Unforgettable Connections: Day 1 of the We Connect Event

By Hollyland | September 27, 2023

Welcome Ceremony

September 1st marked the exciting kickoff of Hollyland’s “We Connect” brand event. Bright and early at 8:30 a.m., we warmly welcomed all the attendees to Hollyland’s headquarters in Shenzhen. As attendees stepped through the doors, they left their vibrant signatures on our signature wall. With beaming smiles, everyone eagerly posed alongside our adorable mascot, creating cherished and unforgettable memories together.

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Company Tour

Afterward, our tour guides led the enthusiastic attendees on an exhilarating journey through the Hollyland headquarters, R&D department, and state-of-the-art factory. Throughout the immersive tour, everybody gained in-depth insights into Hollyland’s operations and research processes, learning about the manufacturing of Hollyland’s products and innovative technologies. 

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The guides introduced the core values and technological advantages of Hollyland, providing the attendees with a profound understanding of our brand. Filled with curiosity, the participants actively engaged and interacted during the tour, leaving an indelible impression on our facilities and team.


Industry Insight & Product Ecosystem Sharing

In the afternoon, Hollyland brought in a dynamic team of Chinese influencers to ignite the atmosphere! They shared their mind-blowing editing experiences, top-notch tools, and cutting-edge techniques with the audiences. But that’s not all, they also discussed their perspectives and insights on the current trends and developments in the video industry. It was an electrifying exchange of knowledge and ideas, where everyone’s experiences and viewpoints merged, pushing the boundaries of video editing and expanding our horizons of this captivating industry!


During the sharing session, we also proudly showcased the Hollyland product ecosystem, including our newest star product, the VenusLiv Live Streaming Camera! With great pride, we presented the versatile applications of Hollyland products, such as wireless microphones, wireless intercom systems, and more.


What’s more, we enthusiastically presented the highlights and features of the newly released VenusLiv to the attendees, igniting their intense interest and anticipation. This product presentation has made the attendees know more about Hollyland’s product ecosystem and the advanced technology and exceptional performance we offer to our users. 

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Dinner Party

As night fell, we hosted a dinner party that was full of excitement and cultural experiences! To bring more joy and cultural experiences, we invited a lion dance troupe to perform the renowned traditional Guangdong lion dance, as well as a mesmerizing display of Chinese traditional martial arts.  The lion dance performance was brimming with energy and charm, while the martial arts demonstration was powerful. The performances brought a spectacular visual feast to the participants, immersing them in the lively beats of the drums and the captivating movements of the lion dance. They truly experienced the enchanting charm of Chinese traditional culture. It was a moment where everyone was captivated and enthralled, embracing the vibrant atmosphere and appreciating the beauty and richness of Chinese traditions.


During the party, people from all around the world had their first taste of Chinese Baijiu! Our dear friends expressed their surprise at its stronger intensity compared to Tequila! Besides trying Baijiu for the first time, there were many other exciting first experiences! They savored roast pigeon, a delicacy in Chinese cuisine, for the first time, and tasted the fish dishes with its head kept. These experiences left them thrilled and pleasantly surprised!


What made it even more special was the incredible dancing skills of our friend from India. Whenever someone won a prize, he would joyfully break into dance! His mesmerizing dance moves and infectious enthusiasm captivated everyone, drawing them towards him.

On this joyful night, music and dance became a universal language, transcending cultural, geographical, and linguistic barriers. It allowed us to connect on a deeper level, bringing us all together in a truly unforgettable experience.


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