Mars M1 Enhanced Support

1. Please ensure that you use a DC/NPF battery for the power supply, and the battery should be fully charged.
2. Please choose a clean channel to avoid frequency interference.
3. Keep the transmitter at least 1 meter away from the receiver, then enter the menu page of both units for pairing.

When using the M1 Enhanced as a transmitter, it can connect to up to two receivers. When using the M1 Enhanced as a receiver, one transmitter can connect to up to two M1 Enhanced devices. 

Only support when M1 Enhanced worked as the transmitterMars M1 Enhanced supports connectivity to smartphones or tablets only when it works as a transmitter. One single transmitter can connect with up to four smartphones or tablets. 

If there is one transmitter and one receiver, it can connect with two smartphones or tablets. 

However, if there is one transmitter and two receivers, it cannot connect with smartphones or tablets.

The M1 Enhanced does not support the direct import of LUT files from a CAM SD card or card reader.