7 Best Microphones for Xbox in 2024

Finding an ideal mic for your Xbox can be stretching because not every device is compatible. Some microphones may require external adapter cables for connectivity. So, in this article, you will see 7 best microphones for Xbox that can be used with your console. All the mics in this list have great sound reproduction capabilities. 

Moreover, each option is carefully reviewed, highlighting its main specifications, pros and cons. You will also find a quick guide to help you pick the right microphone brand for your gaming setup. So, whether you are a pro or weekend gamer, if you want to enjoy quality communication with your team players through Xbox, this article is for you. 

Comparison Table – 7 Best Microphones for Xbox

BrandPriceTypeWeight (lbs/grams)Polar PatternFrequency ResponseSensitivityConnectivity
Audio-Technica AT2020USB+$99.95Wired386 gramsCardioid20Hz to 20kHzN/AUSB
Logitech Blue Yeti$99.39Wired1.2 lbsCardioid, omnidirectional, Figure 8, and stereo20Hz to 20kHzN/AUSB
Logitech Yeti Nano$89.99Wired1.39 lbsCardioid and omnidirectional20Hz to 20kHz4.5 mV/Pa @ 1kHzUSB
Razer Seiren X$98.88WiredN/ASupercardioid20Hz to 20kHz17.8 mV/Pa @ 1kHzUSB
FIFINE K688$72.99WiredN/ACardioid70Hz to 15kHzN/AUSB and XLR
ZaxSound SF-666 Pro$24.99Wired192 lbsCardioidN/A34dB3.5mm audio jack

7 Best Microphones for Xbox

Despite limited options, you can check out these 7 best microphones for Xbox.

1. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

image 222

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ is the successor of the legendary AT2020 mic. The microphone is strictly made for entertainment and is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The AT2020USB+ is an affordable microphone designed for musicians, podcasters, content creators, streamers, and, of course, Xbox gamers. The device is known for its impeccable sound-capturing capabilities with rich details.

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ is a plug-and-play mic with an uncomplicated setup. You can quickly plug this microphone into your Xbox controller using an adapter, and start chatting or recording with your friends. Since it has a USB output, you can also use it with other devices, such as PCs and laptops, in case you need to take Zoom calls or record songs. 

However, one of the most attractive features of the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ is its studio-grade audio reproduction. Whether you are commentating on your gameplay or recording a podcast, this microphone ensures capturing and reproducing crystal-clear sound. Thanks to its cardioid pickup pattern that blocks all the unwanted noises from the sides and back, solely focusing on the sound source from the front. 

Key Specifications of Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

  • 386g weight
  • 16-bit bit depth
  • 5V DC USB Power
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • 44.1kHz/48kHz sample rate
  • 3.5mm headphone jack 
  • Controls for headphone volume
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response

Pros of Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

  • It has a robust build quality backed by a solid shock mount
  • This microphone provides excellent sound quality at a reasonable price
  • The vocals recorded on this mic have high clarity and depth, especially when talking directly into the mic

Cons of Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

  • The microphone is not suitable to be use in noisy environments
  • When headphones are directly plugged into this microphone, it unfortunately picks up background noises


  • $99.95 (As seen on Amazon)

2. Logitech Blue Yeti

image 223

The Logitech Blue Yeti can elevate your podcasting, streaming, and Xbox gaming experience with its outstanding sound quality. Blue Yetii has a proven track record over the years, so all content creators admire this microphone. This mic is different from many other competitors by including multiple polar patterns. Plus, it allows users to use various sound effects and filters through the Blue VO!CE feature. 

Still, the Blue Yeti is one of the most advanced microphones for your Xbox console. Talking about the polar patterns, this microphone gives you four different patterns, such as omnidirectional, figure 8, stereo, and cardioid. Also, switching between these polar patterns is extremely easy. All you need to do is press the button, and the mic will function in your desired polar pattern.

Additionally, when you download the Blue VO!CE software, it lets you add different flavors to your vocals. You can adjust EQ settings, use Limiter, and the Depopper to get rid of popping sounds. Besides, you can attach a headphone directly to this microphone to monitor your audio with zero latency. It also allows you to adjust the mic’s sensitivity and mute the microphone through the mute button. 

