The Best Vlogging Kit for iPhone to Optimize Video Creation

Vlogging is a dynamic medium for storytelling that shares narratives and perspectives through videos. Nowadays, vloggers utilize the power of technology to create engaging narratives. Among these diverse ranges of tools available, the iPhone stands out as a versatile and accessible choice for vlogging enthusiasts. Its portability and high-quality camera capabilities make it an ideal companion for those wanting to succeed in the vlogging field.

Regardless of your expertise level, incorporating iPhones and associated tools can enhance your vlogging journey. This article explores the factors driving the extensive adoption of iPhones in vlogging and highlights the various vlogging gear accessible in the market.

Must-Have Components of a Perfect Vlogging Kit

Vlogging has become the new trend as everyone is in a hurry to become the next popular sensation. Therefore, you need the proper tools and equipment to showcase your personality in the media. You can read the following section to understand what components are essential in a vlogging kit.

1. Camera

If you want to create visually captivating videos, you don’t need a professional camera to make your mark. Most of the vloggers use their smartphones to create visually appealing videos. Therefore, if you want a professional quality camera without spending too much, get an iPhone 14 or 15 Pro. These iPhone models have remarkable 4K video recording and cinematic stabilization with a prolonged dynamic range. 

Additionally, the compact design can help users create content with high video quality. These iPhone models use various lenses, such as wide-angle and telephoto lenses. You can stabilize your videos while shooting outdoors by buying a gimbal to attach to your iPhone.    

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2. Audio

In the vlogging world, the audio quality matters as much as the video quality. Therefore, external microphones such as Shotgun and Lavalier can significantly elevate your video audio recording. These microphones minimize the background noise and capture clear and on-point sound. However, if you want, you can also use an optional audio recorder to enhance your audio quality much further. The audio recorder serves as a dedicated device for professional-sounding videos. 

audio editing tools for vlogging

Other than that, windshields are also an essential component for outdoor vlogging that can effectively reduce wind noises. The windshield brings clarity to your videos and ensures the vlogger’s narrative or commentary comes out crystal clear.

3. Lighting

You do not want your vlogs to look dull, so using effective lighting is the key to creating visually appealing vlogs. Furthermore, content creators can use LED panel lights that offer adjustable brightness and color temperature. If you also want to create a professional look for your vlogs, using a ring light is useful. It helps you achieve illumination, especially for close-ups and beauty shots. 

Additionally, a softbox can be super beneficial to reduce harsh shadows and give you a soft and natural look. These lighting tools enhance the vlogger’s appearance and also ensure the overall quality of the video production.

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4. Tripod/Grip

While vlogging, you want to create the best video experience by shooting from various angles. In that case, your camera needs support to avoid shaky footage. Therefore, consider getting a Magnus VT-4000 tripod, as it provides a solid foundation for the camera. For portability, a monopod is an excellent choice as it offers stability when you are capturing wildlife.

Furthermore, for flexibility, use JOBY GorillaPod, which provides you with bendable legs that allow users to vlog on unconventional surfaces. The combination of these support tools empowers vloggers to achieve dynamic and visually stunning videos. 

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5. Additional Accessories

  • Phone Holder: A phone holder can be a stabilizer for your smartphone. Moreover, it allows vloggers to capture steady shots and produce professional-looking videos.
  • External Battery: An external battery allows vloggers to capture beautiful shots without the fear of running out of battery. It will be useful if you are filming at a place where you have no access to a power supply.
  • Memory Card: If you plan to vlog for an extended period, carrying a memory card can be useful. Additionally, it allows vloggers to capture more content without having to worry about internal storage.
  • Editing Software: Vloggers can use editing software to refine and enhance their recorded footage. In addition to that, you can add elements to the videos, like visual effects and music. 

Checkpoints For Selecting the Right Vlogging Kit for Your Needs

If you want to be a professional vlogger, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing is selecting the right vlogging kit that contains all the essentials. Therefore, read along the following section to get a better idea.

