What Does a Pop Filter Do? Types, Benefits, Uses, and Mistakes to Avoid

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Although a pop filter looks like a microphone accessory that seems unnecessary, it greatly impacts sound recording. While most people underestimate this disk-like thing, it actually serves a bigger purpose. So, in this article, you will understand what does a pop filter do? How it works and why you need one. Besides, you will also

How to Choose the Right Pop Filter for Mics?

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Recording your voice on a song you wrote can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable! This is because it will make you feel proud and satisfied to be able to use vocal sounds that YOU made to represent yourself. But have you ever heard loud popping and snapping noises on a recording that you made? This

Pop Filter VS Windscreen: Choosing The Right Shield for Your Mic

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Everyone wants their audio recording session to go smoothly and clearly. Just imagine you are recording audio, and you start dealing with issues like your mic picking unwanted noise. These include noises caused by air pressure or mouth noises made by consonants we pronounce, including harsh t’s and p’s. Thus, you need more than a