How to Charge GoPro Hero 4 [2 Charging Procedure]

GoPro Hero 4, an Emmy award-winning camera, emerged in the world of action photography in 2014. Its compact and robust design made it quite popular among adventure seekers and videography aficionados. It’s fairly relevant today and meets the needs of many. 

The heart of the device is its 1160mAh battery, which is not very large compared to the modern ones. But still enough to fuel your wildest escapades. Such a battery demands frequent charging. 

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So, if you own a GoPro Hero 4 and wondering about a way to charge it. Then, this article is for you. It mentions the correct procedure for charging GoPro Hero 4 and tips for maintaining a healthy battery.  

Equipment Needed 

To properly charge the GoPro Hero 4, you need to have the correct equipment on hand. Make sure your list is complete before you move to the charging steps:

  1. GoPro Hero 4 Camera: The primary device to be charged.
  2. Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery: 1160 mAh Li-ion battery, compatible with the Hero 4, usually included in the package. A replacement battery is also available on the market. 
  3. USB Cable: A mini-USB cable, provided with the camera, for establishing a connection to the power source. 
  4. Power Source Options:
  • Wall Charger: A charger, with 5V 1A is recommended by GoPro for efficient charging.
  • Computer USB Port: An alternative charging source with similar power ratings.

How to Charge GoPro 4 Hero? [2 Charging Procedure]

For charging, you’ve two methods. You can either charge it inside the camera or outside with an external charger. Here’s how:

Charging Inside the Camera

Charging GoPro 4, with the battery housed inside, is a fairly simple process. Just follow these quick steps.

  1. Turn Off Your Camera: Before you start charging, make sure your GoPro Hero 4 is turned off. This makes sure that all the power goes into charging the battery, not running the camera.
  2. Access the Charging Port: On the side of your GoPro Hero 4, you will find a panel that pops open. Opening this will expose a few ports. Locate the mini-USB port – that’s where you have to connect the charging cable.
  1. Connect the USB Cable: Take the USB cable that came with your GoPro. Connect one end of this cable to the mini-USB port you just uncovered on your camera.
  2. Plug into Power Source: Attach the other end of the USB cable to a power source. You have two main options here:
    • Wall Adapter (5V 1A): This is the recommended method. It provides a consistent power flow, leading to efficient charging.
    • Computer USB Port: An alternative option is to plug it into a computer USB port. Just be aware that some USB ports might only offer 0.5A, which can double the charging time compared to the wall adapter.
  3. Monitor Charging Status: You can easily tell if your GoPro is charging by looking at the LED indicator, which turns red while the camera is charging.
  4. Check Battery Level: If you’re curious about how much charge your GoPro has, turn it on briefly. This will show you the battery percentage.
  5. Wait for Full Charge: It generally takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery. You will know it’s fully charged when the LED indicator turns off.

Charging Externally (optional)

You can also charge GoPro Hero’s battery externally with a dual charger.  This method is for those who have a spare battery. You can keep one battery in use in the camera while charging the other. In this way, you always have a fully charged battery ready for continuous shooting. 

Let’s look at the steps:

  1. Remove the Battery from the Camera:

Locate the bottom door of your GoPro Hero 4. It has a marking there. Press your thumb into this indentation and slide it to the left. This will open the door. Grasp the pull-tab of the battery and gently remove it from the camera.

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  1. Insert the Battery into an External Charger:

Take your removed battery and insert it into a compatible external charger. A GoPro dual battery charger is ideal for this purpose. It allows you to charge two batteries simultaneously.

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  1. Connect the Charger to a Power Source:

Plug your external charger into a power outlet. You can also use other power sources as long as they are compatible with the charger.

  1. Monitor the Charging Process:

Look for the LED indicator on the charger. When you first plug in, the LED will typically glow red. It indicates that the battery is charging. Keep an eye on this LED. When the battery is fully charged, the LED color will change to green. 

How Much Time Does It to Charge GoPro Hero 4? 

Under ideal conditions, using the GoPro-recommended adapter (5V 1A), your Hero 4’s battery will take about 2 hours to charge fully. But, if you’re a power source other than the recommended adapter, for instance, the computer’s USB port, the charging time might increase. This is particularly true for USB ports with lower amperage (0.5 A), where charging could extend up to 4 hours.

Over time, the GoPro’s battery will naturally wear down. An aging battery might exhibit varied behaviors – it could charge more slowly or deplete faster after charging.

How’s the Battery Life of GoPro Hero 4?

The GoPro Hero 4, both in Silver and Black editions, is equipped with an 1160 mAh battery. This battery typically provides a recording time of around 80 to 100 minutes. 

The Hero 4 Session has a slightly larger 1180 mAh battery, offering about 105 minutes of recording time. However, battery life may change due to these factors:

  • Feature Usage: Enabling multiple features like WiFi, GPS, and voice control drains the battery faster.
  • Temperature: Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can lead to quicker battery depletion.
  • Battery Age: As the battery ages, its overall life span decreases.

Tips for Extending Battery Life

To extend the battery life of your GoPro Hero 4, consider these tips:

  1. Turn off WiFi, GPS, and voice control when not in use.
  2. Turn off the screen when it’s not needed to save power.
  3. If image quality is not a priority, turn off Protune to save the battery.
  4. Keep batteries warm in cold weather, possibly inside your jacket or warm clothing.
  5. Regularly update your camera’s firmware for optimized battery performance.
  6. Opt for a wall charger rather than a USB cable from your PC for a more efficient charge.


Finally, let’s look at some common errors you face related to charging:

Camera not charging

First, make sure the USB cable is securely connected to both the camera and the power source. Then, verify the power source is working. If using a computer USB port, try a wall charger instead, and vice versa. 

Battery not charging

Check if the battery is properly inserted into the camera. Try using a different USB cable or wall adapter to rule out issues with these accessories.

If the battery still doesn’t charge, it could be a sign that the battery needs replacement. This could be likely the cause if the battery is older and has completed its running cycles. 

LED not turning off

The LED light on the GoPro Hero 4 should turn off once the battery is fully charged. If it stays on, first, try removing the power source. If that doesn’t work, restart the camera.


The GoPro Hero 4 remains a popular choice for action photographers, thanks to its versatility and performance. Its small battery pack is sufficient for most needs with effective management. A practical approach is to have a twin battery setup: use one battery in the camera and charge the other. This gives continuous camera usage without interruptions.

In this, article, we have highlighted the optimal ways to charge your GoPro Hero 4 battery and addressed common troubleshooting issues.  For any additional information or specific inquiries, check out GoPro’s official support page.


Can I charge the GoPro Hero 4 while recording?

It’s not recommended to charge the GoPro Hero 4 while recording. For optimal performance and safety, the battery should be charged separately. Additionally, the GoPro Hero software is designed to stop charging when recording starts; you will notice the charging symbol disappears as soon as recording begins.

What happens if I use a non-compatible charger?

Using a charger that’s not compatible with the GoPro Hero 4 can harm the battery and slow down the charging process. A battery that might normally take 2 hours to charge could end up needing 3 to 4 hours with a non-compatible charger. To avoid these issues, always use a GoPro-approved charger (5V 1A).

Can I overcharge the GoPro Hero 4 battery?

There’s no need to worry about overcharging the GoPro Hero 4 battery. The camera is equipped with built-in protection mechanisms to prevent overcharging. It makes your battery remain safe even if you leave it charging for an extended period.


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