Key Specifications of Logitech Blue Yeti

  • 120 dB Max SPL
  • 16-bit bit depth
  • 48kHz sample rate
  • 3x condenser capsules
  • 1.2 lbs microphone weight
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • Figure 8. Cardioid, omnidirectional, and stereo polar patterns

Pros of Logitech Blue Yeti

  • It has a plug-and-play functionality when used with Xbox through adapter
  • From the design perspective, Blue Yeti has a solid build and can resist rough handling
  • The mic provides exceptional sound clarity and captures audio with depth and crispiness
  • Since it has multiple pick-up patterns, the microphone is ideal to be used in different environments

Cons of Logitech Blue Yeti

  • Some audio features require downloading the Blue VO!CE software
  • If using the microphone on an incorrect polar pattern, the microphone picks up a lot of background noises


  • $99.39 (As seen on Amazon)

3. Logitech Blue Yeti Nano

image 224

You may wonder why the Logitech Yeti Nano is added to this list when the Blue Yeti is already mentioned. Well, there are three reasons for including this model from the same brand. First, it is one of the microphones compatible with Xbox. Second, it is different from the Blue Yeti in many ways. Third, it comes at a lower cost compared to the big version of Yeti. 

Designed with Xbox One and Xbox X Series gamers in view, the Logitech Blue Yeti Nano attaches to your Xbox effortlessly. Additionally, if you want to use it with your PC or laptop’s external camera, you can simply plug this microphone into the device. 

The Yeti Nano comes equipped with two polar patterns and cutting-edge capsules, making it a suitable microphone for Xbox streaming, Discord, and YouTube streaming. Also, the design includes a built-in shock mount that protects its sensitive components and ensures that your vocals remain clean during the gameplay. 

Moreover, unlike the other versions, the Yeti Nano requires no software. All you need to do is plug the device into your Xbox and begin the game!

Key Specifications of Logitech Blue Yeti Nano

  • 24-bit bit depth
  • 48kHz sample rate
  • 120 dB Max SPL
  • 2x condenser capsules
  • 1.39 lbs microphone weight
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 4.5 mV/Pa @ 1kHz microphone sensitivity
  • Omnidirectional and cardioid polar patterns

Pros of Logitech Blue Yeti Nano

  • All the settings and configurations are extremely user-friendly with a low learning curve
  • It connects directly to your Xbox’s USB port without needing additional software or equipment
  • The microphone offers clear and consistent sound, suitable for recording gameplay or live events

Cons of Logitech Blue Yeti Nano

  • The ferrite core’s location on the power cable limits this microphone’s swivel movement


  • $89.99 (As seen on Amazon)

4. Razer Seiren X

image 225

Are you looking for crystal-clear audio quality while playing on your Xbox? The Razer Seiren X microphone has your back. Whether communicating with your friends or fans, this mic can serve you in the best way possible. This microphone reproduces your voice pretty loud and clear so your gaming audience can hear all of your commentary without losing a word. 

With the supercardioid polar pattern, the Razer Seiren X captures sound at a particular angle, resulting in reduced background noise and clear communication. As a result, it lets your audience hear every phrase distinctly without unwanted distractions. 

The company manufactured this microphone from the perspective of rough handling. It comes with an integrated shock mount that prevents your audio from the interference of accidental bumps and vibrations. So you can expect clean gaming streams with this mic. Also, the Razer Seiren X has a thin design without compromising on the components that enhance the audio quality. 

Key Specifications of Razer Seiren X

  • USB connectivity
  • 16-bit bit depth
  • 110 dB Max SPL
  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • 44.1kHz / 48kHz sample rate
  • 25 Ohm condenser capsule
  • 85dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 17.8 mV/Pa @ 1kHz mic sensitivity
  • More than 16 Ohms of impedance

Pros of Razer Seiren X

  • It offers a hassle-free setup without needing any software
  • Users admire the performance of its noise-canceling feature
  • Very decent sound quality, best for gaming and other purposes
  • The microphone has a small size that fits any gaming desk without taking up much space

Cons of Razer Seiren X

  • It can only fit limited boom arms
  • Some users complain about the built-in shock mount to be of low quality


  • $98.88 (As seen on Amazon)

5. FIFINE K688

image 226

The FIFINE K688 is a dynamic microphone available in USB and XLR connections. Xbox gamers widely use this microphone because of its good audio quality. The device is designed to improve your gaming fun even in below-ideal environments, as it ensures crystal-clear communication with other players and your audience while reducing background sounds. 

