How To Choose The Right Action Camera Protector? The 2024 Guide!

By Hollyland | February 22, 2024

So you’re a daredevil who thrives in action environs and records all those adrenaline-inducing moments!

However, you also care about your camera and don’t want to get it ruined in case it slips off and takes a hit!


Today we’re gonna talk about the safety of your camera and how you can shield it better. We’re gonna talk about action camera protectors, their types, and list some of the best ones for you to explore.

Read along and enlighten yourself………….

Consider These Before Choosing Action Camera Protectors

There are various factors that if taken into consideration, you would end up having the best camera protector.

–        The Material

These days, manufacturers provide all sorts of materials that are used to construct the shell of the camera. The most popular materials are plastic and metal; plastic ones are the best when you’re on a budget, and they’re also a lot more common.

However, when you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to give your filming camera the ultimate protection, it’s best to go with the metal ones.

–        Heaviness

To protect your camera at all times, you would have to keep the protector on while shooting. This means that you’ll have to bear the weight of the case as well as your camera.

So the next important factor is to consider the weight of the camera protector. Buy one that seems bearable in terms of weight!

–        Specific Protectors

Next, you can look for the protectors that are specifically made for the kind of camera you use. Such as if you use a GoPro, there are specific camera protectors. You should also consider if you’re looking for a waterproof protector in case you get engaged in water sports and near-water activities.

Types Of Action Camera Protectors

There are many ways to protect your camera, and it depends on which part of your camera you want to give the primary protection. Let’s talk the types of camera protectors you can consider-

#1 Lens Protector

As the name implies, this protector provides protection to the lens of your camera. It’s made of tempered glass that you can attach on the lens and keep it scratch-free forever. Plus, you can easily take them off whenever you want to.

#2 Screen Protector

This one covers the entire screen of your camera and becomes a shield, in case you drop your camera. This one works great if you shoot on rough terrains.

#3 Protector Case

This is the kind of protection that covers your entire camera; however, it might not include the materials to protect your lens and screen. This case is usually made of silicone, and keeps the camera’s body scratch-free and absorbs shock pretty well.

#4 Waterproof Case For Camera

If you’re the one who loves shooting underwater, waterproof cases are the best. With them on, you don’t have to hold yourself back and you can use your camera right away during scuba diving or any such water sports. However, you can avoid such protection if your camera already comes with water protection.

#5 Waterproof Case For The Accessories

If you already have a waterproof camera, you might still need the protection for the accessories. There are waterproof cases with enough space that can keep the batteries and chargers safe. The extra room allows you to keep other essentials guarded as well.

Top 5 Action Camera Protectors To Consider

Let’s finally have some of the best action camera protectors you can consider buying.

1. Pelican Air 1555

image 62

Pelican Air 1555 is a complete case to protect your camera and all its accessories. The protector is manufactured using HPX2 resin which is known for its lightweightness cutiing up to 40% weight as compared to usual polymer protectors.

The interior is wide enough with removable pluck foam, and has an O-ring seal to protect the items from weather.


  • Value for money
  • Fully waterproof case
  • Sturdy protection


  • A huge looking case
  • Not enough interior space as compared to other cases in the series
  • Not suitable for small cameras

2. Tilta Single Camera Cage

image 63

Our second one in the list is specifically made for the camera unit, unlike Pelican Air 1555 which protects the entire unit and accessories. This one is a cage in which you can keep your camera and secure it with the screws on top and bottom.

The material used is aluminum and you get plenty of mounting points so you can attach accessories such as a microphone or lights easily.


  • Lots of points to mount
  • Cold-shoe mount
  • Sturdy camera protector


  • Doesn’t go well with bigger cameras

3. ULANZI G9-5 Housing Case

image 64

If you’re a proud owner of a GoPro Hero 10 or 9, you should definitely consider this mighty protector for your action camera. The build quality goes to the durable polycarbonate, letting you utilize the case for years. The cold shoe mount lets you attach accessories, and the lanyard lets you secure it to your wrist.


  • Polycarbonate is used for construction
  • Front and back panel provide clear visibility
  • 30 meters of water protection


  • Might add some weight

4. Smallrig Aluminum Protective Cover

image 65

If you want to have a compact protector for your camera, opt for the Smallrig Aluminum protector. The case covers the camera from all sides and comes with a cold shoe mount.

You can unscrew the case in seconds and put your camera in there. All the buttons, speaker, as well as the USB door along with battery opening are exposed enough for quick access.


  • Aluminum alloy and anodized construction for durability
  • Protects camera from all sides
  • Cold shoe mount


  • Might feel a bit stiff while inserting the camera in
  • The opening screw might feel a bit smaller
  • Not waterproof

5. Ulanzi G9-5 Metal Case

image 66

Last but not least, this one from Ulanzi works great for GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12. The entire construction is metal which makes the case super sturdy and you don’t have to worry about bumps and falls.

The case integrates a quarter screw so you can attach your tripod. With the cold shoe mount, you can attach lighting and a microphone as and when required.


  • Metal construction for extra durability
  • Mounts for all kinds of attachments
  • Easy attach and detach for various parts


  • Added weight due to metal construction


And there you have it! These five action camera protectors are some of the best ones that you should definitely have a look at.

Choose as per the camera you own and the kind of protection you need whether it is a complete protector for all the accessories or a case just for the device.

Let your camera have the shield it deserves and play all the actions without worrying about any falls and drops!

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