Top 5 Best Film Cameras to Bag for Pro Photographers

Photography isn’t something restricted to taking photos. Any random person can do that! It is the sentiment of your creativity and the rise of your mastery in attaining perfection.

Are you ready to achieve new feats in photography? A film camera can be an exciting experience. But the problem comes out of the den when hunting down the right camera.

Now, you do not have to invest muscles in finding the right film camera. We have picked the 5 best film cameras you must have. Take a look! 

What to look for in a film camera? 

Keep an eye on various factors when choosing the best film camera. 

  • Mechanical or Automatic

Automated or mechanical? If you want to grip your camera mind, a mechanical camera is the right guy. It offers complete control with a long-lasting life. 

Don’t underestimate the power of automated cameras, too. They adjust photography based on your preferences. 

  • Autofocus

Let the lenses know what you are going to glimpse. Autofocus is often available with automated cameras. Choosing a manual focus is another level of satisfaction for a professional photographer. 

  • Light meter

Most cameras come with built-in light meters. That is what you need to understand whenever you are buying a camera. It helps get a high grade in photography at various events. 

  • Shooting mode

One camera with multiple shooting modes— it is possible now with various camera versions. But don’t worry; a quick go-through of numerous cameras can bring you the proper shutter priority shooting mode. 

  • Lenses

Lense is your magic partner that is catching the right pose and photo. Whether looking for a built-in lens or choosing a different lens, keep the compatibility factor on top. For instance, find a compatible lens for your Nikon F6.

  • Batteries

A pair of batteries can help your emergency partners. But try it when you have an electronic camera. Grab a camera with high battery power or search for additional batteries. Don’t forget the compatibility because suitable batteries will empower your system. 

Our top 5 film camera picks

You don’t have to quest anymore. We have picked up 5 best camera options. Check them out! 

Film CameraPriceTypeFilm formatYear introducedLensViewfinderModes
Pentax ME super$158SLR35mm1979Pentax K MountOptical TTLManual / Aperture priority
Canon AE-1 / AE-1 Program$308SLR35mm1976Canon FD mountOptical TTLShutter-priority, Manual
Nikon F6$1580SLR35mm2004Nikon F mountOptical TTLPASM
Pentax K1000$200SLR35mm1976Pentax K MountOptical TTLManual
Fuji GW690$1399Fixed lens120mm1978Direct VisionManual

Pentax ME Super


Welcome to the crowd-pleaser— Pentax ME super camera. With the quality design and complete manual control, show your inner creativity and let the world know you are a quality photographer. The good news is that you’ll get a semi-automatic mode to challenge the world-class photographers. 

Stunning shots are not a big deal for this camera if you know how to get it. Super lightweight design does not turn you away with every single possibility. 


  • Type: SLR
  • Film format: 35mm
  • Year introduced: 1979
  • Lens: Pentax K Mount
  • Viewfinder: Optical TTL
  • Modes: Manual / Aperture priority
  • Price: $158 


  • It comes with a complete manual control system. 
  • Excellent backup mode is available when your batteries fail. 
  • Viewfinder is next-level. 


  • The dial button quality isn’t iconic. 

Canon AE-1 / AE-1 Program

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Consider its plastic construction to be the reason for its cheap costs. But durability isn’t letting it go anyway sooner. A comprehensive and repeatable shutter with high speed keeps your skills above par. 

Guess what? It is pretty easy to use. No matter if you are an amateur starting your career right away or working in this industry for years, this one is the right tool. 


  • Type: SLR
  • Film format: 35mm
  • Year introduced: 1976 
  • Lens: Canon FD mount
  • Viewfinder: Optical TTL
  • Modes: Shutter-priority, Manual
  • Price: $308


  • Electronic shutter control is there to facilitate you. 
  • Durable and relatively easy-to-use mechanism. 
  • An affordable choice for professional photographers. 


  • You’ll have to buy the battery.

Nikon F6

If you want a mix of modern and new, the Nikon F6 film camera is emerging to be the best. Shutter priority with manual modes is an excellent feature of all modern cameras. Plus, you get access to Aperture priority. 

With a compact design and lightweight features, carry it wherever you go for photography— no hassles


  • Type: SLR
  • Film format: 35mm
  • Year introduced: 2004
  • Lens: Nikon F mount
  • Viewfinder: Optical TTL
  • Modes: PASM
  • Price: $1580


  • Aluminum body guarantees a long life. 
  • It is super easy to use, even for beginners. 
  • PASM exposure modes are just impressive. 


  • 5.5ps is a bit low. Nikon should improve it. 

Pentax K1000

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No one is like the Pentax K1000— I can bet on it. Over the years, it has gained popularity for its world-class photography and premium user experience. You don’t have to look for another pair of batteries as it doesn’t need one. 

Excellent depth of field and affordable prices have revolutionized the industry. Equally appreciated for the photography, it can be your pick of the day. 


  • Type: SLR
  • Film format: 35mm
  • Year introduced: 1976
  • Lens: Pentax K mount
  • Viewfinder: Optical TTL
  • Modes: Manual
  • Price: $200


  • Durability is a big pro here. 
  • Extremely reputed for high-class photography. 
  • 100% manual control for users. 


  • You don’t have access to automatic or semi-automatic control. 

Fuji GW690

One of the most fantastic picks of film cameras is the Fuji GW690. Though expensive, you can’t deny it has the best camera results. With 120mm of film format, master the aptitudes of next-level images. 

Compared to other versions, it has improved many features like lens power and film format. With manual control, make every shot child’s play. 


  • Type: Fixed lens
  • Film format: 120/220 (medium format)
  • Year introduced: 1978
  • Lens: 90mm f/3.5
  • Viewfinder: Direct vision
  • Modes: Manual
  • Price: $1399


  • The camera results are excellent. 
  • The portable and compact design helps you carry it
  • The image size is big and suitable for you. 


  • It can be an expensive choice for some users. 


  • Which camera brand is best for film?

Nikon and Canon are at the top in their popularity in manufacturing the best film cameras. 

  • What does a film camera do?

A film camera can take pictures. It uses light and film to capture and print photos. They are one of the earliest designs introduced in the industry. 

  • Do film cameras print photos?

Film cameras print the photos on the film present in the camera. When the shutter opens, the camera takes the pictures and prints them. 


Various options, but what to choose? If you are stuck in this condition, start comparing the features of different cameras. Look for the high-resolution, automation, and ease of capturing. The next moment, you’ll have the best camera in your hand and take your award-winning pictures. 


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