The FIFINE K688 has a cardioid pattern that isolates vocals from surrounding noises, making it great for gamers without massive soundproofing setups. The pattern further helps in noise rejection to make sure your voice isn’t mixed with objects’ sounds. 

But that’s not everything the FIFINE K688 offers. The mic also has a one-touch mute function, live audio monitoring and input/output level controls. Moreover, the mic makes your voice tone brighter than usual. Not to forget, the K688 also comes with a powerful pop filter and a robust metal shock mount. 

Key Specifications of FIFINE K688

  • 130 dB Max SPL
  • 16-bit bit depth
  • 44.1kHz / 48kHz sample rate
  • 0 to +12 dB gain range
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • USB Type-C/Type-A and XLR
  • 70Hz to 15kHz frequency response
  • > 75 dB Signal-to-Noise ratio

Pros of FIFINE K688

  • Overall, it delivers a fair audio experience 
  • It has an effortless setup with all the compatible devices
  • The microphone works great at blocking background noises

Cons of FIFINE K688

  • Users find it a bit pricey compared to other brands with more features, such as ZaxSound SF-666 Pro


  • $72.99 (As seen on Amazon)

6. ZaxSound SF-666 Pro

image 227

The ZaxSound SF-666 Pro is a great option for Xbox gamers looking for high-quality audio without paying a fortune. It is a budget cardioid microphone with superb sensitivity. Due to its cardioid polar pattern, this microphone only focuses on picking up sounds from the front direction while effectively canceling unwanted background noises and distractions from the back and sides of the mic.

The ZaxSound SF-666 Pro also has a fantastic design to complement your gaming setup. Besides, this microphone has a plug-and-play functionality on Xbox and is also compatible with a wide range of other devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more. Another notable feature of this microphone is that it doesn’t require any software programs to make it functional. This microphone also comes with a 6-foot cable to ensure you enjoy every gaming moment right from your couch. 

Key Specifications of ZaxSound SF-666 Pro

  • 6-feet cable length
  • 3-leg stand included
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • 192 lbs microphone weight
  • -34dB microphone sensitivity
  • 3.5mm audio jack connectivity
  • Supports USB and TRRS audio adapters

Pros of ZaxSound SF-666 Pro

  • Gamers praise the mic’s quality, especially when recording vocals during the gameplay
  • Since it is compatible with several devices, it can be a one-time investment for beginners
  • This microphone performs great in different gaming environments, including small rooms and outdoors

Cons of ZaxSound SF-666 Pro

  • Some users complain about the quality of the tripod stands that is included in the package
  • The cable length could be a bit longer


  • $24.99 (As seen on Amazon)

Bonus Recommendation: Hollyland Lark M2

image 221

If you know how to connect your PC to your Xbox One Console to play or if you prefer a big TV screen for the game, the Hollyland Lark M2 wireless microphone can beat all other gaming mics on the market in both scenarios. Lark M2 unlocks the world of clean audio that will take your gaming experience to the next level. One of the best traits of this microphone is the High Fidelity Audio. With a 48kHz audio sample rate and 24-bit bit depth, the mic reproduces your voice without distorting it for your audience. 

The Hollyland Lark M2 is also very lightweight. You can imagine the lightness of its design by knowing that the transmitter just weighs 9 grams. It is like wearing almost nothing on your clothing. Also, this microphone attaches to your shirt without much hassle. You can also wear the TX as a necklace or magnetically attach it to the middle of your t-shirt. 

The Lark M2 also has Environmental Noise Cancellation technology, which vanishes background noises, leaving your vocals rich and clear even if you are gaming in crowded environments. The mic also has a great battery life, up to 10 hours on a single charge, which means limitless communication with your teammates.

