September 11, 2022

As a leading wireless transmission solution provider, Hollyland continues its creativity campaign to encourage more people to explore the amazing world of digital production, share their shooting stories, and demonstrate their unique talents in content creation. This year, we have launched a video contest—THE WAY WE CREATE, for those who use Hollyland products, aiming to encourage the sharing of the stories behind your video shooting and creative production process. Through this video contest, we hope to promote an interesting viral interaction between video creators, inspiring more people to embark on their own video creation journey.



This video contest is an opportunity to creatively demonstrate your video creation process. Take us behind the scenes and walk the audience through your production process techniques from inception to the finished product. Share what’s important, keep it simple, and highlight the filming techniques, photography vs. video technology choices, the storyline, sound production, and any other inspiring tips and insights for a successful video production. Submit your video entry via the official website.

Please upload your video entry to YouTube or Instagram, and then copy the video link, enter the video title, and other information onto the contest submission page. This is necessary to complete the entry submission.


Ÿ   The length of your video entry should not be less than 60 seconds and the specified opening scene should be included. For details about how to download the opening scene, please visit our official website.

Ÿ   At least one Hollyland product should appear in the video.

Ÿ   Avoid using copyrighted materials unless you own the copyright or are authorized to use the materials for this contest. We may need to verify written permissions that must be obtained for the use of copyrighted materials.

Ÿ   The video format is not limited. We do recommend MP4 or H.264 videos.

Ÿ   Please avoid using other filmmakers’ work, as doing so will disqualify a contestant.


Entry submission starts on September 12, and you can submit your work and share it to your social accounts for voting from September 12 to December 9. The submission and voting will end on December 9. On December 15, we will announce the winners and begin arranging the delivery of the prizes.


Hollyland’s contest awards total $60,000 in value of exciting prizes. The contest award winners will be eligible to win prizes that include a mix of cash prizes and various Hollyland professional filmmaking gear.


Ÿ   Best Creativity ($10,000, including $3,000 cash and multiple production devices)

Ÿ   Most Popular ($6,000, including $1,000 cash and multiple production devices)

Ÿ   Best Story ($3,000)

Ÿ   Best Photography ($3,000)

Ÿ   Best Editing ($3,000)

Ÿ   Best Lighting ($3,000)

Ÿ   Best Sound ($3,000)

Ÿ   Honorable Mention ($1,000)

Ÿ   Meritorious Sharing ($1,000)

Ÿ   Monthly Giveaways ($200)

The entry videos will be reviewed and selected from the categories of creativity, popularity (number of votes), storytelling, photography, editing, lighting, sound, theme expression, and exposure (total views). For details about the award packages and the selection criteria for each award, please visit our official website for more information. In addition to the prizes, Hollyland will also select a representation of the best entries and display them at our official website.


You must register to vote. Those who register in September will be allocated up to a total of 50 votes through December. Upon registering in September, voters will automatically receive 10 votes, then 10 votes in October, 10 votes in November, and 20 votes for the final month of voting in December.

We have also provided some FAQs with regard to the contest and voting. Simply visit our official website. Are you interested in sharing your shooting stories? Are you looking to earning exciting prizes? Do you want a chance to win multiple production devices? Then participate in our video contest THE WAY WE CREATE! We look forward to receiving your creative video entry!

Note: Hollyland is solely responsible for the management of this video contest.