9 Fixes to Video Downloader Plus No Sound

Video Downloader Plus is a popular Chrome extension used for downloading videos and various other types of media from nearly any website. It boasts a user base of over 1 million and has garnered thousands of reviews on Chrome’s extension store. Despite its popularity, users of Video Downloader Plus have reported a couple of issues, one of which is the absence of sound in some downloaded videos downloaded using this tool.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re facing the specific problem of having no sound in some of or all your downloaded videos. The good news is that this issue can be rectified, and you’ve come to the right place to find the best solutions. Within this guide, we will explore different methods to resolve the no-sound problem in the videos you download using Video Downloader Plus. Without further delay, let’s delve right in!

9 Possible Fixes for No Sound Issues in Video Downloader Plus

If the videos you have downloaded using the Video Downloader Plus Chrome extension don’t have been found, here are some solutions you should try out to avoid having the same issue in the future; 

Check Volume Settings

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Before getting into relatively complex fixes, it is always good to start with the simplest solutions. First of all, try verifying that the volume settings on your device are properly configured. If the volume is set to mute, you won’t hear any sound. Make sure to adjust the volume to an appropriate level if you want to hear the sound from the videos. 

Besides the device, you should also check the volume settings within your video player. Most video players have their own volume controls that might be muted or set to a low level, which can result in no sound during playback. So, ensure the volume of your media player is set to a level that is high enough for your videos to be audible. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, proceed to the next steps. 

Check Video Source

The source of the video you’re trying to download might lack audio for various reasons. This could be due to a problem during the video’s uploading process or intentional removal of sound. It is also common for some users to upload videos with no sound on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Follow these steps to confirm that the video you want to download has sound.

  • Check videos on the source website: If the website gives you the option, try to preview it on the source website to ensure that it has sound there. If the video is silent on the source website, there’s little you can do to fix it after downloading. It is likely that the person who uploaded it muted the sound while filming or editing the video. 
  • Download videos from different sources: Test downloading videos from various websites or platforms. If the no sound issue persists across multiple sources, the problem is likely with Video Downloader Plus or your settings.

Update Video Downloader Plus

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The issue of no sound could be a result of bugs in one of the recent updates made to this extension. Fortunately, Browser extensions like Video Downloader Plus receive updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and ensure compatibility with the latest browser versions. If you’re using an outdated version of the extension, it might not work seamlessly with your current browser setup. 

To update the Video Downloader Plus extension, go to the Chrome Web Store, search for “Video Downloader Plus,” and check if there are any available updates. If the version you have is not up-to-date, you will see the “Update” option in the Chrome Extensions Store. Updating the extension can potentially resolve any bugs or glitches that might be causing the sound issue.

Update Chrome Browser

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If updating the extension doesn’t resolve the problem, you should also consider updating Google Chrome. An outdated browser version might not be compatible with the latest extensions, leading to various issues. To ensure smoother compatibility with extensions like Video Downloader Plus, make sure you’re running the latest version of Google Chrome. Follow these steps to update Google Chrome.

  • Open Chrome settings: To launch Settings, click the three dots (menu) in the upper-right corner of your browser and select “Settings.”
  • Check for updates: In the left sidebar, click on “About Chrome” (as shown by the red arrow in the above image). Chrome will automatically check for updates and install them if available.
  • Restart Chrome: After the updates are installed, close Chrome and reopen it.

Try downloading the videos again to see if this fixes the issue. 

Clear Cache and Cookies

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Web browsers, including Google Chrome, store temporary data like cache and cookies to enhance the loading speeds of the sites you visit the most. However, over time, these files can become corrupted or cause conflicts with extensions. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies essentially wipes out this temporary data, which could fix a lot of issues, including videos that download with no sound while using the Video Downloader Plus extension.  

To do this, open Chrome settings by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner and selecting Settings (the second last option). From there, go to “Privacy and Security” and then select the “Clear Browsing Data” option. You should then choose the time range of the browser data you intend to clear. I would recommend clearing data for the past 7 days or more. 

