What is Phantom Power? Everything You Want to Know

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Phantom power, an invisible energy, is a technological advancement that brings precision and transforms your listening experience. So, it’s required to bring clarity and smooth functioning of studio microphones. Phantom Power is a DC supply (generally +48 V) to power the active circuitry inside the microphone with standard microphone cables. This electrical supply has standardized

Does RE320 Need Phantom Power for Audio Content Creation?

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In the world of audio broadcasting and recording, innovation has played a critical part in shaping the way we capture and transmit sound. From the earliest days of radio to the modern era of music production, the demand for crisper audio has driven the development of cutting-edge equipment. Phantom power is part of such innovations

Does Shure SM57 Need Phantom Power? Get All Answers!

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Several types of microphones are used globally by musicians and content creators to produce high-quality sound for various purposes. Dynamic microphone Shure SM57 is one of the most popular mics highly known for its unique features. However, some think this microphone requires external power to work efficiently, while others think the opposite. So, to clear

What is a Phantom Power Microphone


In the symphony of sound recording, there exists a silent wizard – the phantom power microphone. This enigmatic device is the secret behind the crystal-clear vocals, the soul-stirring melodies, and the immersive audio experiences that grace our ears. Step into the realm of audio wizardry as we unveil the mystique of phantom power microphones, from