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How To Gift Membership YouTube?

YouTube stands as a colossal platform in the digital entertainment landscape, offering an endless stream of content to suit every taste and interest. At the heart of this content-rich world are YouTube memberships, a feature that transforms the viewing experience into something more personalized and engaging. 

These memberships are not just a gateway to exclusive content and ad-free streaming; they represent a deeper connection between viewers and their favorite creators.

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Gifting a YouTube membership, therefore, goes beyond the traditional gift. YouTube is once again at the forefront of innovation with the beta launch of its membership gifting feature. This exciting new development, currently available exclusively for desktop PCs, marks a significant step forward in enhancing the interaction between content creators and their audiences. 

So, let’s dive deeper into the details as we walk you through the guide to sending and receiving this membership, what features it includes, and who’s eligible for it.

What Is Gift Membership YouTube?

Gift Memberships on YouTube provide a one-month free membership to select viewers of a channel. This initiative primarily targets the gaming community, aiming to bolster viewership and loyalty by offering free membership access during a streamer’s live chat. It’s a strategic move to expand and maintain a stable audience base in the highly competitive world of online gaming streams.

For Creators: Enabling the Feature

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YouTube has introduced a transformative feature for creators, allowing them to gift channel memberships to their audience. To tap into this, creators must first enable the option on their channel. This can be done seamlessly during live streams or premieres, where engagement is naturally high. Creators can purchase either full memberships or one-month trials as gifts. 

Once these memberships are acquired, YouTube facilitates the distribution to other viewers on the channel who have opted in to receive such gifts. This not only allows creators to acknowledge and reward their loyal viewers but also helps in expanding their membership community. 

For Viewers: Receiving Gift Memberships

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On the viewers’ end, the YouTube membership gifting feature unlocks a new realm of engagement. For those who consistently watch and support their favorite streamers, this feature brings an added layer of involvement. To be eligible to receive a gift membership, viewers need to adjust their settings. However, it’s important to note that new viewers who haven’t yet established a consistent viewing pattern with a particular streamer may not be immediately eligible for these gifted memberships.

The Impact of Gift Memberships

This feature stands as a testament to YouTube’s commitment to fostering a more interconnected and supportive community. By enabling gift memberships, the platform not only enhances the viewer experience but also provides an avenue for creators to grow their channels organically. It’s a win-win situation where viewers get to enjoy premium content at no cost, and creators can potentially see an increase in membership and engagement on their channel.

Guide To Gifting Membership Youtube – How Does It Work?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to how it works:

  • Availability and Access

Currently, the YouTube membership gifting feature is available in its beta version on desktop PCs. This limited release allows YouTube to refine and perfect the feature before a broader rollout.

  • Filling Out the Necessary Form

Creators need to fill out a designated form provided by Google. This form requires details such as the channel’s URL and ID. Completing this step is essential to unlock the Gift Membership feature for their channel.

  • Purchasing Gift Memberships

To buy a gift membership, existing channel members must use the desktop version of YouTube. During a live stream, they can click on the dollar sign ($) button next to the live chat. This feature is currently unavailable on mobile, but YouTube is working to extend this functionality.

  • Opting-In for Receiving Gifts

Viewers must actively opt-in to be eligible to receive gift memberships. During the beta phase, this can be done in two ways:

  • By clicking on ‘Allow Gifts’ in a special announcement that appears in the live chat when someone buys gift memberships.
  • By selecting the gift icon pinned at the top of the live chat.
  • Distribution of Gift Memberships

YouTube’s system of distributing gift memberships is based on viewer engagement. Viewers who frequently interact with the channel, such as regular viewing and participating in the chat, stand a higher chance of receiving gift memberships.

Notification of Receiving a Gift

Lucky viewers who get a gift membership will know immediately. They receive a personalized message in the live chat and also an email notification.

  • Benefits and Non-recurring Nature

Gift memberships are a one-time benefit. Recipients enjoy all the perks of a regular membership without any cost and without the need to worry about recurring charges. Once the gifted period ends, the membership does not renew automatically.

  • What’s Included in a Gift Membership?

The gifted membership provides a one-month access to channel-specific perks. These perks often include loyalty badges, custom emojis, and other exclusive content, enhancing the overall YouTube experience.

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Important Keynotes About Gifting Membership Feature On YouTube

  • Mobile Integration Plans: Currently, the Membership Gifting feature is limited to desktop usage. However, YouTube is actively working on incorporating this feature into their mobile app. The exact timeline for this integration has not been confirmed, but it’s a significant step towards making the feature more accessible to a broader audience.
  • Universal Accessibility: YouTube aims to ensure that the Membership Gifting feature is widely known and available, not just on desktops but also on mobile devices. This initiative is part of YouTube’s broader strategy to enhance user experience and engagement across all platforms.
  • Eligibility Criteria for Creators: An interesting aspect of the Membership Gifting feature is its inclusivity. Creators who have set their membership at various price levels, including those above or below $5, are eligible to participate in the Membership Gifting beta. This inclusivity means that a wider range of creators, regardless of their channel size or the pricing structure of their memberships, can benefit from this feature.
  • Revenue Implications: For creators concerned about financial aspects, YouTube’s Membership Gifting feature is designed to be revenue-neutral. This means that it won’t negatively impact a creator’s earnings. In fact, YouTube continues to offer the same revenue split of 70/30 to creators after accounting for any additional charges. This split ensures that creators continue to receive a significant portion of the revenue generated from gifted memberships.
  • Monetization Opportunities: The introduction of Membership Gifting aligns with YouTube’s ongoing efforts to diversify monetization options for creators. This feature not only enhances the community experience on the platform but also opens up new revenue streams for creators, allowing them to capitalize on the loyalty and support of their audience.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, gifting memberships on YouTube offers a unique and engaging way for viewers to support their favorite content creators in the gaming community. It’s a straightforward process: available currently on desktop live streams. This feature not only strengthens the bond between creators and their audience but also enhances the overall community experience on the platform. With YouTube’s plans to extend this feature to mobile devices, the potential for increased viewer engagement and creator support is significant. The Membership Gifting feature represents a valuable addition to YouTube’s monetization tools, providing creators with an additional revenue stream while allowing fans to show their appreciation in a meaningful way.


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