Mars 300 Pro Support

Please use SONY NP-F series battery to power the device such as F970, F750 and F550

If the capacity less than 6.8V, please change the battery

Kindly check NO3.

Support and the standard Type-c power supplier is 5V 2A(above 2A)

Note: Does not support a fast-charging power supply, and a power bank is not suggested because the charging current and voltage of the power bank always drop fast, our device’s charging current and voltage needs over 5V 2A 

Not Support

Because there are many brands and models of NP-F batteries in the market. The battery capacity and discharge curve of different brands/models are different. The external equipment cannot cannot accurately detect the remaining battery capacity, so there is no meaning of showing one kind of battery percentage.  But the battery capacity can judge the remaining time of the battery more accurately.