Hollyland Starts Building Wireless Solution Ecosystem for Global Video Production Industry

By Hollyland | March 20, 2023

“It’s been a tough year for Hollyland. We were challenged by supply chain issues like chip shortages, delivery interruption caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, and global uncertainties due to geopolitical clashes. Even so, we’re much proud that we managed to deliver new lineups as planned and started building wireless solution ecosystem for video creators. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our team and partners for their endeavors to make this happen. ” Said Jeremy Huang, CEO of Hollyland Technology.

Hollyland Highlights of 2022

l  6 New Products — This year, Hollyland has released 6 products, including a wireless intercom headset system Solidcom C1, a wireless 4K video transmission system Mars 4K,a wireless transceiver monitor Mars M1, a phone-use wireless lavalier microphone Lark C1, a multi-device-compatible wireless lavalier microphone Lark M1, as well as a Livestream camera Arocam C2 HD.

l  1 Pioneering Plan — With the diversified development of Hollyland product lines, we have successfully built Hollyland Wireless Solution Pack. This pack mainly provides production teams with a complete set of filming assistance, from video transmission systems, audio systems to intercom systems, and makes the whole film production process easy and convenient.

l  4 Patents — Hollyland has successfully applied for 4 patents this year, and 7 more are under application in the next year. These world-first patents show Hollyland’s continuous pursuit of tech research and innovation. 

l  100+ Offline Activities — Rapidly becoming one of the most competitive global wireless device and solution providers, Hollyland has been invited to a lot of significant exhibitions like IBCNAB, and Inter BEE. Besides, Hollyland has hosted over 100 workshops worldwide, collaborating with many well-known brands such as Aputure and Nikon. By participating in these activities, Hollyland had the opportunity to meet and connect with expert engineers and mega producers from the media, entertainment, and technology industry.

l  100M+ Online Engagements — With the excellent performance of our devices, Hollyland has collaborated with 1000+ professional influencers to test and review our products on social media platformsand 400+ media websites to report our products, reaching up to 1000M online exposure in total.

l  2 Overseas Subsidiaries –To better understand the local market demands and provide after-sales services, Hollyland has built the local team for marketing and post-sale service in the USA and the Netherlands respectively this year.

l  3 Major Awards — The year 2022 has witnessed the great development of Hollyland, not only thanks to trust and compliments from our customers but because of recognition from institutions. It is an honor to receive all these reputations below.

1) Both Cosmo C1 and Lark 150 received Red Dot Design Award 2022

2) Solidcom C1 received Gold Award in PRONEWS AWARD 2022

3) Solidcom C1 was rated as Top Seller on B&H

Technological Innovations Make a Difference

Hollyland has persistently devoted to wireless technological research and innovation.

Mars M1, newly launched in September, is an all-in-one wireless monitor solution, which can be used as a video transmitter or receiver at the same time. By effectively reducing the numbers and costs of devices, Mars M1 achieves a more efficient monitoring and shooting experience for production teams.

Mars 4K adopts creatively-designed antennas (called Bullet-styled Antennas), which are much more solid and durable compared with the traditional Blade Antennas. While the latter ones are in a thin and long shape, which are frangible, Bullet Antennas are much smaller and easier-to-use, and they can transmit the signal from 360° all around.

When it comes to Solidcom C1, Hollyland’s best seller in 2022, the product team applies DECT 6.0 technology to make a breakthrough in single-core capacity instead of resorting to more cores to realize capacity upgrades, accomplishing a broader volume expansion for users from the core layer. To put it simply, this reliable technology enables the user to intercom without interference from a wireless network and has proven to provide brilliant sound quality.

Apart from these professional product lines, Hollyland also successfully adopt advanced technologies consumer electronics like Lark C1 and Lark M1. Since they were released, the wireless lavalier microphone series has been widely praised for charging case design and portability. As Hollyland Report 2022 demonstrated, Lark C1 and Lark M1 performed extraordinarily on Douyin (Chinese TikTok). With 1200+ influencers from all walks of life using MOMA (brand name of Hollyland in China) wireless lavalier microphones for daily content production, those two products were sold more than 10000 sets per month, reaching up to 100M+ exposure on the platform, which motivates us to continue providing advanced wireless solutions.

Customer Centric is the Key

Customer orientation is the core of Hollyland’s brand value. Thus, Hollyland has always prioritized user experience and feedback, which could be fully reflected in product materials selecting and product package designing.

To put it specifically, Hollyland revolutionarily adopts double-molded craft with PC&ABS materials for the products like beltpacks, which balances the durability and lightweight well. Those PC&ABS-made beltpacks effectively solve the common issue that the costly glass stage floor could be smashed up by the heavy metal-made objects during the live streaming events.

Moreover, the package of Solidcom C1 is equipped with two forms of headset pads, an on-ear foam cushion and an over-ear leather cushion. This way, users can choose the most suitable one for themselves. Besides, several extra substitutions highlight our attention to their health and hygiene. Under the guideline of our brand value, Hollyland makes the greatest efforts to help every content creator to realize their dreams of creation. Hence, the prices of Hollyland products are set to be very reasonable though our technologies are leading in the field.


Thanks for all the honors we got in 2022. Appreciation will keep us constantly chasing excellence and quality in the next journey.

Moving forward, as envisioned by Made to Inspire, Hollyland is ready to create 2023 with all the passionate video creators!


Shenzhen Hollyland Technology Co., Ltd. (‘Hollyland’ or ‘Hollyland Technology’) empowers global customers with professional solutions that are expressly designed for wireless data, audio, and video transmission and wireless intercom solutions since 2013. The company has hero products are Solidcom C1, Mars 400s Pro, Mars 4K, Mars M1, Cosmo C1, Lark M1, etc.

Rapidly becoming the most competitive global wireless device and solution provider, all of Hollyland’s technological advancements, innovations, and services are dedicated to better-facilitating collaboration in any professional setting where real-time audio and video transmission or communication are required.

Hollyland serves many markets, including filmmaking, television shooting, video production, broadcast, live streaming, live events, exhibitions, broadcast media, production, general events, theatres, houses of worship, rental houses, and more. Our products have consistently met production and communication requirements of varying sizes and complexity. For more information, visit https://www.hollyland-tech.com/Hollyland InstagramHollyland Facebook, and Hollyland YouTube.

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