1. Factors to Consider While Buying a Vlogging Kit

When you are diving into vlogging, there are several factors you should consider. These factors enhance the overall vlogging experience for you:

  • Budget: The budget is the most important factor you should consider before buying a vlogging kit. Every piece of equipment for vlogging comes in various price ranges, so make sure that it is within your financial range. 
  • Vlogging Style: If you want to buy a vlogging kit, make sure it matches your vlogging style. For example, if you are an on-the-go vlogger, you should buy a portable vlogging kit for your convenience.  
  • Audio Needs: Audio quality is a major concern for vloggers as it impacts the overall viewer experience. Therefore, consider buying a vlogging kit with a shotgun microphone and windscreen to block unnecessary sounds. 
  • Lighting Requirements: Lighting can make and break your video quality; that’s why you should consider buying the right lights. For example, if you frequently shoot indoors, built-in LED lights can improve the quality significantly.
  • Portability: As a vlogger, you tend to travel a lot, so consider a portable vlogging kit. These can include lightweight and compact vlogging kits that you can easily carry around different places. 

2. Recommendations for Different Types of Vloggers

We have discussed the essential components that vloggers should consider, such as the lighting, camera, and tripod. Now, let’s look at the recommendations that caters to the requirement of different types of vloggers: 

  • Travel Vloggers: If you are a travel enthusiast, you should carry around a lightweight camera. Along with that, use a portable microphone with a windshield to reduce background noises. Other than that, having a gimbal can help you capture stable video footage. 
  • Beauty Vloggers: A beauty vlogger must have excellent lighting equipment for showcasing their products. Additionally, they should have a quality camera with a ring light and a softbox to ensure professionalism. The beauty vloggers also need to have quality audio to ensure crisp narration.  
  • Product Review Vloggers: To capture the essence of your product, a review vlogger must have a quality camera along with audio quality. Other than that, a well-lit background with sufficient lighting can produce compelling review videos.
  • Gaming Vloggers: Gamers need an immersive experience for themselves and their viewers. Therefore, they should consider having screen-recording software. Along with the software, you should also have perfect audio equipment.  
recommended vlogging setup for quality

Best Vlogging Kits for iPhone To Try

It is crucial to invest in a comprehensive vlogging kit to enhance the vlogging experience on an iPhone. These kits are thoughtfully assembled to improve video and audio quality and provide stability. 

Whether you’re an experienced vlogger or starting your journey, choosing the right vlogging kit can significantly influence the quality of your videos. Let’s explore the top vlogging kits for iPhone users to ensure that their content shines on digital platforms:

  1. Movo iVlog1 Vlogging Kit

Movo iVlog1 Smartphone Video Kit is a game-changer for content creators. This comprehensive kit includes the VXR10-PRO shotgun microphone for crystal-clear audio to eliminate background noise. Additionally, the PR-3 smartphone holder with an adjustable grip supports phones up to 3.9 inches wide and offers versatile shooting options. 

movo ivlog1 vlogging kit iphone

Plus, you can stabilize your shots with the MV-T1 Tripod and broaden your angle with the SPL-WA 18mm lens. Perfect for beginners, this affordable kit transforms your smartphone into a professional video setup for outstanding content creation.

  1. USKEYVISION Smartphone Vlog Microphone Video Kit

VLOG K2 Smartphone Vlogging Kit by USKEYVISION is your all-in-one solution for elevated video creation. It enhances your content, whether a beginner or a seasoned creator, as it is designed for hassle-free vlogging on phones and cameras. Additionally, the UVM-V Metal Cardioid Microphone ensures clear audio with noise reduction with a windscreen dead cat for optimal recording.

uskyevision smartphone vlog microphone iphone kit

The UVZL-S Video Light offers adjustable brightness powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Additionally, this kit includes a tripod, phone holder, and premium case bag, serving as a perfect YouTube kit for content creation. 

  1. ULANZI Smartphone Vlogging Kit

ULANZI Smartphone Vlogging Kit acts as a versatile smartphone vlogging kit designed for optimal shooting angles. The 360° rotation tripod ensures flexibility, while the adjustable length adjusts various perspectives. Moreover, its phone holder supports both horizontal and vertical shooting, featuring a cold shoe for video light or microphone attachment.

ulanzi smartphone vlogging iphone kit

Users can get an LED Video Light with five brightness levels and extended battery life to make it perfect for TikTok, YouTube, and more. Furthermore, this comprehensive package includes a charging cable that is good for intermediate vloggers who are seeking an all-in-one solution.

