What are the Function ICONS at the bottom of Mars M1?

March 27, 2023

OVERVIEWS: Mars M1 has preset many functions on the buttom of the screen, you can use it to make you having a better viewing experience, the article below briefly introduced the functions.

Waveform (WFM)Measure the brightness value of the image, can drag the position freely in the screen
VectorscopeMeasures the hue and saturation values of the image colors, can drag the position freely in the screen
HistogramDisplays the distribution of luminance information of image pixels, can drag the position freely in the screen
ZebraCheck whether there is an overexplosive area, the exposure threshold can be adjusted
Auxiliary focusMark and show focus area, adjustable focus threshold and marker color
Pseudo-colorRepresent different exposure levels with different colors
RGB & GrayDisplay different color channels for RGB and grayscale
CroppingPreset a variety of common video masking, such as 16:9 / 4:3 / 5:4 / 1:1.9 / 2.41 / 2.39 / 2.35 / 1.9 / 1.85
LUT5 different LUT filters are preset, which can be imported and changed to replace 5 other LUT filters
Color TemperturePreset multi-level color temperature values, such as 5600K / 6500K / 7500K / 9300K
Zoom ToolThe image can be magnified 2 times or 4 times, and the zoom area can be dragged and moved
Image CompressionThe image can be compressed horizontally and vertically
Screen FreezesFreeze the current screen
Horizontal/vertical FlipFlip video horizontally or vertically
Assistive GridTurn on/off assistive grid
Article Number: 【AS-220623167_7】