Lark Max Support

The default recorded audio format of the transmitter is lossless 48kHz/24-bit mono WAV.

The transmitter can continue working for about 7.5 hours when it is fully charged, the receiver can work for about 9 hours when it is fully charged, and the charging case supports about two times of charging for 2 TX and 1 RX when it is fully charged.

Yes, it supports audio playback on the phone speaker. To turn on the Phone Speaker function, enable the Phone Speaker function on the receiver, and it will reboot.

Note: Only the USB-C output on the receiver supports Phone Speaker playback, it won’t work with 3.5mm audio output.

Yes, each transmitter is supported with 8GB of built-in storage, capable of up to 14-hour audio recording.

It can be connected and used normally.