  1. JOBY GorillaPod MagSafe Vlogging Kit

JOBY GorillaPod MagSafe Vlogging Kit is an all-in-one solution designed for influencers and mobile content creators. You can get a fast and secure attachment for a versatile GorillaPod Mobile Rig for flexible shooting options. Plus, it includes a phone/camera-compatible Wavo Mobile Mic for clear audio and a Beamo Mini LED for flawless skin tones.

joby gorillapad magsafe vlogging iphone kit

Besides, the kit is customized for the latest iPhones and is portable and lightweight. With MagSafe technology and a flexible GorillaPod tripod, it’s your go-anywhere vlogging companion.

Understanding The Best Tips for Vlogging with iPhone 

Influencers and social media activists make vlogs on travel, food, and daily lifestyle to engage their viewers and followers. The iPhone’s top-quality camera can obtain the high-quality visuals of vlogging video. To optimize your vlogging process, there are more tips below on how to make a vlog from the iPhone for better results.

1. Shooting 

First, there is a need to shoot the vlog in a way that is engaging and of good quality for the viewers. Also, with the proper use of an iPhone, users can capture a good video for vlogging. The tips for properly shooting a vlog are below to get the proper idea.

  • Create Appealing Compositions: The users can achieve a visually appealing composition while shooting by placing the main subject along the grid lines. These main subjects can be your face or the product you want to show the audience.
  • Use Proper Lighting: Natural light can effectively capture a video for a vlog with the iPhone. Additionally, you must ensure that your face and the other objects should face windows or doors for high-quality vlog shooting.
  • Minimize Background Noises: The vlog should have clear audio with minimal background noise. Users must record the vlog quietly or use a compatible microphone. Also, balance out the microphone placement with an experiment to record less background noise.
  • Maintain Smooth Footage: A tripod or stabilizer must be used to shoot smooth and steady footage for better results. Other than that, the iPhone has a built-in feature to stabilize the video and image for a visually appealing effect.

2. Editing

After shooting the vlog, the user can make it more attractive by properly editing it to engage the viewers. The important tips for editing have been discussed below to help you optimize the vlogging process. Furthermore, these tips are helpful for those who want to edit the vlog and share it with their followers.

  • Apply Basic Editing Techniques: The first step in editing is using basic techniques that include trimming unnecessary scenes and maintaining a good video pace. You can also cut the awkward pauses in the video to maintain viewers’ interest. 
  • Explore Apps for Editing: The basic editing techniques are not enough; explore the AI-integrated software for further editing. These apps offer the features that make your vlog a professional look. 
  • Add Music and Sound Effects: You also have to make your vlog more engaging and interesting by adding music and sound effects. Users should avoid the YouTube Audio Library as copyright issues can arise.


Q1. What are some alternative vlogging kits that are not mentioned in the outline?

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit is an alternative vlogging kit that contains a portable tripod with a smartphone clamp and Lumimuse 3 LED light. Other than that, the Shure MV88+ Video Kit is another option with a tripod, phone clamp, and audio accessories to ensure high-quality audio recording and professional vlogging for iPhone users.

Q2. How can I improve the audio quality of my vlogs without an external microphone?

Improve the vlog quality by capturing it in close places, which reduces the recording chances of ambient voices. Also, you can choose the audio app to edit the audio and remove the background voices for a better, higher-quality vlog.

Q3. What editing software is best for beginners to create high-quality vlogs?

Filmora is the best AI-powered tool for creating high-quality vlogs. With its AI-powered features, this editing tool makes things easier for every type of vlogger. It has an Auto Highlight feature to extract the highlight from the video clip rather than wasting time doing it manually. In addition to that, it offers a template-driven thumbnail for the vlogs.


As discussed throughout the article, the right vlogging equipment is necessary to ensure the best quality video output. For this purpose, we have shared a list of vlogging kit components you should own to make good-quality videos. Explore the specific features of the mentioned vlogging kits to find the one that aligns with your unique vlogging requirements.


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