NAB 2024 Invitation from Hollyland

We are excited to announce that Hollyland will be participating in the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, USA from April 14th to April 17th, 2024. Hollyland will showcase the full range of products at booth C6710, including a brand-new wireless video transmission system (Pyro H, Pyro S, and Pyro 7),

Seamless Collaboration on Set: Revolutionizing Communication Efficiency with Solidcom C1 Pro Hub 8S


Seamless communique is critical in commercial capturing teams and filmmaking production group members. The KinoGonriynich and Pomorin & Co crew, and the famous Director of Photography (DOP) Ivan Pomorin, concentrate on bringing the complicated visions of movie scripts to life. Their task is to convert innovative concepts into fact while the budget constraints and assembly

Beyond Wires: 2024’s Best Wireless Headsets with Mic for Absolute Freedom

2024s Best Wireless Headsets with Mic for Absolute Freedom1

Explore the prospects of hands-free interaction with our complete guide to the top wireless headsets with microphones in 2024. Discover why these devices are a must-have, as well as top options and critical points to consider prior to making your decision. Introduction In the fast-paced world of today, efficient communication is more important than ever.

Best Microphone for Podcasting in 2024

Best Microphone for Podcasting

Ever noticed how crystal-clear audio can transform a podcast from good to great? With tech evolving at lightning speed, the leap in podcasting gear has been huge.  So, here we are, diving into the world of microphones to uncover the best picks for 2024. Whether you’re starting out or looking to upgrade, this guide has

Hollyland LARK M2 vs. LARK MAX

The Hollyland Lark M2 and Lark Max stand out as top-notch outdoor audio recording solutions. These microphones are modified to facilitate content creators for optimized recording sessions. However, these two masterpieces differ significantly in multiple aspects. These differentiating points range from their technical specifications to their functionalities and utilization of advanced technologies. This comprehensive guide

Hollyland LARK M2 Review: An Efficient Mini Button Mic

Hollyland Lark M2 is an efficient wireless microphone that has an omnidirectional audio reception format. With its advanced technology, this microphone is perfect for professional content creation and outdoor vlogging. You can now record your content for hours with the help of its long battery time.  Verdict: 5 out of 5 Stars  Pros  Cons  Introduction

Hollyland’s Unforgettable Journey at Inter BEE 2023

Hollyland Technology left a strong impression on attendees at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE) held from November 15th to 17th, 2023. The event provided a perfect platform for industry professionals to experience the latest advancements in the media landscape. Hollyland has been a regular participant at Inter BEE since 2021, and its booth

Hollyland 912 Brand Day “We Connect”: An Unforgettable Cultural Journey to Closer Bonds


On September 12th, 2023, in Shenzhen, China – Hollyland, a leading wireless technology company in the global content production market, celebrated its 6th birthday from September 1st to 3rd. Throughout its five-year journey, Hollyland has demonstrated a determined commitment to exceptional quality, constant innovation, active after-sales support, and competitive pricing, solidifying its position as an industry leader. To express sincere gratitude for all supporters, Hollyland this year organized the “We Connect” grand event, bringing together 32 brand enthusiasts, long-term users, and distributors from 30 countries. Covering all aspects, including travel arrangements, accommodations, dining and cultural activities, Hollyland orchestrated an unparalleled experience for attendees who travelled thousands of miles to join us in Shenzhen. This exclusive event was the first of its kind in the post-pandemic world within the industry and revolutionized branding. It’s a valuable opportunity and an excellent platform for Hollyland and its partners to develop stronger relationships. Two Months of Meticulous Planning Culminate in a Vibrant Welcome Dinner Party We devoted our time and energy to securing visas and managing logistics, with the intent of creating unique experiences for international guests. The effort paid off with a spectacular welcome dinner on September 1st, a day that will be etched in our memories. At the dinner party, participants enjoyed dragon dance performances and celebrated Hollyland’s 912 Brand Day in an atmosphere nothing short of joyful.  Overcoming the Challenge of Typhoon Saola On September 1st, Shenzhen was struck by the powerful Typhoon Saola. Despite some consequent setbacks, we remained positive and quickly altered our planned outdoor activities to indoor ones, including a traditional Chinese chopstick-making session and a lively Mahjong party. The sudden change of plans went down well with the attendees, and everyone had a blast. It was impressive to see how people could come together and make the best out of unexpected situations.  In-Depth Film Industry Dialogue At the headquarters, we held workshops where we invited representatives and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from various industries to share insights. The participants engaged in open and productive discussions as if they were catching up with old friends. Through these conversations, everyone gained a better understanding of Hollyland’s product offerings, as well as the latest advancements in video shooting and live streaming. This also served as a testament to Hollyland’s continued dedication to maintaining a leading position and to establishing connections between diverse communities and industries. Immersive Experience in Traditional Chinese Culture We organized various traditional Chinese cultural activities, including calligraphy, Chinese massage, mooncake making, shadow puppet making, and face-changing performances, making the event not only a birthday party for Hollyland, but also a chance to promote cultural understanding. Participants got to explore Nantou Ancient Town as well, a famous site steeped in history. These immersive cultural experiences allowed attendees to delve deeper into  Chinese heritage, which might spark new ideas and creative possibilities. About Hollyland Technology Shenzhen Hollyland Technology Co., Ltd. (Hollyland) has been empowering global customers with professional solutions for wireless data, audio and video transmission, and wireless intercom – since 2013. Hollyland serves many markets, including film-making, television shooting, video production, broadcast, live events, exhibitions, broadcast media, production, theatres, houses of worship, and rental houses. Visit, Hollyland Facebook, Hollyland Instagram.

IBC 2023 Invitation from Hollyland


Hello, We are thrilled to announce that Hollyland will be participating in the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2023) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from September 15-18, 2023. We warmly invite you to visit us at booth 11.B34 during the event to explore our video shooting and live streaming setups. As a significant global event for the media,

Chasing Inspiration: My Journey with Hollyland Lark M1

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Ever since I can remember, owning a professional-sounding wireless microphone has been a dream that has fueled my creativity and aspiration. The thought of making videos that could truly inspire people was the driving force behind this dream, but the notion of owning such a wireless microphone seemed like a distant reality. Little did I

The Success Story of Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro at Rock of Trenton Church

美国案例 6

Introduction The Rock of Trenton Church, TN, faced a common challenge for small congregations: maintaining clear communication within their dedicated five-person production team. With a congregation of 200, the church sought a budget-friendly solution that could accommodate their needs without sacrificing quality. Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro, an outstanding full-duplex wireless intercom headset system, offered them

My Memorable Moment with Hollyland

the cover

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story! It means a lot to me. I wanted to share a special moment in my life that has been a constant source of inspiration. As someone who falls between being an introvert and an extrovert, public speaking and sharing personal