Unlocking Simplicity in Filmmaking: The Power of Solidcom C1

By Hollyland | September 20, 2023

Tilman, a student DP from Germany, faces a common challenge shared by many small production teams: how to obtain the best communication quality at a cost-effective price. Hollyland Solidcom C1 provides him with an excellent solution to this problem.

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Ready Out of Box, Easy to Use
Solidcom C1 is an incredibly user-friendly full-duplex intercom system that allows for easy communication by just rotating the microphone boom down to talk. Tilman said: “The best part of the Solidcom C1 was definitely its ease of use. Being able to bring anyone into the conversation without having to explain to them how to use a radio.”

The straightforward and user-friendly design reduces the time needed for training. With just a simple step, they can quickly establish communication with others. This minimalist design allows the team to focus on their work without being distracted by complicated operating procedures, enabling the team to dedicate more time and energy to the filming process.

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Excellent Communication Quality
Solidcom C1 has a frequency response range of 150Hz to 7kHz. Whether it’s in film production, or during photography work, the wide frequency response range of Solidcom C1 enables rich and accurate sound transmission. Users can enjoy clear and natural conversations without worrying about limitations in frequency range compromising audio quality. Tilman expressed, “When they’re talking, it’s like they’re standing right next to you.”

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Long-Range Instant Communication up to 1100ft
During shooting, every minute and second is valuable, and timely communication and feedback become crucial. Tilman emphasized that “I don’t need to shout in a crowded set or struggle with long-distance communication. Being able to have a clear line of communication with the directors at all times allows us to quickly exchange ideas and share thoughts after each shot. Additionally, even if they are in another room, I can quickly communicate with the camera crew about lens or filter changes.”

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Furthermore, the team also shared the unique challenges they faced while shooting night scenes. The lead actress had to stand in the freezing cold river water, and for her well-being, the production team was eager to complete the shoot as quickly as possible. Director Paula stood in the water alongside the camera crew, while the other director, Finn, positioned himself on a 5-meter-high bridge. With the exceptional instant communication and long-distance communication capabilities of the Solidcom C1, the team successfully completed the shoot.

Unlocking Simplicity in Filmmaking
The powerful communication capabilities of Solidcom C1 eliminate the distance barrier among the members of the production team. No matter how far apart team members are located, they can rely on the long-distance communication feature of Solidcom C1 to seamlessly communicate, fostering close collaboration and maintaining an efficient workflow.

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Tilman Bensiek | Director of Photography & Gaffer Based in Germany

I’m Tilman, a DOP and gaffer based in Hamburg, Germany.

I was introduced to filmmaking back in school, fell in love with visual storytelling and could never really get away from it since then. I mostly work on narrative projects, and the occasional commercial or short doc. I’m very grateful for all the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve made through this line of work and wouldn’t have wanted to miss a single thing.

You can find me on Instagram (@tilmanbensiek) or my website: www.bensiek.com

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