Click the “Clear Data” option (as shown by the arrow in the image) to delete all the cache and cookies from your browser.  After clearing the data, restart Chrome. Clearing the cache and cookies can help eliminate any potential conflicts that might be affecting the functionality of Video Downloader Plus, including the sound issue. Proceed to the next fix if this doesn’t solve the problem. 

Disable Conflicting Extensions

Sometimes, multiple Chrome extensions can interfere with each other’s functionality, leading to unexpected issues like the no sound problem you’re experiencing. To troubleshoot this:

  • Disable extensions one by one: Go to your Chrome browser’s extensions page and disable one extension at a time. After disabling each extension, test Video Downloader Plus to see if the sound issue persists.
  • Uninstall or update the extension causing issues: If disabling one of the extensions fixes the problem, you should consider uninstalling it if it’s not essential to your workflow. You could also update or reinstall the extension if it is very critical to your workflow. 

Reinstall Video Downloader Plus

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If all the previous solutions don’t work, we recommend uninstalling the extension and reinstalling it. This step can essentially reset the extension and its settings, potentially resolving any underlying issues causing the sound problem. Here is the procedure for removing and reinstalling Video Downloader Plus in your Chrome browser.

  • Access the Chrome extension: Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of your browser and Click Extension>Manage Extensions. 
  • Locate Video Downloader Plus: Find the extension in the list of installed extensions. 
  • Uninstall the extension: Click the “Remove” option next to Video Downloader Plus. Confirm the removal.
  • Reinstall the extension: After uninstalling, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “Video Downloader Plus.” Reinstall the extension by following the installation steps you went through when installing it in the first place. We recommend restarting your Chrome browser before you reinstall Video Downloader Plus.
  • Test for sound: Once the extension is reinstalled, try downloading a video and test if the no-sound issue is resolved

Contact Support

If all the above solutions don’t fix your problem, consider reaching out to the Video Downloader Plus support team to find out if they are aware of this issue. They possess specialized knowledge about the extension’s technical aspects and might be able to provide tailored solutions or insights into the specific issue you’re facing. 

One of the ways you can contact their support is by visiting the Video Downloader Plus official website or its page on the Chrome Web Store. Click the “Contact Publisher” option and describe your issue in detail. 

Try another video downloader extension

Actually there are different video downloader extension on Chrome web store, you can pick ones top rated to try again. Sometimes, the video and audio are separated into two streams. Video Download Plus may only can get the video stream and miss the audio stream, but other video downloader may have the ability to merge the two streams and download them as one file.

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Final thoughts

This guide has explored various methods to address the no-sound issue in videos downloaded through the Video Downloader Plus Chrome extension. We recommend beginning with simpler fixes, such as checking volume settings, updating the extension and browser, clearing cache and cookies, and verifying video sources. 

If these straightforward solutions do not resolve your issue, you can then move on to more complex fixes, including disabling conflicting extensions and reinstalling the extension. Finally, if none of the solutions we have provided resolve your issue, you should contact the Video Downloader Plus support team for more specialized help. However, by carefully applying the solutions shared in this guide, you will likely resolve the no-sound issue.


Why are some videos I downloaded with Video Downloader Plus silent?

Downloading videos with no sound can result from multiple factors, including muted source videos, browser settings, or extension glitches. Start by checking the video source’s original sound, then explore your device’s volume settings and extension updates. Clearing cache and cookies or disabling other extensions can also resolve this issue. 

I updated Video Downloader Plus, but the videos still lack sound. What now?

Updated extensions help, but the no-sound issue can persist due to various reasons. First, ensure your browser is updated. You should also verify the original source audio to ensure it has sound before you download the file. 

Why do only some downloaded videos using Video Downloader Plus lack sound?

Inconsistent sound could arise from diverse sources. First, confirm that specific videos themselves have sound by previewing them on the source website. Also, explore your device’s volume settings and extension updates. Clearing your browser data, such as cache and cookies, can also fix this issue. 


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