The Newest Hollyland Mars Family Member—Mars 4K

By Hollyland | September 9, 2022

Shenzhen, China, September 9, 2022—Driven by the increasingly diverse requirements for content creation and the mission of empowering people to connect creativity wirelessly, Hollyland has always strived to make advancements in its wireless transmission system domain. Having had a strong presence in the wireless video transmission space, Hollyland officially launched another brand-new wireless Mars 4K transmission system. The Mars 4K boasts many performance and design enhancements, providing full support for high-performance content creation with uncompromising reliability at an affordable price.

The Mars 4K wireless transmission system is designed with quite a few outstanding features that make it one of the top-notch products in the industry. For example, it supports wirelessly transmitting 4K UHD videos at 30fps at up to 450 feet (150m) with an ultra-low latency of 0.06s, untangling your video & audio production workflow while delivering a front-row-seat experience. It is a perfect wireless transmission solution for producing premium-quality content without compromises in compression, sound quality, or signal dropout.

Just like its wireless transmission system counterparts, the Mars 4K also gives full support to SDI & HDMI input and output for the most popular video formats. Another factor that makes the Mars 4K a perfect choice for professional video transmission is that it supports broadcast and production frame rates, namely, the decimal-point frame rates, such as 720p50/59.94/60 and 1080p50/59.94/60, for meeting the diverse professional shooting applications.


The Mars 4K transmitter is compatible with up to two receivers or four mobile devices with the dedicated app installed, allowing a maximum of four parties on the site to monitor the shooting at the same time. The Mars 4K is also designed with a smart channel scan and selection feature. A stable connection is possible automatically upon startup. Operating at a frequency ranging from 5.1GHz to 5.8GHz, the Mars 4K is equipped with the auto channel scan function using frequency hopping that can help determine which channels are occupied and which channels are available, helping you select a clear channel for ensuring a robust video transmission, even in crowded places. Power requirements support triple-powering options, including a wide range of DC power options–6V to 16V, NP-F batteries (6.8V–8.4V), and USB Type-C power sources (5V/2.5A) for backup battery redundancy. Featuring a power consumption of less than 8.5 watts, the Mars 4K has an extended operation life.

Great improvements have also been made to the outer design of the Mars 4K featured with superior corrosion and wear resistance for outstanding durability. With disassembly-free, attached bullet-styled antennas, the well-thought-out design form factor optimizes operational functionality. The Mars 4K is also designed with a color LCD featuring a user-friendly UI that enables quick configurations and status checks, allowing you to keep tabs on the signal status. Its uniquely designed rocker-styled selector button greatly improves your operational setup experience. Light in weight, both the transmitter and receiver weigh just 7.9 oz. making them perfect for on-the-move camera work.


The Mars 4K is available in three package configurations—1 TX to 1 RX, TX, and RX, for varying application needs. Each of the three package details are listed below:

1 TX to 1 RX package:

1 x Transmitter1 x Receiver5 x Antenna
1 x Cold shoe1 x Type-C OTG converter1 x Self-locking DC adapter
1 x User guide1 x Warranty card1 x Expansion accessory

1 TX package:

1 x Transmitter2 x Antenna1 x Self-locking DC adapter
1 x User guide1 x Warranty card1 x Expansion accessory

1 RX package:

1 x Receiver2 x Antenna1 x Self-locking DC adapter
1 x User guide1 x Warranty card

A variety of optional accessories are available for more application scenarios, such as the capsule antenna, storage case, and expansion accessory. The customized storage case is designed to help you better store, carry, and protect the devices, especially when you are on the go.


Hollyland’s Mars 4K wireless video transmission system offers outstanding enhancements in both performance and design, making it applicable for different scenarios, from conferences, live events, and trade shows, to professional filmmaking and broadcasting. For more details about the Mars 4K, please visit our official website.

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