How to Change a Password on Threads [Step by Step]

Threads have been the new trend in the world of social media since its release on July 5th, 2023. This text-based conversation app is available in a wide range of 31 languages. Moreover, if you are a Twitter fan, you can use this app more easily due to its resembling experience. However, when discussing these online social media accounts, the concern to keep our accounts secure remains the same.

That can be done by regulating and changing your passwords more frequently. You might need to familiarize yourself with changing passwords if you are new to Threads. In this guide, we will show you to change the password whether you are logged in or have forgotten it. Read this guide till the end, and you will be able to get easy access to your Threads account.

How to Change a Threads Password When You Forget the Password?

As already discussed, Threads is more like a conversation-based app that allows you to interact with people worldwide. To add more, during the first week of its release, this app got more than 100 million followers. This app is a member of the Meta family and is also denoted as Instagram Threads. You can, however, only access Threads if you have an account on Instagram.

Sometimes, you might need help with remembering your Instagram account password. So, here we will tell you how to change the forgotten password on Threads with the help of your Instagram account:

Step 1: First thing first, access the Threads app on your device after you have installed it. Afterward, tap on the “Log in with Instagram” option at the bottom, and you will be directed to the Meta login interface. Here, find the “Forgot Password?” option below the “Log In” button, and tap on it to proceed further.

tap on forgot password

Step 2: Now, under the “Find Your Account” section, type in your username, email, or any related account ID. Next, tap the “Find Account” button to let Threads look for your registered account. Once you see your account, you can choose from multiple ways to get access to your account. This can be getting a code via a phone number or an email.

press the find account button

Step 3: After you choose the required way, tap the “Continue” button. On the “Enter Confirmation Code” screen, type in the 6-digit pin you may have received and press “Confirm.” Moving on, type your new password and then type it again to confirm it in the respective fields and click the “Submit” button. This will get you to your Threads account quickly.

enter the confirmation code

Part 2: How to Change a Threads Password When You Have Logged In?

There might be a case that you are logged in to your Threads account but need to change your password to make it more secure. There is no need to worry about this, as we have the solution for you here. Simply head to the steps we have described below and change the password without any complexity:

Step 1: When logged in on Threads, head to the bottom right of the app’s main interface and tap the “Profile” icon. Afterward, click the two horizontal lines in the top right corner and tap “Account” from the given options. Further, hit the “Security” option, and you will be directed to your Instagram account.

access the profile settings

Step 2: Afterward, under the “Login & Recovery” section, tap the “Change Password” option and choose your profile. Next, you must type your current password and then your new one. You can then re-type a new password and head to the bottom side of the app’s screen to hit the “Change Password” button. With this, your Threads account password will be changed successfully.

press the change password button

Part 3: Importance of Changing Threads Password Regularly

These days, data breaches are very common, so safeguarding your online accounts is very necessary. One of the most effective and straightforward ways to protect your account is by changing its password. Learn the importance of it below and start changing your passwords for better security.

1. Unauthorized Access Protection

Consistently updating passwords creates an extra protection layer against unauthorized access. Hackers target accounts with outdated passwords, making it easier to gain access. Changing passwords regularly eliminates this risk and ensures that only authorized users can access it.

2. Optimize the Privacy of Your Account

Privacy is a fundamental right of everyone, and updating passwords plays a necessary role in preserving it. Changing your passwords frequently will reduce the chances of potential breaches that could compromise your personal data and online interactions.

3. Avoiding the Impact of Data Breaches

Data breaches can have severe consequences, leading to the leak of sensitive information. Changing passwords regularly will limit the potential fallout from such breaches. Even if your password were compromised, its validity would be short-lived.

4. Staying Ahead of Online Threats

Cybercriminals might employ techniques to exploit your data. So, adopting the habit of regular password changes will enhance your account security. Thus, keeping you one step ahead of potential risks and vulnerabilities.


Making sure to keep your accounts safe and protected is highly necessary. Threads’ connection to Instagram makes it more important to change passwords regularly to ensure everything remains secure. For that, we have got simple solutions for you to make sure your account is safe. If you forget or want to change your password, just follow the steps discussed in this guide for better understanding.


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