2021 New Ways to Use Video Transmission

By Hollyland | August 20, 2021

Routines are boring! Hollyland is calling on all content creators and filmmakers to join our latest contest: New Ways to Use Video Transmission. Have you ever tried something other than on-location filmmaking monitoring with your wireless video transmission system? If you have, you are the one we have been looking for. If you haven’t, start exploring now!

Wireless Video Transmitter Hollyland

The entry can be either a picture or a video taken with the assistance of a Hollyland MARS 300 PRO or other Hollyland wireless video transmission system or non-Hollyland wireless transmission system. Creative cinematographers from the whole world will be joining the Hollyland team to review your work as judges.

Hollyland 300 Pro

How to Enter

1.     Create a video for at least 30 seconds or a/a set of photos to show off your creative application with your video transmission system;

2.     Upload it to your YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram account;

3.     Submit the links to the campaign page ( https://forms.gle/ncWHzFiDG3F2C6VN6 ).

Contest Timeline

Kickoff: August 13, 2021

Submission Deadline: September 4, 2021

Winner Announcement: September 9, 2021

The Prize

Best Creative Picture*5:

50% off Amazon coupons for MARS 300 PRO/400S PRO + Souvenir Package

Best Creative Video*3:

NO.1 – $600 + Hollyland Package
NO.2 – $300 + Hollyland Package
NO.3 – $100 + Hollyland Package


1.     Wedding

2.     Photograph Education/Tutorial

3.     ESports

4.     Office Meeting

5.     Live Broadcast

6.     Others

Come and showcase your creativity to the world!


All entries submitted should follow the entry rules above. No plagiarism is allowed. Hollyland reserves the explanation right of the contest.

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