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How Do Blink Cameras Work?

With the rising concerns of your home security, getting a durable camera that monitors your home is an option you might consider. Blink cameras are one of the most ideal cameras that have earned public attention and garnered a spot among big brands.

Because Blink cameras offer suitable features without breaking the bank, they have grown popular, making them desirable cameras in the market. So, how does a blink camera work? If you are looking for how blink cameras work, how to set the cameras up, and more, this post has covered that. Take a look!

Blink Cameras are for their simple installation and working. Once you have a blink camera, you can configure it yourself, and it can start working without looking for a professional. Here is a detailed explanation of how the blink camera works.

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  1. Wireless Operation

Blink cameras communicate wirelessly with the sync module. Wireless operation is possible because the camera uses radio waves to link with the sync module. Thus, the cameras can be installed anywhere, according to your liking.

  1. Links with a Sync Module

Blink Cameras works with a Sync Module connected to your fast internet. A Sync module enables you to create a whole system, which can manage all cameras and how they communicate and facilitate the storage of recorded videos. 

Unlike a Blink camera that is not connected to power, the Sync module must be plugged into a power source to enable its functioning, like connecting to the internet. The Sync module must be strategically placed within range to facilitate communication with the Blink cameras.

  1. Motion Sensor

Blink Cameras start recording videos when motion is detected. The cameras are equipped with motion sensors, which work within a given field of view. If an activity is detected with the field of view, the camera will be triggered and start to record. The feature is suitable because it enables the conservation of your battery, such that the camera stops recording when no motion is detected.

  1. Records a Video

A blink Camera records a video when motion is detected, depending on your settings. If you have set the time to 30 seconds, the camera will record videos of 30 seconds and send them to the storage, from where you can access them remotely.

  1. Access to Video Via Blink App

When buying a Blink camera, you must download the Blink App on your mobile device to get the camera to work. The Blink App makes access to the recorded videos easy, as you can access them using the app. The Blink App lets you watch your home from anywhere without hassle.

  1. Battery-Powered Cameras.

Blink Cameras are powered by lithium batteries that come with the camera when purchasing. Thus, the camera will start functioning without wiring connections because its power is from the batteries. Blink assures users that the battery can last up to two years, but its lifespan can vary depending on many factors.

  1. Local or Cloud Storage

Configuring the Blink Cameras gives you a one-month free unlimited cloud storage trial period. All your videos are stored on the cloud and can be accessed from the Blink App. Alternatively, you can choose a local storage using a USB drive inserted in the Sync Module. The USB is bought differently and does not come with the Blink Cameras.

  1. 24/7 Monitoring

Blink Cameras always work, even at night, enabling you to monitor your home. The cameras have excellent night vision, ensuring clear videos are recorded even at night.

You can set up any Blink camera from the Blink app without looking for a professional. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow.

  1. Install the Blink app on your Android or iPhone.
image 112
  1. Create an Account in the Blink App.

Click on the Create Account option, and follow the instructions on your screen to create an account. Provide basic information, such as your email, phone number, and password.

image 113
  1. Choose if you want to link Blink to Amazon.

You will tap on the linking option if you want a Blink monthly subscription, especially for storage. Otherwise, you may skip the step.

image 114
  1. Select the Sync Module option, and tap OK on the prompt on your screen.

Once you select the Sync module, you will be prompted if you want the camera to scan a QR code. Clicking OK allows your mobile camera to scan a QR code.

image 115
  1. Click on While using the app to take a video or picture with the Blink app.
image 116
  1. Take the Sync module and Scan the QR Code to Create a System.

Once you scan the QR code and the app recognizes it, it will prompt you to click a system. Click on Create a System, and give it a name you like.

image 117
  1. Make the Sync Module Discoverable.

Take the Sync module, plug it in, and click the Reset button on the back until a red light appears. Give it a few more seconds until you see a blue and then a green steady light.

image 118
  1. Tap on Discover Device

Go back to the Blink app and tap on Discover Device. While performing this step, you must ensure you are connected to a stable internet. Click on Connect, choose your Wi-Fi, enter the password, and get connected. 

image 119
  1. Click the Plus Icon in the top right corner to add the first camera. Click on the type of camera you add, like a wireless, mini, or the type you bought.
image 120
  1.  Scan the QR Code on the back of the camera Using the Blink App.

To scan the QR code, you must remove a black rubber piece on the back of the camera, as shown in the picture below. 

image 121

Next, take one of the plastic screws, and twist the screw on the camera to open the camera. Now, you can scan the QR code on the back of the camera.

image 122
  1. Select the system you created earlier to add your camera to it.

The system you created earlier will be listed, and you can select it. Moreover, you can insert the battery into the camera while waiting for it to be connected to the system.

image 123

The app will let you know when the camera has been added successfully, and you will be enrolled automatically by Blink to the 30-day free Blink cloud trial period, offering you unlimited storage for your footage.

When the trial ends, you can subscribe or cancel the subscription. Moreover, you can use the sync module storage by storing the videos locally on a USB drive plugged into the sync module.

Mounting the camera on the wall is also easy because it comes with a mount and screw to enable you to achieve your goal. You can insert the mount to the camera, choose a suitable location, and use the provided screw to mount it.

Blink Cameras are durable and affordable Cameras founded by Immedia Semiconductor in 2014. Blink, a consumer electronics company, started manufacturing home security cameras in 2014 before Amazon acquired it in December 2017. 