Key Specifications of Hollyland Lark M2

  • 9 grams TX weight
  • Approx. 14.8 grams RX weight 
  • -37 dBV +/- 2dB @ 1kHz mic sensitivity
  • 2.4GHz AFH wireless technology
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Up to 1000ft of wireless range
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 115dB sound pressure level
  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • Charging time up to 1.5 hours

Pros of Hollyland Lark M2

  • Lark M2 has splendid and peerless audio quality within the affordable price range
  • The battery life is excellent for such a tiny wireless mic
  • No efforts are required for setup – it is a plug-and-play device
  • Suitable for gaming, interviews, podcasts, and various other applications

Cons of Hollyland Lark M2

  • The RX may block other ports when connected to the PC


  • $178.00 (Price of the Combo version as seen on Amazon)
lark m2 box

Hollyland Lark M2

2-Person Wireless Mini Button Microphone.

Learn More

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Microphone for Xbox

This part of the article is essential for a quick read (in case you’re in a hurry) as it can help you select the best Xbox microphone. Remember, all these factors are carefully researched so you can make the right choice. 

a. Price

Price should be the first thing to watch out for if you’re on a tight budget. You should first determine the affordable options without going broke. If you spend on Xbox mics that exceed your purchasing power, you might have to compromise on your other day-to-day chores. Therefore, choose a microphone that doesn’t break the bank so you can easily add balance to your gaming setup. However, it is also not recommended to pick a microphone that has not been tried and tested by gamers, even if it only costs you a dime.

b. Microphone Type

On the surface, microphones can be generally categorized as wired and wireless. Having a wired mic eases you from several worries, such as charging the batteries every few hours to make them stay functional. However, wireless microphones offer high convenience. There are no cables to solve the tangledness, and you can enjoy freedom of movement. 

But, again, the type of microphone you want solely depends on your preference. As a gamer, wired mics can be great if you don’t mind staying fixed on a couch. But if you desire flexibility and freedom, wireless mics for Xbox can be a better fit. 

c. Connectivity

Not to overshadow your excitement, but most Xbox (Xbox One and other models) microphones cannot be connected directly to the console or control because of the USB connectivity. This issue has been discussed several times on the official Microsoft forum. Still, many professional gamers, especially the ones who have gaming channels on YouTube, recommend USB mics due to their optimal performance. So, how is that even possible? 

The answer is simple! You may need to use adapters for proper connectivity. Otherwise, the microphone won’t work. So, be it Hollyland Lark Max, Lark M2, Razer Seiren X, or any other wired or wireless mic, they should work with your Xbox using an adapter cable. 

d. Weight

Choosing a lightweight microphone adds more ease to your gaming setup. Heavy microphones can strain the stand or mount, leading to instability and discomfort during the gameplay. For example, the Blue Yeti Nano, when compared to the Blue Yeti, appears to be attached easily to the stand or boom arm due to its lightweight. 

e. Polar Pattern

Polar patterns, such as omnidirectional, supercardioid, and cardioid, play a key role in your Xbox gaming and communication. Omnidirectional Xbox microphones receive sound from all angles, which is why they are suitable for live streaming setups and group chats. 

Supercardioid mics can be ideal for gaming in noisy environments since they excessively avoid sound from sideways. Cardioid microphones capture audio from the front area and can be suitable for solo gaming. So, when selecting a microphone for Xbox, keep the functionality of these patterns in mind, as they can affect your gaming experience. 


While not every mic is compatible with Xbox, these 7 best microphones are recommended choices for many gamers. These devices offer magnificent quality and user-friendly features. However, it is important to understand that you might need an adapter or splitter cable to connect them to Xbox One or any other Xbox model. 

Since most of the microphones on this list are wired, you can choose the one that satisfies your requirements. However, the Logitech Blue Yeti Nano, ZaxSound SF-666 Pro, FIFINE K688, and Blue Yeti are the widely used mics for gaming. But if you want to play without worrying about bad cables, the Hollyland Lark M2 is the top choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Microphones for Xbox

Q1. What is a good Xbox microphone?

FIFINE K688, Razer Seiren X, and Blue Yeti are excellent wired Xbox microphones. You can also connect wireless microphones, such as the Hollyland Lark M2, for better audio quality and freedom of movement.

Q2. Does Blue Yeti work on Xbox?

You will need a 3.5mm male-to-male adapter cable to make Blue Yeti work on your Xbox. 

Q3. How do you set up a mic on Xbox?

Connect the mic to your Xbox. Press the Xbox button and choose ‘System.’ Select ‘Settings,’ enter the ‘Devices & Accessories’ option, and navigate to ‘Accessories.’ Find the microphone’s name and select it. 


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