January 10, 2024
Q1: The LARK M2 receiver is connected to the phone but the LarkSound APP cannot recognize it?

A: There are many reasons why it cannot be recognized. You can try to solve it by following methods:
1. Re-unplug the receiver and plug it completely to avoid unrecognizable equipment due to poor contact;
2. Uninstall and reinstall the LarkSound APP to ensure that the APP version is the latest;
3. Using another phone to avoid abnormal wires causing the device to not be recognized;
4. If you are connecting to an iPhone, find “About the phone” in the phone settings and check if there is a wireless microphone driver. If not, the cable may not have the certification and the wire needs to be replaced

Q2: When LARK M2 camera version connected to VenusLiv Camera, only one microphone record?

A: When the RX connected to the VenusLiv Camera via a 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable, you need to switch to mono mode for audio reception. Just press the M button on the side of the RX, and the LED below will switch to a steady green light.

Q3: The ENC doesn't have "Strong" and "Weak" options in the LarkSound App?

A: You need to turn on the ENC function first and then select strong or weak noise cancellation in the App. Press the yellow button on the microphone to open the ENC Function. The LED on the microphone trun green means the ENC function is open. And you can see the “Strong ” and “Weak” options in the LarkSound App.

Q4: Motion/Handheld Camera Compatibility List
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