The Blink company had a background in chip manufacturing, and it gave the company an upper hand in developing small, affordable, and power-saving cameras that stood out in the congested security camera market. Moreover, the blink cameras offer more features than other cameras that consume much power, making the product ideal for many customers.

As explained below, four types of Blink Cameras have done well in the market.

Blink Indoor Camera is one of the best indoor cameras to monitor your space. From checking on your pets to checking on your baby, the indoor camera can help you achieve various indoor purposes. The camera is wireless, and it is more attractive because it can be installed anywhere.

The Blink indoor camera is wireless, measuring a few inches, meaning it only requires a small space on your furniture to work. But, the wireless camera works with a sync module that must be plugged into a hub. The Blink indoor camera works in hand with the sync module, which means you will incur $10 on top to get the module.

Once you have the indoor camera, you can install the wireless camera about anywhere and plug the sync module into a power hub. The sync module and wireless camera can communicate with radio waves, enabling you to monitor your home from your mobile device.

Blink Indoor Camera Features

  1. Battery powered camera
  2. Quality video resolution of up to 1080p.
  3. Night recording capabilities.
  4. View Area of 110-degree.
  5. Wireless communication of the camera
  6. Two Way Audio

Blink outdoor camera is one of the best cameras highly reviewed by customers in 2023. The camera can be used outdoors or indoors, and it is a powerful weather-resistant camera that works wirelessly.

Like the indoor blink camera, the outdoor camera works with a sync module that must be plugged into a hub. The camera records clips of 5 to 60 seconds once triggered by motion and takes around 10 seconds to relapse.

The Blink outdoor camera shares most of its features with the indoor camera, but it costs $99 to buy a single camera and $89 for additional cameras. Two batteries power the outdoor camera, and you can install it yourself, following a user guide.

Once the outdoor camera captures a video, it can be stored locally on the sync module with the help of a USB drive that you can buy separately or choose to subscribe to cloud storage, where the videos will be stored.

Features of Blink Outdoor Camera

  1. Budget-friendly compared to other brands.
  2. Weather resistant.
  3. It has an inbuilt temperature sensor.
  4. Privacy settings can be modified.
  5. It offers easy installation without needing a professional.

Drawbacks of Blink Outdoor Camera

  1. Lack of Advanced Imaging Features

The Blink outdoor camera is not recommended for high-quality videos. The camera lacks advanced imaging features like HDR and color night vision for better video quality.

  1. Offers Narrow View

Compared to other cameras, the camera is unsuitable for covering large areas because of its narrow field of view.

  1. There is No Option for Continuous Recording

The camera starts recording a video only when it is triggered by motion. Thus, if you want a camera that records 24/7, this option may not achieve that goal.

  1. Lacks Advanced Security Features

The Blink outdoor camera has not been integrated with advanced security features like detecting a person or zooming and tracking. 

Unlike the outdoor and indoor types, the Mini camera by Blink is wired. The white or black camera is tiny and can only be used indoors. The camera records videos of up to 30 seconds when triggered by motion, and they can be viewed live on the Blink app.

The Mini camera serves many uses around the house, from watching your baby to watching your roommate or pet. When you want to use the Blink Mini camera, you need to edit the settings from the Blink app and ensure motion, sound detection, and recording times are set accordingly. Moreover, the length of a recorded clip must be adjusted to a reasonable amount.

The Mini camera costs $34.99 and is ideal when you don’t want your security to be noticed by everyone.

Features of Blink Mini Camera

  1. Tiny in size.
  2. Two-way clear audio.
  3. Wired connection
  4. Night vision capabilities.
  5. Adjustable to any direction.

Blink Video Doorbell is the latest camera in the Blink family. The camera can be wired or wireless, enabling you to answer your door from whichever location using your smartphone. 

The Blink video doorbell is one of the cheapest in the market, and it offers a variety of features, making monitoring your home easy. You get alerts when motion is detected or someone presses a button. Moreover, you can connect it to an existing doorbell, enabling you to hear a ring when motion is detected.

Blink ensures this camera fits any home; you can choose wireless or connect it to a wired doorbell. You can install the Blink Mini camera as your indoor plug-in chime to go wireless.

Blink Video Doorbell received good reviews within the first few months of its release in the market. The good reviews are attributed to the camera working with Alexa, and you can set it up within a few minutes.

Features of Blink Video Doorbell

  1. Compatible with Alexa
  2. Uses battery or wired connection
  3. Two-way audio
  4. Wide view area of 135 degrees.
  5. Day and night HD video
  6. Chime app alerts


Blink Cameras work wirelessly with the sync module using radio waves. The wireless working of the cameras has made them suitable, especially when you don’t want much wiring that could make your place look messy. Moreover, Blink cameras can store the recorded videos locally or on a paid cloud, depending on your desire. If you want more details on how Blink cameras work, check this post!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blink Cameras Ideal for Home Security?

Blink Cameras have stood out as one of the best cameras for your home monitoring security system. The cameras are affordable compared to other cameras and include many monitoring features. Other brands have performed better than Blink Cameras, but Blink is the most budget-friendly.

How Does Blink Outdoor Camera Work?

A Blink Outdoor Camera uses a motion sensor that triggers the camera whenever motion is detected. You can start monitoring your home using the Outdoor camera by creating an account with the Blink App, plugging in the sync module, connecting to a Wi-Fi connection, and adding the camera to the Blink app.

Do Blink Cameras Work with Apple HomeKit?

All Blink cameras are compatible with a few platforms, including Alexa and Apple HomeKit. When setting up a Blink camera with Apple HomeKit, you can use online platforms like IFTT (If This, Then That). 


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