How To Open GoPro Battery Door [Step by Step]

GoPros are action cameras that capture high-quality 4K videos with exceptional digital stabilization and slow motion. They also feature wide-angle lenses and integrated mounting clips, allowing you to place them in several different interesting places. With their robust and waterproof casing, they’re perfect for documenting extreme sports and other thrilling adventures that would otherwise damage a smartphone or swappable lens camera. 

However, the battery door of the GoPro leaves much to be desired. They’re extremely difficult to pry open with your fingernails, especially when you’re somewhere cold. If you apply too much pressure, you risk breaking the door, and fully exposing the SD card and other internal components to the elements. To help ensure you don’t damage your GoPro with such a small mistake, let’s dive into how you can safely open the battery door of different GoPro models. 

Different GoPro Models and Their Battery Door Mechanisms

Funnily enough, even if you don’t have a battery in your GoPro, the door will still be very difficult to open. Since the door is supposed to provide a seal, the amount of pressure required to open it makes sense, but it shouldn’t be to the point where you have to wrestle it open. 

The door might loosen up with continued use, but till then, here’s how you can safely open the battery door for different GoPro models:

GoPro Hero 5 Black 

  1. Find the button on your camera’s bottom panel. 
image 454
  1. Push the button and gently slide the battery door to the side. 
  2. Pull the door out to access the battery. 
image 455

GoPro Hero 9, 10, 11, and 12

  1. Locate the small tab at the bottom of your GoPro’s side door. 
image 224
  1. Use your thumb or fingernail to firmly press down on the indentation and release the latch. 
  2. Pull the door up to release the battery. Remember that you might need to apply some force, but make sure you’re a bit gentle to avoid breaking it completely. 
  3. If you want to remove the door completely, pull the door upwards until it’s parallel to the camera’s upper side and then gently twist back. 

Tips for Opening the Battery Door

Even if you read your model’s instruction manual, you might find it difficult to figure out the mechanism of your GoPro’s battery door. But don’t worry, as you’re not the only one. 

Since the battery door is supposed to be water-proof, it needs to be tightly secured to prevent any water intrusion. The longer, more elongated, and firmer design is why the door is now harder to open. Here are a few tips to open the battery door without damaging it:  

  • Make sure you turn off your camera before you try to open the battery door. 
  • Check and clean any dust or debris that may be around the battery compartment. 
  • Use only clean hands and try to avoid touching any of the camera’s internal components. 
  • If your battery door is stuck, gently apply pressure from different directions or try using a thin tool to slowly pry it open.
  • Try opening and closing the battery door repeatedly to loosen it up a bit. 
  • Make sure you don’t use excessive force, or you might end up damaging the door or even the GoPro itself. 

Additional Notes 

It’s important to note that some older GoPro models have a completely different battery door mechanism. So, make sure you go through your model’s user manual for more specific instructions.

If you have difficulty closing the battery door, insert a different battery and then try closing it again. Batteries that are even slightly damaged or bulged can make the battery door hard to close. Also, make sure that the ribbon for removing the camera battery is completely flat and not bunched up, as this can lead to slight jamming as well. 

However, if your battery door remains stuck, it’s best to seek help from a professional camera technician or get in touch with GoPro customer support for further assistance. They might have alternative methods or specific recommendations that can help resolve the issue. 

Common Problems and Solutions  

Jammed Battery Door

Your GoPro’s battery door might be jammed if there’s dirt or debris lodged in the mechanism. Along with cleaning the area around the door with compressed air or a soft brush, here are a few other solutions you can try:

Use WD-40

image 456

Apply a couple drops of WD-40 around the seam’s door, wait a few minutes, and then see if you can get the door open. You can add a few more drops if necessary, but make sure you don’t force anything. 

If you’re able to open the door with WD-40, make sure you use a cotton swab and a few drops of alcohol to remove all traces of the lubricant, as the solvents in WD-40 can damage the camera’s finish. 

Try Using a Coin

A coin can also help you open a jammed camera battery door. However, make sure you don’t apply too much force or you might end up damaging the door or even the camera itself. Here’s how you can use a coin to open a jammed battery door: 

  1. Turn off your camera before you try opening the battery door. This will help prevent any accidental data loss or damage. 
  2. Locate the battery door of your GoPro. It will either be on the side or the bottom of the camera, depending on the model. 
  3. Find a coin that can fit snugly into your battery door’s slot. Coins with larger diameters, such as 50-cent coins or quarters, are usually more effective. 
  4. Place the coin into the notch or slot of your battery door, making sure it’s aligned perfectly with all the grooves. 
  5. Apply gentle pressure on the coin and twist it counterclockwise. This should help release the lock mechanism or latch holding the door in place. 
  6. Once you successfully release the latch, remove the coin, and pull the battery door open. However, if the problem still persists, contact GoPro for further support. 

Loose Battery Door 

You may have a loose battery door because of a damaged latch or hinge. Luckily, you can try fixing this problem by replacing the latch or tightening the hinge screws. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can realign and fix the latch mechanism of your battery door:

  1. Remove your GoPro’s battery and inspect the door’s latch mechanism. Check if there’s any misalignment or visible damage. 
  2. Gently push the door’s latch mechanism toward the direction it should close. You’ll need to apply some pressure, but make sure you don’t apply too much force that you end up causing further damage. 
  3. If you notice a misaligned latch mechanism, use a small screwdriver to adjust and tighten the hinge screws. Make sure you carefully pull or push the latch until it’s perfectly aligned with the battery door before tightening any screws. 
  4. Once you’ve aligned and tightened the latch, test it by inserting the GoPro’s battery and closing the door. Make sure the door stays firmly shut without any movement or wobbling. 

However, keep in mind that if you have a broken latch mechanism or one with significant damage, then you might need to replace your entire battery door. Also, remember that different GoPro models have slightly different battery door mechanisms, so make sure you read your specific model’s user manual or contact a professional if you’re unsure about what to do.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that some newer GoPro models have easily replaceable battery doors. So, if you have a broken or heavily damaged battery door, you can easily purchase a replacement from GoPro itself or from any authorized dealer. 


Hopefully, by following all the aforementioned instructions, you will be able to open your GoPro’s battery door easily and safely. Just make sure you’re gentle and don’t apply too much pressure, or you might end up doing further damage. If you face any difficulties whatsoever, go through your GoPro’s user manual or directly get in touch with GoPro support for help. 


Are there any alternative methods for opening the battery door if you don’t have fingernails or a small tool?

If you don’t have a small tool or don’t want to use your fingernails, there are a few alternative methods for opening your camera’s battery door. You can use WD-40, but make sure you don’t spray it directly into the camera. Spray the lubricant into a cap and use a cotton swab or a syringe to apply it on the seams of the door. 

You can also use a coin to open your GoPro’s battery door. Insert the coin into the slot of your battery door, apply gentle pressure, and then turn the coin counterwise. This will help loosen the door, allowing you to easily open it. 

Is GoPro waterproof without its side door?

GoPros are waterproof up to 33ft with the door closed. However, if you remove the side door and the camera gets wet, there’s a highly significant chance that you’ll need to purchase a new one. 

Where can I find replacement parts for the battery door if it gets damaged?

You can purchase replacement battery doors from GoPro’s official website or from any authorized dealer. If you’re a GoPro subscriber, then you’ll even get the door at a discounted price. 


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