Thrilling Adventures Await: Day 2 of the We Connect Event

By Hollyland | September 27, 2023

Kick Off the Morning with an Adventure

Day 2 was a day filled with adventurous spirit! Due to the severe typhoon weather, our activities were moved indoors. In the morning, we selected our breakfast through engaging games, getting ready to embark on a memorable journey filled with thrilling moments!


Crafting the Personalized Chopsticks

Let’s kick off our first activity of the day – Woodworking Crafts! We will be crafting a unique and personalized pair of chopsticks. Friends from around the world will come together, some of whom may have never used chopsticks before. Today presents an excellent opportunity for them to practice and master the art of using chopsticks.

ZYGG0884 2

With chisels in hand, everybody ground and carved the woods. Look, pairs of chopsticks are taking shape!


Mooncake Making

In the afternoon, we gathered at the party venue to make traditional Chinese mooncakes. As the Mid-Autumn Festival approached, our dear friends had the opportunity to experience the festive atmosphere in advance. The round shape of the mooncakes resembled the full moon in the sky, creating a romantic ambiance of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Together, we molded, filled, and imprinted creativity into the process of making mooncakes. This special moment deepened our appreciation for the meaning of connection.

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Party Time

Game time arrived, and the room brimmed with laughter, joy, and vibrant energy. Everyone actively participated in various entertaining games, showcasing boundless enthusiasm and liveliness. The delight and competition of the games brought us closer together. Whether it was traditional Mid-Autumn games or creatively challenging team activities, each person engaged wholeheartedly, forgetting about time and fully embracing this joyful moment.


Enchanting Shenzhen Nightscapes

As night fell, we embarked on a car tour to explore the bustling night scenery of Shenzhen. The towering skyscrapers illuminated the cityscape, and the shimmering neon lights danced in the night sky. The entire city was adorned with bright lights, resembling a magnificent night painting. Along the way, we marveled at the towering buildings and captivating light displays, experiencing the pulse and vitality of the urban environment. The night in Shenzhen was enchanting, leaving us in awe of the charm and magic of a modern city.


Heartwarming Surprise

On this special night, a touching moment unfolded. Charon, a staff member from Hollyland, secretly printed out the photos taken throughout the day and placed them inside the gift boxes for the attendees.  When Daniel opened his gift box and saw the photos, he was profoundly moved, and his eyes became moist with emotion.

These precious moments are captured in the photographs, and whether it’s the Hollyland staff or the friends who attended We Connect, they will forever cherish this unforgettable night. These photos have become lasting mementos, documenting the joyful moments, heartfelt emotions, and treasured memories we shared together.

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