How to add Arocam C2 to Live software?

March 27, 2023

OVERVIEW: If you want to add Arocam C2 to live software such as Youtube, Zoom, Skype .etc. The article below show you how to add Arocam C2 to Zoom.

Step 1: Connect Arocam C2 to PC

Refer to article: How to connect Arocam C2 to the PC?


(1) When connect camera to the PC through USB cable, it will be recognized as a USB camera 【HD Camera】

(2) When connecting camera to PC via 【HDMI video capture card】, most Video capture card will be named as【usb video】

Step 2:

On live software camera setting, select 【HD Camera】/【usb video】, resolution set to【1920 * 1080】