Embracing Hollyland: A Journey in Audio and Video Production

By Hollyland | July 12, 2023

My name is Daniel Chang Acat, and my journey with Hollyland began almost a year ago when I embarked on my YouTube channel adventure. Seeking a reliable audio solution to start my creative content, I discovered the Hollyland Lark 150, which quickly became an integral part of my filmmaking process. Thanks to the MY LARK MOMENT campaign, I got a chance to recount my experiences with Hollyland products and how they have positively influenced my work in audio and video production.

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The Lark150: A Life-Changing Start

When I first laid my hands on the Hollyland Lark 150, little did I know it would become the catalyst for my YouTube channel growth. With this remarkable device, I created a captivating life action/animation short film for the “Feel My City Sound” campaign. Although my entry did not win, the experience was invaluable, and it marked the beginning of my fruitful association with Hollyland. I owe much of my channel progress to this exceptional product.

As the months passed, the Lark 150 continued to be my trusted companion, not only for my YouTube content but also during regular work engagements. Comparing it to the previously used G3s, I appreciate the lighter weight and reduced dependency on batteries of the Lark 150, making it my go-to audio solution for directing, cinematography, and animation projects. Its versatility allows me to seamlessly switch between different roles, maintaining the sound quality throughout. While I reserve photography as a hobby separate from my professional work, I have found Hollyland products to be an incredible asset even in this realm.


A Lifesaver on Set

A particular instance stands out, highlighting the exceptional value of the Lark 150 in a critical situation. It occurred during a documentary shoot focused on climate change, where our team found themselves in a remote location without an adequate supply of AA batteries for the microphones. Just when it seemed like an insurmountable hurdle, we discovered that the Lark 150 was conveniently stored in the car, having been utilized in a previous shoot.

What saved the day was the remarkable design of the Lark 150, incorporating both an internal battery and a charging case. Leveraging this ingenious feature, we were able to power the Lark 150 simply using a phone charger, effectively rescuing the audio recording and averting a potential catastrophe. Despite the significant amount of time that had passed since its previous use, the battery of the Lark 150 still retained ample charge, allowing us to seamlessly complete the entire recording without any further setbacks.


This incident served as a powerful testament to the unwavering reliability and unwavering resilience of Hollyland products, exemplified by the Lark 150. It showcased their ability to deliver in critical moments, ensuring that professionals can depend on their equipment, even under the most challenging circumstances. The Lark 150 proved to be a true lifesaver, seamlessly bridging the gap and enabling us to capture vital audio in a remote location where conventional power sources were insufficient.

Advantages of Hollyland’s Lark 150 Microphone

Three key advantages have made Hollyland products indispensable in my workflow:

  1. Internal battery with a charging case: The built-in battery and charging case ensure that the Lark 150 is always ready to record, eliminating any worries about running out of power during critical moments.
  2. Physical knobs for level control: The physical knobs provide quick and precise control over audio levels, giving me the flexibility to adjust settings without relying solely on digital interfaces.
  3. Lightness of transmitters: The lightweight design of Hollyland transmitters offers comfort during extended shoots, allowing me to move freely without compromising audio quality.

Looking to the Future

As an enthusiastic user of Hollyland products, I eagerly anticipate their continuous innovations. My wish for the next version is to include 16-bit float audio, as this would elevate the Lark 150 to unparalleled heights in the industry. Moreover, I am eagerly awaiting advancements in video transmission technology, as this will undoubtedly make my life on set even more efficient and enjoyable.


My journey with Hollyland has been nothing short of transformative. From the humble beginnings of my YouTube channel to becoming a part of the YouTube Partner Program, Hollyland products have been instrumental in my success. The Lark 150, with its outstanding performance and reliability, has become an essential tool in my audio and video production ventures. With Hollyland by my side, I am confident that this journey will be an enduring and fruitful one.

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