover, this tripod has an aluminum construction that weighs 11.1oz, which is convenient for vloggers. You can transition from a tripod to a handheld with its quick-switch design.

switchpod tripod for vlogging

Other than that, SwitchPod features finger grooves for comfortable holding and has large slots for easy transport. This tripod offers flexibility with a 1/4″-20 mounting screw and two 1/4″-20 threads for accessories. You can have up to a 100lb load with non-slip padded feet that ensure the stability and protection of your camera.

Comparing Top Picks for Vlogging Tripods

We have discussed all the top options for vlogging tripods in the above sections. All these options are good enough to help you in any kind of vlogging situation. If you want a summarized version of the data above, read the following table that compares the 5 tripod choices. 

MetricJOBYPIXI MiniElement MIISirui 3T-35KSwitchPod
Pricing $145$42.88$159.88$349$99.76
ProsOffers Flexibility And Versatility More LightweightExtremely PortableBetter Locking SystemSubstantial Height RangeComfortable To CarryCompatible with Small DSLRsCollapses Down To A Small SizeCompact And PortableHave Rubber Feet
ConsLimited Height No Proper Leg StabilityMaximum Load CapacityLimited Ball Head MovementNo 90-degree Column RotationHighest Price RangeFeet Not AdjustableLimited Height Smaller Than Typical TripodsSlow To Switch
Leg Lock MechanismRubberized Grip RingsPush-Button Locking SystemTwist LockTwist LockFlip Lock
MaterialABS plastic, RubberAluminum, TechnopolymerAluminum, TechnopolymerAluminum, ABS plasticAluminum, Stainless Steel

Additional Considerations

The important and basic factors that need to be considered when selecting the tripod for vlogging have already been discussed. Some additional considerations should also be discussed when choosing a suitable tripod.

  • Head Options: The choice between a ball head and a pan head for a tripod completely depends on the shooting style of vloggers. They provide quick and flexible adjustment and movement in any direction. Additionally, vloggers must select a tripod according to the required head option.

    Besides, the selection of the head also depends on your camera mounting. If your cam only has a singular recording mode, such as vertical mode, you may need to pick a specific tripod head type. But if your video camera can live stream and record in both horizontal and vertical frames like Hollyland VenusLiv, that means you can mount it in multiple angles. This allows you to choose any type of tripod head.

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  • Quick-Release Plate Compatibility: It is important to consider the quick-release plate compatibility of the tripod when selecting it. This saves time during vlogging by ensuring seamless transition shooting. Moreover, the tripod becomes flexible for quick camera attachment and detachment.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Capturing the footage for a vlog can also be possible with a smartphone. When selecting the tripod, smartphone capability should be considered so you can shoot with a phone easily. Also, people should verify that the tripod they have must accommodate the phone effectively.
  • Carrying Case:  Vloggers need to consider the carrying case for the tripod to protect it during travel. The well-designed carrying case helps to avoid damage and ensure long-lasting usage. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to carry the tripod safely wherever you go.
  • Accessories: Enhance your setup by considering the accessory compatibility in the tripod. Some tripods offer compatibility with accessories like lights, microphones, and additional brackets. In addition to that, it ensures the expansion of the vlogging toolkit as per requirement.


While concluding, for vloggers seeking a reliable tripod without breaking the bank, we have provided you with top choices in this article. Moreover, these tripods provide versatile options from affordability to ball head movement. This way, you can capture beautiful moments precisely and explore where your imagination takes you. It will surprise you how much a well-chosen tripod stand can convert your vlogging into visually stunning storytelling.

Questions for Consideration

Q1. What features are most important to you in a vlogging tripod?

The important features of the vlogging tripod are its weight and portability. These two features make it flexible for shooting all the scenarios. Moreover, a lightweight and portable tripod makes the vlog shooting setup easier and more convenient.

Q2. What type of content will you be vlogging, and where will you be filming?

I will make a vlog on traveling and food because of my love for adventure. For this purpose, I will visit different restaurants and cafes to capture the high-quality footage of it. Other than that, I explore different locations for making vlogs on my travel journey.

Q3. What is your budget for a vlogging tripod?

The choice of a vlogging tripod mainly depends on the vlogger’s budget. Personally, my budget is around $100, and I hope to find a quality tripod within this range for my travel and food vlogs.


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