Connecting Faith at Milestone Churches with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

By Hollyland | July 9, 2024

With a congregation size ranging from 400 to 800 in-person attendees and an online audience exceeding 1,000, Milestone Churches in Toronto gather every Sunday for worship services. Leading this effort is Christopher Ramos, Minister of Media & Operations. His dedicated team of ten works tirelessly with a mission to ensure Milestone Churches are accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

To coordinate their efforts effectively, Christopher and his team require a reliable and powerful communication system. They chose the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro, a decision influenced by their positive experience with Hollyland wireless video transmission solutions and recommendations from professional forums and communities. They arranged a total of six units for key roles: production director, video switcher, three camera operators, and stage manager. Solidcom C1 Pro intercom system has proven to be a game-changer for their weekly gatherings.


Talking about the integration of the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro into their weekly gatherings, Christopher Ramos highlighted its pivotal role in enhancing the team’s efficiency and productivity.

Hassle-Free Operation

“It was great for me and my video team to communicate hands off and focus on shots. We’ve used walkie-talkies before but it wasn’t the best for what we needed. To have a system that was clear and hands-free was everything for us at Milestone.”

The user-friendly design of the Solidcom C1 Pro is demonstrated by its hands-free operation, which allows members of the team to move around freely and carry out their responsibilities without the need to constantly press buttons. In the hectic, multitasking world of church production, where every second counts, this capability is especially essential.

Milestone Production team with Hollyland 5

Professional and Comfortable Design

“Quality and materials made it look and feel professional and luxurious.” 

The Solidcom C1 Pro is manufactured using two-shot injection molding technology and features a sleek, streamlined, and contemporary form factor with a smooth texture. The ergonomic button arrangement, user-friendly interfaces, and intuitive controls, which were designed with the needs of the customers in mind, make it possible for members of the team to begin communicating with one other in a matter of seconds, therefore saving critical time that allows them to focus more on their work.

The PC-ABS components used in the design of the Solidcom C1 Pro headset make it extraordinarily lightweight, weighing only 170 grams when the battery is included. Anyone who is always on the move and has to use the headset for extended periods of time will find the over-ear leather cushion to be excellent since it better mimics the structure of the human ear, which results in increased stability and comfort. In addition, durable on-ear foam cushions are provided in order to satisfy a variety of wearing preferences. Simply use them as needed and enjoy the experience of incredible portability and comfort without compromising quality.

Milestone Production team with Hollyland 6

Improved Workflow
“I have a saying that 85% of production is communication, and this system allowed my team to communicate like never before.”

When working on a set, time is incredibly important; thus, it is essential to have a tool that is simple to operate. Because it is already paired when it is first used out of the box, the Solidcom C1 Pro is meant to be simple to use. In order for users to begin communicating instantly, all they need to do is install the battery and turn the device on. All of these make it extremely straightforward for users to use. Just jump right into work.

Considering that events may sometimes last for a considerable amount of time, the Solidcom C1 Pro integrates a design that features lithium batteries that can be replaced. There are two lithium batteries included with each headset. Instead of having to wait for the charging process to complete, customers are able to instantly replace a drained battery with a new one without having to wait, guaranteeing that the production can keep going for a longer period of time.

Milestone Production team with Hollyland 8

In conclusion, the integration of Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro in Milestone Churches’ weekly services has not only enhanced communication but also elevated the overall worship experience. This embrace of wireless communication exemplifies how technology can connect creativity and faith, ensuring that the message of the church reaches a wider audience with clarity and professionalism. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, Christopher rates the Hollyland intercom system a perfect 10. Hollyland is delighted that its products have contributed to the success of Christopher Ramos and Milestone Churches, and is proud to facilitate smoother and more efficient communication experiences for users. Hollyland looks forward to more stories from Milestone Churches and other inspiring churches.

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