How To Make A Second Instagram Account Without Notifying Friends? 

The desire for multiple Instagram accounts is not uncommon in a world where social media dominates. Whether it’s for personal interests, professional endeavors, or simply a need for privacy, having a second Instagram account can be a practical solution. However, the challenge lies in keeping this secondary account hidden from prying eyes, especially from your existing network of friends. 

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a secret Instagram account, ensuring it remains incognito to your established contacts. Follow these strategies to establish a separate online presence while safeguarding your privacy.

Making a Secret Instagram Account

To ensure your secret Instagram account remains truly confidential, follow these crucial steps:

Avoid Linking Your Phone Number

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When you’re in the process of creating your Instagram account, pay special attention if Instagram prompts you to add your phone number. For your privacy and security, it’s crucial to consider skipping this step. A linked phone number can potentially be traced back to you.

By taking this precaution, you ensure that even if someone gains access to your contact information, they won’t be able to identify the secret account as yours. So, keep this in mind to maintain the level of anonymity and security that you desire on Instagram.

Use a Dummy Email Address

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When it comes to setting up your secret account, be mindful of the email address you use. For your added privacy and security, it’s best to steer clear of using official or personal email addresses. Instead, consider creating a dummy email specifically for this purpose.

Linking this dummy email provides an additional layer of separation, significantly enhancing the anonymity of your account. This precautionary measure is essential to maintaining the level of confidentiality you’re aiming for.

Steer Clear of Account Linking

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As you navigate the setup process, be cautious if Instagram prompts you to link your account with other social media platforms. For your utmost privacy, it’s crucial to resist this temptation. Make a point to refrain from adding any links or mentioning the names of your other social accounts.

Taking this step will ensure there are no inadvertent connections between your secret account and your primary profile. This way, you can preserve the confidentiality you seek and maintain a complete separation between your private and public online presence.

Keep Personal Details Fictional

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When creating a secret account, remember the importance of crafting entirely fictional details. This includes every aspect, from your age and name to your listed gender and any associated website links. The goal here is to establish a distinct and deliberate separation from your genuine personal information, reinforcing the secretive nature of the account.

Choose a Unique Username 

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Selecting a unique username is a pivotal step in maintaining the confidentiality of your secret Instagram account. Consider using an alias or a nickname that is entirely distinct from what you commonly go by. This adds an extra layer of anonymity, making it harder for anyone to link your secret account to your actual persona. 

Furthermore, refrain from using any usernames that have been previously associated with your public accounts, as this could potentially lead to a breach in your secret account’s confidentiality. By adhering to these tips, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a username that safeguards your anonymity on Instagram.

Avoid Location Tags and check-ins 

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The location tags and check-in features can inadvertently divulge your whereabouts, potentially compromising the confidentiality of your secret account. To ensure your location remains undisclosed, refrain from tagging specific places in your posts or stories. 

Additionally, disable the option for Instagram to access your device’s location services. This prevents the app from automatically suggesting location tags based on your GPS data. By being mindful of these steps, you can use Instagram without leaving a digital trail of your movements.

Maintain Privacy Settings

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Instagram offers users the option to toggle between two distinct account settings: public and private. Understanding and utilizing these settings is crucial to maintaining the confidentiality of your account.

Public Account: When your account is set to “public,” anyone on the platform can view your posts, stories, and profile information. This means that your content is accessible to a wide audience, including people who may not be in your immediate circle of friends.

Private Account: On the other hand, a “private” account gives you a higher level of control over who can view your content. When your account is set to private, only users you approve can follow you and see your posts. This ensures that your content is limited to a select audience.

Open Instagram and tap on your profile picture.

Step 1: Tap the three lines at the top right, then select “Settings and privacy.”

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Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Account privacy.”

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Step 3: Toggle on the “Private Account” option. This will cover your tracks on Instagram. 

To further ensure your secret account remains hidden, take the following steps:

Step 1: Access Instagram through a web browser and click on your profile icon.

Step 2: Select “Edit Profile.”

Step 3: Scroll down and uncheck “Similar Account Suggestions,” then click “Submit.” This prevents your secret account from appearing in search results.

Step 4: Disabling Post Sharing

To maintain privacy on your secret account, avoid posting stories. However, this won’t prevent you from viewing others’ stories. Follow these steps to disable post sharing:

Step 1: Tap the menu icon at the top right corner of your profile.

Step 2: Select “Settings and privacy.”

Step 3: Tap “sharing

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Step 4: Toggle off “Allow story sharing in messages.”

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Remember, if you keep your secret account private, your friends won’t be able to see it based on your privacy settings.

Bonus Tip:

To maintain the secrecy of your second Instagram account, it’s essential to review and adjust your privacy settings periodically. Ensure that your account remains set to “private” and that no sensitive information is inadvertently shared in your posts or profile details. Additionally, keep an eye out for any new features or updates that may affect your account’s privacy, and make adjustments as needed. This proactive approach will help you continue using your secret account discreetly.


By following these steps, you can successfully create a second Instagram account without notifying your friends. Remember, maintaining privacy is essential, so use a dummy email and unique username and adjust your privacy settings accordingly. With these precautions in place, you can confidently navigate your secret account while preserving your online identity.


Q: Can my friends see my second Instagram account?

A: Depending on your privacy settings, if you keep your second account private, your friends will not be able to see it.

Q: How can I ensure my secret account remains hidden?

A: Avoid linking personal information, use a dummy email, keep personal details fictional, and make sure to set your account to private.

Q: Can I switch my secret account back to a personal account later?

A: Yes, you can easily switch your secret account back to a personal account by adjusting your settings in the account privacy section.

Q: Is it possible to completely disconnect my secret account from my main profile?

A: Yes, by following the steps to disable similar account suggestions, you can ensure your secret account remains completely separate from your main profile.


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