The Awaken Church Enhances Their Production Team’s Experience with the World’s First Wireless Dual-Mic ENC Intercom Headset System — Solidcom C1 Pro

March 18, 2023

As one of the best-selling Hollyland products, Solidcom C1 has been widely praised for improving team communication and collaboration. Solidcom C1 was recently upgraded to the latest version, Solidcom C1 Pro, to take advantage of new functionality, such as cutting-edge ENC technology, flexible Mute/Talk options, and Push-To-Talk (PTT) function. Solidcom C1 Pro has been widely adopted in various fields, including broadcasting, live events, church events, and TV & film production, by providing efficient real-time team coordination and ensuring seamless communication. This article will explore how Awaken Church utilized the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro system to enhance communication experience in the church environment. Learn more >

Background on Awaken Church:


Awaken Church is a vibrant church with over 13,000 members across eight campuses, which regularly delivers church services and events to people worldwide. The church offers large-scale evangelistic events and humanitarian outreach in urban areas for an energetic and vibrant gathering. It has a production team of 20 skilled and dedicated individuals who sought an intercom solution to overcome communication challenges and ensure seamless communication in high-noise environments during church events. Hollyland invited the production team to test the latest-generation wireless intercom system, the Solidcom C1 Pro. After several trials and tests, Awaken Church gave the Solidcom C1 Pro very positive feedback and decided to apply it to future events for on-site team coordination. Meanwhile, Jake Gosselin, the creator of Churchfront, interviewed the production team of Awaken Church and discussed their experience of using the Solidcom C1 Pro. We will reveal some details about that interview video in this article. Please click the link ( to view the video. 

Interview with Awaken Church’s production team

Q1: What is your first impression and favorite part of the Solidcom C1 Pro?

A1: My first impression is, that is extremely compact, the entire system packs down so small, we can just throw that in someone’s car if we’re going off site. My favorite part is ease of use, it’s very user-friendly and straightforward. We just turned them on, and everything worked instantly. You never have to worry about battery life. We did an event on New Year’s Eve, I think we showed up to film at 1 p m, set up, started using the intercom system, and they lasted well through midnight. So it has been really great on one battery. And the range impressed us, we were easily 500ft away through walls and still heard everyone perfectly.

Q2: The biggest highlight of this product is the Environmental Noise Cancellation function and the new Push-To-Talk function. Can you talk about your feelings about them? 

A2: The noise cancelling is amazing, if your team makes a good habit of muting their mics when not speaking or utilizes the Push-To-Talk function, it’s not crowding up the channel, and then the actual TD or director is a lot easier to hear, so it’s been really great.

NoteBy simply pressing the TALK/MUTE button, users mute/ the intercom system, and by pressing and holding the TALK/MUTE button, users can activate the PTT function.

Q3: On a scale of 0-10, how likely will you recommend the Solidcom C1 Pro to other churches? Why?

A3: 10. The price is extremely reasonable. I personally prefer the headsets and it’s comfortable. I mean, they are so light. It is very easy to forget that you’re wearing it. So it’s been really awesome, especially because we’ve had some not so great experiences from doing 6/8/10-hour days, and with this it’s kind of like a no brainer.

Q4: What feature would you most like us to add?

A4: Grouping function, you can do channel grouping. If you only want to have certain team members on channel A or B or C, it’s easy to configure that. So it comes with this base station, which actually can plug into your network. You can control the settings with the app on your smartphone or a web browser, and there’s a lot of customization you can do to the system.

NoteThe hub version can support A & B grouping function, which will be available in mid-April.

Q5: How do you feel about the indoor and outdoor performance of Solidcom C1 Pro?

A5: Both of indoor and outdoor performance are amazing. No issues whatsoever. At our San Marcos campus, there was concern because there is a separate broadcast room through a couple walls and a pretty good distance away, but never had anything cut out. So it has been great. We use them for an event on New Year’s Eve at a different location, and that was even further than our San Marcos location. It never had a single dropout. So it’s been really impressive range wise.

In conclusion, the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro system has been proven to be an ideal wireless intercom solution for Awaken Church. The built-in ENC technology, flexible Mute/Talk options, and PTT function have greatly enhanced the church’s communication during services and events. As Hollyland continues to innovate and improve its product offerings, we expect to see more organizations and businesses adopt Hollyland’s technology to enhance their varying communication experience.

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