Connecting Creativity in NYU Tisch’s Advanced TV Pilot Workshop with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

The Advanced TV Pilot Workshop is the biggest production created by students at NYU Tisch, bringing together aspiring students to collaborate on diverse and ambiguous projects. Among these talented individuals is Ari Isenberg, a senior DP in the Film/TV program at NYU Tisch, who was preparing for graduation in May and took on the challenge of

Mars M1シリーズ、実際に現場で使ってみると…

”Mars M1の最大位のメリットはシステムの簡易化かなモニタリングとしてもかなり使えるようになった上に伝送内蔵だから、システムが軽くて済む。” そうや@muraso9_26 レシーバー側、これだけで済む 以前は、レシーバー側にはモニター用のVマウントを取り付け、Dtapから電源を供給し、伝送装置にSDIを接続して…といった手順が必要でしたが、Mars M1ではLバッテリーが使用されるだけで済むようになりました。 軽くてケーブルレスでカメラマンもモニター見る人も双方にとってストレスが減って機動性爆上がりするのが良かったです最高。 今日の運用は自分のオペカメにM1Enhancedを付けて、レシーバーモードのM1に飛ばしディレクターやプロデューサーに確認して頂く使い方。 強化版、使いやすくなりました 強化版の最も嬉しい点は、何度も強調していますが、DCがロック対応したことです。以前は突然引っ張られたりして抜けてしまうことがありましたが、それがなくなったのが本当に素晴らしいです。 <モニタリング>さらにモニタリング面の強化も実感できます。特にピーキングとマーカーの改善が素晴らしいです!精度が向上し、自由度も高まっています。以前は画面の端も検出して外枠までラインが表示されていましたが、それが改善されました。 <電源>そして電源を落としても設定が維持され、接続が早く復帰するため、これまで電源をつけたまま使っていましたが、より頻繁に電源を切ることができるようになりました。 正直、最初は発表を見た時は微妙な違いかなと思っていましたが、実際に現場で使ってみると地味ながらも非常に大きな進化を遂げており、使いやすくなりました。

Hollyland at NAB 2024: New Releases and Industry Connections

Hollyland successfully participated in the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show from April 14th to April 17th, 2024, in Las Vegas, USA. The event attracted thousands of visitors from the US and worldwide to Hollyland’s booth. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the unveiling of new products Attendees engage in activities at the Hollyland booth.

The Best Children’s Headphones for Under $35 in 2024

In today’s digital era, children are frequently engaging with digital content, whether for educational purposes, leisure, or gaming. The challenge, however, is safeguarding their auditory health against the risks posed by prolonged exposure to high volumes. Enter the realm of children’s headphones, designed to strike a delicate balance between auditory enjoyment and hearing protection. This

NAB 2024 Invitation from Hollyland

We are excited to announce that Hollyland will be participating in the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, USA from April 14th to April 17th, 2024. Hollyland will showcase the full range of products at booth C6710, including a brand-new wireless video transmission system (Pyro H, Pyro S, and Pyro 7),

The Alexrandra Theater Transforms Communication Experience with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

Birmingham’s beloved theater, The Alexandra, was built in 1901 by William Coutts and throughout its vast history, has become home to first class entertainment. In 2018, the venue underwent an extensive refurbishment and reverted to its original name, The Alexandra. The theater is a valuable contributor to culture within Birmingham and the West Midlands, presenting first-rate musicals,

Seamless Collaboration on Set: Revolutionizing Communication Efficiency with Solidcom C1 Pro Hub 8S

Seamless communique is critical in commercial capturing teams and filmmaking production group members. The KinoGonriynich and Pomorin & Co crew, and the famous Director of Photography (DOP) Ivan Pomorin, concentrate on bringing the complicated visions of movie scripts to life. Their task is to convert innovative concepts into fact while the budget constraints and assembly

5 Best Cameras for Livestream Shopping in 2024

Having the proper livestream camera is essential for capturing outstanding footage that complements the consumer experience, drives engagement, and encourages impulse buying, in the end leading to stepped forward buy prices. A expert livestream camera plays a essential position in the fulfillment of livestream buying activities by using turning in superior visuals, customizable settings, and

Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro Streamlines Interviews for Dental Care

Vibrant Media Productions, headquartered in Orlando but operating coast-to-coast with multiple locations, shines brightly in the dynamic world of video production. Renowned for their prowess in cinematography, finesse in post-production, and compelling storytelling, the team at Vibrant Media Productions is dedicated to creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging media. Recently, Vibrant Media Productions embarked on a

Beyond Wires: 2024’s Best Wireless Headsets with Mic for Absolute Freedom

Explore the prospects of hands-free interaction with our complete guide to the top wireless headsets with microphones in 2024. Discover why these devices are a must-have, as well as top options and critical points to consider prior to making your decision. Introduction In the fast-paced world of today, efficient communication is more important than ever.

Beyond Sound: Revealing 2024’s Top Speaker Stands

Discover the heights of audio efficiency with our complete guide to the top speaker stands in 2024. Enjoy superior sound quality through the ideal design, use, and acoustics fusion. Introduction In the pursuit of the best audio experience, every aspect counts, from the quality of your speakers to their position in your listening environment. Speaker

5 Reasons to Buy iPhone Camera Protector

Do you love your iPhone and want to protect your phone? When we discuss how to protect our phones, we usually talk about the screen protector and the phone case. But we never thought of protecting our phone cameras or lenses. In this explainer, we will talk about how and why your iPhone camera protection is