Amazing Collaboration at Fincastle Baptist Church, VA, with Hollyland C1 Pro

By Hollyland | September 19, 2023


Fincastle Baptist Church, located in Virginia, has a congregation of over 1200 members. With a production team consisting of 40 members, they needed an effective solution for clear communication in noisy environments. Hollyland C1 Pro, an intercom system equipped with dual-mic ENC noise reduction, perfectly met their needs.

Userfriendly, increased Productivity

“Favorite! They are easy to use. Just rotate the microphone boom down to talk.” 

Solidcom C1 Pro is an incredibly user-friendly communication system that is ready to use out of the box. With its simple operation of rotating down the microphone boom to start talking, the team can quickly and easily engage in communication. The straightforward usability reduces the time required for them to familiarize the equipment, allowing them to focus more on their production.

Unparalleled Dual-Mic ENC Technology

“LOVE the noise cancellation, it’s excellent! Our communication is better.”

In the midst of noisy event venues, the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) feature of the Solidcom C1 Pro plays a vital role. This technology effectively reduces environmental noise by an impressive 20dB, providing the team with crystal-clear communication quality.


Robust Compatibility

 “We paired the new Solidcom C1 Pro with our Solidcom C1, and they worked well.”

Solidcom C1 Pro boasts impressive compatibility, allowing compatibility with Solidcom C1 or other wireless intercom systems to expand the communication team.

Impressive Stylish and Classy Design

“The appearance design is stylish and leaves us a remarkable impression”

The design of Solidcom C1 Pro exudes a strong sense of technology, with its dual injection-molded shell, making Solidcom C1 Pro stylish and classy.



The team of Fincastle Baptist Church shared their experience: “The Solidcom C1 Pro is impressive, stylish design, user-friendly, unparalleled dual-mic ENC technology, and robust compatibility make our communication better!” Indeed, the easy-to-use Solidcom C1 Pro with its ENC noise reduction feature has enabled efficient and high-quality team collaboration. This serves as a great example of how Solidcom C1 Pro enhances team communication efficiency in church.

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