Mars 4K Support

Please use NP-F batteries such as NP-F 970, NP-F 750, and NP-F 550 to power up the device.

You can also use V-mount batteries, but you need to power up the device with a D-Tap to DC cable.

This function is not supported currently. However, when the battery is very low, the LCD will turn red. In this case, please change the battery.

Yes, it does. The standard USB-C power adapter is 5V with 2.5A or higher specifications.

Note: A fast-charging power adapter is not supported, and you are not advised to use a power bank because the charging current and voltage of the power bank could drop fast, while the charging current and voltage of the device need to be at least 5V 2.5A.

Yes, it does. The voltage input range is 6–16V.