The Best Children’s Headphones for Under $35 in 2024

In today’s digital era, children are frequently engaging with digital content, whether for educational purposes, leisure, or gaming. The challenge, however, is safeguarding their auditory health against the risks posed by prolonged exposure to high volumes. Enter the realm of children’s headphones, designed to strike a delicate balance between auditory enjoyment and hearing protection. This guide delves into the best options available for under $35 in 2024, ensuring both affordability and safety.

Why Choose Child-Friendly Headphones?

The CDC highlights hearing loss as a significant public health issue, underscoring the importance of protective measures for our children’s ears. Child-friendly headphones are integral to this, designed to shield young listeners from harmful noise levels while delivering a comfortable and enjoyable auditory experience.

Volume Control is Key

A standout feature of these headphones is the built-in volume limitation, which keeps sound levels at a safe threshold, generally not exceeding 85 decibels (dB). This precaution helps prevent hearing damage, ensuring that kids can enjoy their favorite sounds safely.

Built for Durability and Comfort

Given children’s propensity for active play, it’s crucial that their headphones can withstand rough treatment. Moreover, comfort is paramount, with designs featuring soft padding and adjustability for hassle-free, extended usage.

Our Top Affordable Picks

Let’s take a closer look at five excellent headphones that won’t break the bank, each blending safety, durability, and sound quality.

Kids headphone gorsun

1.Gorsun Bluetooth Kids Headphones

Price: $25.Ninety nine (pink)

Special Feature: Volume-limiting circuitry for listening to protection

Connection: Bluetooth, Wired three.5mm Jack

Volume Limiter: 85dB

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Fit Type: Over-ear, foldable format

Shareport: Not exact

Compatibility: Universal compatibility with smart devices

Usage Scenarios: Music, art work, gaming, excursion, have a examine

Why I advise: gorsun Bluetooth Kids Headphones offer the perfect balance of safety, comfort, and luxury for kids. With built-in quantity-restricting circuitry, these headphones make sure that sound stages live beneath 85dB, meeting WHO tips for preventing being attentive to damage. The foldable layout makes them surprisingly transportable, best for journey or on-the-pass use. Additionally, the headphones characteristic handy mode switching among Bluetooth and wired modes, ensuring uninterrupted listening despite the fact that the battery runs out. With smooth ear cushions and a light-weight design, the ones headphones offer top class comfort within the direction of prolonged listening durations, making them suitable for various sports, including reading. Moreover, the appealing colour and removable ornamental cat ears lead them to a surely ideal present desire for youngsters on numerous events.

kids headphone LilGadgets

2. LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Kids Headphones Wired – Purple

Price: $ 29.Ninety five

Special Feature: Shareport Technology for more than one connections

Connection: Wired three.5mm Jack

Volume Limiter: 93dB

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Fit Type: Over-ear, foldable layout

Shareport: Yes

Compatibility: Wide range of devices which consist of smartphones, tablets, laptops

Usage Scenarios: Music, movies, video video games, online studying

Why I advise: LilGadgets’ award-prevailing design ensures durability and comfort for youngsters aged 6 years and above. With Shareport Technology, kids can share audio without having a splitter, making it a available choice for families and school rooms. The volume limiter and padded earpieces prioritize safety and luxury.

Kids headphone Riwbox

3. Riwbox Kids Wireless Headphones, CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth – Purple & Green

Price: $ 32.Ninety nine

Special Feature: Cat ear layout with LED lighting

Connection: Bluetooth five.Three

Volume Limiter: 85dB

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Fit Type: Over-ear, foldable design

Shareport: No

Compatibility: Laptop, PC, TV, smartphones

Usage Scenarios: Music, gaming, calls, amusement

Why I advise: Riwbox CT-7S gives a very specific aggregate of tune, lighting fixtures, and color with its cat ear format and LED lights that trade with the rhythm. Bluetooth connectivity and a foldable design add to the benefit, whilst the 85dB volume limiter ensures stable listening for kids.

Kids headphone iClever

4. IClever Cat Ear Kids Bluetooth Headphones – Meow Macaron-Hot Pink

Price: $ 30.39

Special Feature: Cute cat ear layout with RGB LED lighting fixtures

Connection: Bluetooth 5.2, Wired three.5mm Jack

Volume Limiter: seventy four/85/94dB

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Fit Type: Over-ear, foldable layout

Shareport: No

Compatibility: Smartphones, pills, PCs

Usage Scenarios: Travel, enjoyment, online studying

Why I advise: iClever combines outstanding sound remarkable with a a laugh, child-exceptional layout, making it appealing to greater younger customers. The extent limiter and strong layout make certain protection and durability, on the same time as Bluetooth and stressed options offer flexibility in connectivity.

Kids headphone Belkin

5. Belkin SoundForm Inspire Wireless Over-Ear Headset for Kids – Lavender

Price: $ 34.Ninety nine

Special Feature: Flip-up microphone with LED indicator

Connection: Bluetooth five.2, Wired 3.5mm Jack

Volume Limiter: 85dB

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Fit Type: Over-ear, foldable layout

Shareport: Yes

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, and extra

Usage Scenarios: Online mastering, excursion, calls

Why I advise: Belkin’s SoundForm Inspire gives a combination of fashion, capability, and protection with its flip-up microphone and 85dB extent limiter. The foldable layout and prolonged battery lifestyles make it perfect for prolonged hours of use, while the compatibility with diverse devices guarantees versatility.


Selecting the right headphones for your child is about more than just preventing hearing loss; it’s about ensuring they have a positive and safe audio experience. The options highlighted offer something for every need and preference, from sturdy and simple designs to those with a bit more flair. By choosing any of these affordable, child-safe headphones, you can provide your child with the joy of sound, all while keeping their hearing health a priority.


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