Lark M1 Support

The audio interface performance and parameters of different Android phones are different, and it may have some circuit noise when an analog cable is used. It is recommended to use a USB-C to 3.5mm cable with a DAC to improve the recording quality.

● The Lark M1 has three volume levels: high, medium, and low, with the default volume level being medium. The volume can be increased to the maximum by pressing the “+” button twice on the receiver.
● You can also adjust the recording volume by adjusting the distance between the transmitter and your mouth.
Note: Please remove the blue insulating film from the top of the transmitter before the first use.

Do not hold the transmitter too close to your mouth by hand when you are speaking, because this could result in audio overexposure or distortion. In addition, the saliva may spray into the transmitter and cause damage as well. Please simply clip the transmitter to the collar near the neck area, make sure it is slightly close to your mouth, and test whether the volume level is suitable.

There is automatic gain control (AGC) for recording on some mobile phones. The mobile phone will automatically reduce the recording volume when the sound is too loud, which could cause a sudden low volume. Please press the “-” button on the receiver to reduce the volume or place the transmitter slightly away from your mouth.

Please set the camera recording volume to the lowest level when connecting the Lark M1 to a camera and adjust the output volume of the Lark M1 to reduce static noise.

The Lark M1 has three volume levels: high, medium, and low
● Press the “+” or “-” button on the receiver twice to adjust the volume to the high or low level.
● Then press the “+” or “-” button on the receiver once to adjust the volume up or down by one level.

An MFi-certified Lightning to 3.5mm cable is required for iPhones. Audio cannot be recorded through the Lark M1 if a non-MFi-certified cable is used.
Note: You can purchase an MFi-certified Lightning to 3.5mm cable from an Apple store.

For some OPPO/Vivo/OnePlus Android phones, sound settings are required as follows:
Go to Settings > Sound & vibration > More > Default device and select External microphone.

If your mobile phone does not have this settings option, it may be because the camera app does not support recording with an external microphone. Please use a third-party recording app such as TikTok or SnackVideo that supports external microphones.

For Xiaomi Mi 11, a USB-C to 3.5mm cable with a DAC is required to obtain better recording quality. The use of cables without a DAC may cause ground noise.

● If there is a 3.5mm port, please use the 3.5mm port for connection.
● If there is a USB-C port, please use a Samsung-certified USB-C to 3.5mm cable. Otherwise, the message “Unsupported Accessories” will be displayed, indicating that recording with a third-party cable is not supported.

You need to unplug the Lark M1 receiver when you play back audio on your phone speaker. When an external microphone is connected, the audio will be transmitted through the external microphone, so you cannot hear the audio played on your phone speaker.

If you are using a USB sound card, you need to change the device mode to camera mode (mono mode). In this case, the receiver indicator light turns green.