Is Fiverr Good for Artists? Reasons to Use and Not Use

Are you among those artists who are passionate about working? It is important to find a reliable platform that can help you support yourself and your art. With many options available, deciding where to start can be confusing. However, Fiverr is a freelance platform that has become popular among artists for finding work. But the question remains, is Fiverr a good option for artists?

To find it out, read this guide as we will explain what Fiverr is and discuss the pros and cons of using it for artists. After reading this guide, you will be able to decide whether to choose this platform or not.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is a big online marketplace where special-needs people can offer services. These include drawing pictures, designing logos, writing articles, or creating websites. When you visit Fiverr, you can make a free account to either sell your skills or hire someone for a project. It’s like a marketplace where talented people can showcase their abilities and offer their services.

what is fiverr

Similar to this, you can establish a “Gig” to describe your skills and set a fee if you have a unique talent or area of specialty. On the other hand, Fiverr offers a variety of categories where you may look through and discover the best individual for the job if you need help with something. Fiverr offers a large network of talented people if you’re looking for a freelancer or any other kind of creative professional.

Even better, Fiverr has been around since 2010 and has grown considerably since then. Therefore, Fiverr has you covered regardless of the skills you have or the support you require. This platform is trustworthy that brings people together to contribute their skills.

Reasons Why Fiverr is Good for Artists?

Fiverr is surely a great platform for artists, but you might be thinking about what makes it so great. Compared to other services, Fiverr always gives results that artists love the most. We have explored the main reasons below to make it easy to understand.

1. Wide Exposure to Clients

Fiverr attracts a massive audience of 95 million visitors each month. This means there is a high chance that someone who appreciates your artistic offerings will discover and love your work. These potential clients may be willing to pay for your services, helping you gain recognition and financial support.

2. Demand for Various Services

Whether you excel at creating beats, writing content, or generating designs, Fiverr provides a platform where people actively search for artists. The platform connects you with individuals who specifically need your wide range of skills, thus increasing your chances of finding clients.

3. Easy and Quick Start

Getting started on Fiverr is a breeze. There are no lengthy application processes or waiting periods. Once you know how to assist others with your variety of talents, you can jump right in and start earning money. You don’t need specialized knowledge or skills, just a creative mindset and effective communication skills, which all artists possess.

4. Potential for Earning Desired Income

While Fiverr may not be the primary source for making a substantial income, it can still generate enough revenue to cover your expenses, from fuel to a nice meal. Many artists have even achieved monthly earnings ranging from $500 to $1000 or more from a single gig on Fiverr. By taking on multiple gigs simultaneously and effectively marketing yourself, you have the potential to increase your earnings even further.

5. Flexible Working Hours

Working on Fiverr is quite different from regular jobs. In traditional jobs, you have set hours and days you must work. But with Fiverr, things are much more flexible. This freelance platform lets you decide when and how much you want to work.

It’s like having the freedom to create your own schedule that fits your life just right. You can even decide your working hours and allocate time based on your availability. This flexibility allows you to balance your artistic pursuits and other aspects of life.

Reasons Why Fiverr is Not Good for Artists?

Now, we will discuss why artists may have better platforms than Fiverr. While it offers opportunities, there are some drawbacks to consider. Find below four factors that make Fiverr less ideal for artists.

1. High Commission Rate

Fiverr takes a significant 20% commission from your earnings. This implies that even if you succeed in making sales at low prices, starting at $5, as advised, you will end up losing a significant part of the money. It’s worth noting that other freelance platforms may also charge commissions, but this percentage can impact your overall earnings.

2. Limited Account Customization

When you sign up on Fiverr, you can’t change your username or account information later. So, if you decide to use a different name or want to start fresh, you’ll have to make a completely new account. This loses any progress or reviews you have accumulated. This lack of flexibility can be frustrating and time-consuming for artists seeking to evolve their online presence.

3. Technical Issues and Bugs

Fiverr is known to have several technical glitches that can be challenging to resolve. For instance, completing skills tests to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) positioning may not reflect accurately on your profile.

Your biography edits may appear differently than intended or sync correctly across different platforms. These technical inconsistencies can impact your professional image and make it difficult to showcase your skills effectively.

4. Pricing Limitations and Challenges

Starting on Fiverr often means offering services at very low prices, sometimes as low as $5, for tasks requiring several hours. This can be disheartening for established freelance artists used to receiving better-paid assignments.

While you can eventually move up to Level 2 and raise your prices, the platform’s limited service options visible to buyers can hinder your ability to propose unique offerings compared to competitors. This lack of variety restricts your earning potential once you establish a reputation on the platform.


In conclusion, Fiverr can be a beneficial platform for artists, but it also has some potential drawbacks, as mentioned in this guide. However, artists should be aware of certain challenges on Fiverr, such as facing competition from a large pool of sellers. Ultimately, the decision to use Fiverr depends on an artist’s individual goals and needs.

It can serve as a useful platform for artists who are willing to navigate the marketplace strategically and make the most of the opportunities it presents. However, artists must also be cautious about pricing their work fairly and maintaining their artistic integrity amidst the competitive landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Seller Fees for any project on Fiverr?

For any project on Fiverr, the platform charges a fee of 20% of the entire project from the seller. This is a defined percentage that is presented by the platform for all the sellers.

2. What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr has presented the option of a premium marketplace within its ecosystem under Fiverr Pro. This marketplace caters to the biggest brands and businesses with freelancers of the highest quality. Being a freelancer, you can experience a highly-professional environment, great clientele, and assistance from Success Managers for maximizing the entire workflow.

3. What basic things should a seller abstain from on Fiverr?

Being a freelancer on Fiverr, you should keep personal details private from the profile, descriptions, and chats. Along with that, you should always abstain from using abusive language. The images should be professional, and no URLs should be present within any description.

4. What is the “Rising Talent” badge on Fiverr?

The Editorial Team of Fiverr assesses and handpicks particular Gigs that contain potential. As a result, the team grants that particular gig with the “Rising Talent” badge and gives them exposure within the marketplace. Buyers consider such gigs more credible than the others in the marketplace.


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