DJI Mic 2 vs Hollyland LARK MAX

Nowadays, wireless microphone systems are the determinants of the constant high quality of the content development process. As a vlogger or a filmmaker, the options for the best wireless mic systems to choose from are just too many. But, among these, there are two that stand out as the most remarkable devices.

DJI Mic 2 and Hollyland LARK MAX are two of the popular wireless microphone systems available in the market today. In this comparison, we shall be taking a critical look at the strengths and weaknesses of both systems and their general performance in order to help you make a decision on what is right for you.

Key Takeaways

Although both microphone systems have been designed to produce supreme quality audio transmission, Hollyland LARK MAX is a better option for professional filmmakers and videographers due to the fact that it has advanced features including the digital signal processing technology(DSP) and MaxTimbre mic technology that contribute in significantly improving the audio signal quality and getting rid of unwanted noises.

In contrast, DJI Mic 2 may be better for less experienced vloggers and content creators. Here, we will compare and contrast the DJI Mic 2 and the Hollyland LARK MAX and you will see for yourself how well they perform in different sections including price, design, audio quality, and many more.


Regarding the price, Hollyland LARK MAX has been proven as the most affordable choice among all the models for content creators. The microphone package costs $249 for 2 transmitters, 1 receiver, a charger station, and other accessories.

LARK MAX vs DJI Mic 2 (1)

Hollyland LARK MAX

The DJI Mic 2 on the other hand, costs $349 for a set of two transmitters, one receiver, a charging case, and other accessories.

On the contrary, if you’re a content creator working independently on a tight budget, you can buy the transmitter (US$99) or get the set containing the transmitter, receiver, and some accessories for only US$ 219.


The transmitter and the receiver unit of the Hollyland LARK MAX and DJI Mic 2 are made intentionally small and light. This makes them easy to carry and use in various sectors of the film industry. In addition to their foldable design, they have magnetic attachments that help with quick and easy mounting.

The DJI Mic 2 has transmitter and receiver units designed to withstand the challenges that a professional user throws at them. These units are constructed from high-grade materials, giving them the toughness and lastingness that users can count on.

LARK MAX vs DJI Mic 2(2)

DJI Mic 2

Furthermore, both the transmitter and receiver contain LED indicators that display data in real time such as the battery life, signal strength, and sound levels.

One of the main features of the DJI Mic 2 charging case is that it has a sleek matte black finish and not only this, but it also acts as a portable charger and a safe storage for the transmitters and receiver along with the accessories.

On the other hand, the Hollyland LARK MAX features a more eye-catching design with its uniform black color and smooth operation. It provides a sleek and modern look that is warm, comfortable, and natural. The transmitter and receiver units have clean lines, smooth surfaces, and a modern design.

LARK MAX vs DJI Mic 2(3)

Hollyland LARK MAX

The microphone of the LARK MAX is yet another feature constructed from durable materials that are not only long-lasting but maintain its design as well. Each transmitter has a back clip and a magnet clip that can be used to secure the transmitter to virtually anything, be it your garments or other objects.

The receiver is designed with an AMOLED touchscreen display that is responsive to the touch, which gives instantaneous information about the audio levels, battery life, and more.

Furthermore, the Hollyland LARK MAX has a charging case in the package, which is used for charging the transmitters as well as the receiver. It can also serve as a convenient place for the transmitters and receiver to reside while they are not being used.

Audio Quality and Features

The DJI Mic 2 and Hollyland LARK MAX have some like-minded audio properties like the ability to record high-definition omnidirectional sound and create a dual-channel recording using the signals from two different transmitters.

In addition, both of them are equipped with noise cancellation technology providing them with considerable isolation from the surrounding noises, protecting the quality of sound to be the clearest and distortion-free even in the most challenging recording environment.

LARK MAX vs DJI Mic 2(4)

DJI Mic 2

Furthermore, the Hollyland LARK MAX and DJI Mic 2 offer up to 8 GB of internal storage, which is enough for approximately 14 hours of recording time.

Despite the fact that the two microphone systems transmit the sound with high quality, similarly in terms of audio quality and features, the Hollyland LARK MAX system is enriched with the MaxTimbre technology which optimizes the voice recording for clear sounds. Thanks to the multilayer acoustic structure, there are no unwanted resonances present.

Connectivity and Range

Whether it is the DJI Mic 2 or the Hollyland LARK MAX both of the products are universal and you can use them with the majority of cameras, mobile devices, and computers. Ownership of multiple accessories will allow you to establish the connection between the receiver and a wide range of devices.

These models also include 3.5 mm TRS cables for their camera connection. To connect to laptops or smartphones, the two microphone systems supply the USB-C to USB-A connection cables.

LARK MAX vs DJI Mic 2(5)

Hollyland LARK MAX

Furthermore, both DJI Mic 2 and Hollyland LARK MAX devices support Bluetooth functionality. Here, you get the chance to connect the microphone directly to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device without necessarily going through the adapter.

On the other hand, in terms of the range the two models can send a signal for 250m without fault. Adding to that, the Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology used in the Hollyland LARK MAX diminishes the interference and signal loss issues to ensure smooth sound recording.

Battery Life

With respect to the battery life, LARKMAX Hollyland seems to be the better option given that the transmitter is able to last for a maximum of 7.5 hours and extends to a maximum of 22 hours when a fully charged charging case is used. The receiver comes with a battery life of up to nine hours and can be charged and used simultaneously.

On the other hand, the DJI Mic 2 has a battery life that can last for up to 6 hours and can extend up to 18 hours with a fully charged case.

Final Thoughts

Both the DJI Mic 2 and Hollyland LARK MAX wireless microphone systems are outstanding options for YouTubers, content creators, filmmakers, and videographers. The LARK MAX simply distinguishes itself by being an affordable alternative — looks better and has better battery life too.

The DJI Mic 2 is beautiful in its own right, touts intelligent noise cancellation, has Bluetooth connectivity, and more. Ultimately, the LARK MAX is likely the better choice due to its lower price and a bit more advanced features like MaxTimbre mic technology.


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