Action Camera Flashlights: 5 Best Must-Have Flashes

By Hollyland | February 17, 2024

When taking detailed shots, no one comes near the action camera. But the add-on flashlight is just incredible in amplification of its tasks. Even in the challenging darkness conditions, a combo of flash with an action camera turns the tide.

But the question: which action camera flashlight is the best? There are undoubtedly hundreds of flashes, but don’t worry; we have picked up the top 5 options carefully. In this article, we will evaluate the top 5 action camera flashlights with their specs, pros, and cons.

What to look for in an action camera flashlight? 

There are many camera action flashlights, so it can be confusing for you to make the best choice. But don’t worry, we have some tips.

  • Lumens

Lumens are the bright of your light. Higher lumens indicate a high brightness and vice versa. Not all scenarios need you to have a bright light.

Therefore, think about the lumens of an action camera flashlight you are purchasing.

  • Size

Are you a full-time traveler roaming around the world to grab some content for your YouTube channel? Then, a compact-size camera is a good choice. It will be your partner wherever you go. But make sure it is compatible with your cameras.

  • Color temperature

Color temperature defines the image’s warmth. A yellow image shows high color temperature and more warmth. A blue light has a low color temperature and cold scenery. Look for a suitable flashlight that offers a wide range of colors.

  • Durability

Who does not want a long-term deal? It is time to look at the flashlight build. A stainless steel flashlight can be a durable option. But don’t underestimate the flexibility of PVC materials as well.

  • Budget

Everyone wants to get a cost-effective action camera flashlight. Fulfill this dream by comparing the prices of different flashlights and picking the cheaper ones.

  • Mounting options

Various flashlights come with hot shoe and cold shoe mounts. You must look for them and ensure they are compatible with your cameras and stands. If they are good enough for your system operations, that is great. You can shop for them.

Our 5 Best Action Camera Flashlight

We have thoroughly picked the top 5 action camera flashlights. Take a look!

FlashlightCompatibilityLumenBattery (mAh)Lighting mode
ULANZI VL49 RGB Video LightsCanon DSLR, Panasonic DSLR, Sony DSLR, Nikon DSLR, Pentax8002000Warm, natural, cool
Suptig Waterproof Action Camera Dive LightsGoPro, Pentax Panasonic SLR, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR, Samsung DSLR50002600White, red, pink, blue, golden
VIJIM VL 100CGoPro Hero 3-10, GoPro Max, GoPro Fusion, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR, and Panasonic SLR20002000Warm, natural, cold
Simorr LED video light Nikon DSLR, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR3002200Full RGB
SmallRig RM01 Mini LED Video lightNikon DSLR, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR100800Warm, natural, cold

ULANZI VL49 RGB Video Lights

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Do you want to open doors for colorful themes? Look no further when the bossy flashlight ULANZI V49 is there. You get direct access to RGB colors to try every color pattern you love.

Compatibility with different devices makes it a top choice for vloggers. Moreover, three cold shoe mounts keep it attached to your cameras.


  • Compatibility: Canon DSLR, Panasonic DSLR, Sony DSLR, Nikon DSLR, Pentax
  • Lumens: 800 LUX
  • Battery life: Min brightness- 10hrs, Max brightness 2 hrs on average (2000 mAh)
  • Lighting modes: Warm, natural, cool


  • It is an excellent tool for YouTubers and vloggers.
  • VL49 features a Wide angle 120 degrees wide beam that is good for your cameras.
  • Excellent and easy-to-use tool.


  • It is expensive for most users.

Suptig Waterproof Action Camera Dive Lights

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When it comes to Suptig, everyone bends their heads for respect. All praises are for the waterproof flashlights that turn on even when you are deep diving in the sea. The good thing is its compatibility with a variety of cameras.

From deep sea exploration to the darkest corner illumination, rely on the magic of SUPTIG lights.


  • Compatibility: GoPro, Pentax Panasonic SLR, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR, Samsung DSLR
  • Lumens: 5000
  • Battery life: 2600Mha built-in lithium battery
  • Lighting modes: White, red, pink, blue, golden


  • It has a waterproof light. That means you don’t have to worry even if you are diving deep in the sea.
  • Long battery life is the best idea ever!
  • Construction is quite durable, leaving marks for extended periods.


  • It can be not easy to operate if you are a beginner.


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VIJIM is leading the way with LED camera lights. It has four cold mounts, making it suitable for cameras, tripod stands, microphones, and light mounts.

With a high brightness of 2000, it can light up all your dark ways to a long distance. Do you know the best part? It is also a cheap option.


  • Compatibility: GoPro Hero 3-10, GoPro Max, GoPro Fusion, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR, and Panasonic SLR.
  • Lumens: 2000
  • Battery life: 3 hrs ( 2000mAh)
  • Lighting modes: Warm, nature, and cold light


  • Easy to use.
  • USB type C charging is available.
  • It is compatible with a variety of cameras.


  • The size of the charging cable isn’t sufficient.

Simorr LED Video Light

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One of the best video light options available is the Simorr LED light. It comes up with various impressive features. With 120 degrees of light beam, it can not only enlighten your pathway but also provide an excellent color range.

Whether you have a low light, it works perfectly for your action camera.


  • Compatibility: Nikon DSLR, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR
  • Lumens: 300
  • Battery life: Appx 2hrs (2200mAh)
  • Lighting modes: Full RGB


  • Adjustable color temperatures increase your color ranges.
  • It has a battery life indicator for users.
  • The slim and lightweight design will make you a fan!


  • The only lacking feature is the low battery power.

SmallRig RM01 Mini LED Video light

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Are you looking for lightweight solutions? Turn your heads to welcome the SMALLRIG RM01 mini LED light. Close-up shots are not a big deal. Its portability features are beyond words because of its compact design.

Plus, four adjustable brightness levels keep you immersed in professional photo and video capturing.


  • Compatibility: Nikon DSLR, Sony DSLR, Canon DSLR
  • Lumens: 100
  • Battery life: Appx 2hrs 800mAh
  • Lighting modes: Warm, nature, and cold light


  • It has a compact design, increasing the portable options.
  • You can carry it along because of its lightweight.
  • Waterproofing puts you at ease even if you dip in water.


  • Light isn’t as bright as its competitors.


  • Do action cameras have flash? 

Unfortunately, most action cameras don’t have a built-in flashlight system. You need to purchase an external flashlight for your videography or photography.

  • Are action cameras worth it? 

Yes, 100% they are worth your money. Their attention to detail and vlogging keep them high on the table. Also, Action cameras are versatile and easy to operate.

  • How long can an action camera record? 

It depends on the battery and brightness levels. On average, you can expect a battery life of 1-2 hours from an action camera.


Whenever you are landing the purchase of an action camera flashlight, don’t just chase the price. Instead, look at its battery life(very important!). Think about its uses. Buy only if it meets your needs and is affordable, too!

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