8 Ways to Hide a GoPro to Take Special Photos

If you have a Go Pro camera, you can agree that it is the most effective camera for shooting actions and adventures. Although the camera was designed for adventures, many people have used it in their homes or outside because of its waterproof and durable features.

When using the Go Pro camera for shooting actions, trips, and adventures, you need to capture authentic moments. Unfortunately, when people notice a camera anywhere, their behavior changes, and getting authentic moments can hardly be achieved. 

Thus, it is essential to learn how you can hide a Go Pro so that you don’t scare people while having memorable adventures or make them feel like their expression is limited. However, it is essential to note that respecting someone’s privacy is a must.

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Before you decide to hide a Go Pro, remember that it is crucial to adhere to local regulations and respect others’ privacy as much as possible. Thus, it is not recommended to use a camera in places where it will be inappropriate, like bathrooms, bedrooms, and others.

The Best GoPro Mounts and Accessories to Consider

When you acquire a GoPro camera, you will realize that it won’t be easy to take beautiful pictures when you don’t have the necessary mounts. The GoPro Mounts have been designed to enable users to attach their cameras easily and enjoy taking pictures without struggling.

Go Pro Mounts come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be attached to objects like helmets or surfboards, enabling you to keep every memory you have enjoyed. If you don’t know which mounts and accessories you should acquire for your next adventure, here is a list of the best mounts and accessories.


Chesty Mounts

Go Pro offers Chesty mounts that you can wrap around your head, allowing you to get clear pictures from a better view while in comfort. The chesty mount is flexible and comes with a thoracic frame that can be adjusted according to your body type. 

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, and comfortable mount, the Chesty mount has got you covered. Moreover, it can capture all body and any sport you are engaging in.

Tripod Mount

The Go Pro Tripod mount is a perfect headband mount that can be attached to any standard tripod. The Tripod mount is very affordable, and it is small and lightweight, enabling you to capture every moment without trouble.

Octomask Mount

Octomask is another mount that you can consider when you want to take shots while swimming without holding the camera. Some may confuse the Octomask with a head strap, but they are different in that the Octomask allows you to wear your scuba mask and head strap it to your Go Pro as a pair.

Because the Octomask acts as a scuba mask with an inbuilt Go Pro mount, you can swim with ease and hold other things while taking pictures and videos. Moreover, it works with all Go Pro models.

Capture Camera Clip

When you are looking for versatility in comfort and accessibility of the camera gear at a go, the Capture camera clip mount is one of the accessories you must have. The mount comes with a quick-release button enabling you to reach your camera quickly and capture every moment.

The capture camera clip is best for hiking, biking, skiing, and having memorable moments around the world. The best thing is that the mount holds the camera securely, leaving your hands free to enjoy the moment fully while capturing each moment.

Telesin Dome Port

The Telesin Dome Port is a perfect Go Pro mount for underwater shooting. The mount has a dome port that pushes the water away from the lens and keeps it transparent for clear and epic shots. Moreover, it contains a handheld grip, making it easier to get underwater shots.

Telesin Dome Port is specifically made for Hero 7 Black, Hero 5 Black, Hero 6, and Go Pro Hero. The mount can be used above water as well as under, and its wide-angle can help you take immersive pictures.

Wrist Grip Mount

Having a suitable mount during any physical activity is essential, and that is where the Wrist Grip mount comes in. The mount is suitable for swimmers, and when using it, you can be assured that it won’t get lost in the water.

The mount offers a tight grip made of a non-slip foam of high quality. The mount offers a lot of space where you can store other accessories, enabling you to achieve stable footage. If you are looking for a perfect mount for various water sports like surfing, wakeboarding, and kayaking, among others, this is the mount for you.

Helmet Front Mount

The Helmet Front mount is the best for mountain biking and shooting every action from any direction. The mount is similar to the chest mount, but it gives you a wider perspective of your location. Moreover, it can be mounted on the front, side, or any location that you want to capture.

The mount includes an easy-to-use mounting buckle, and it is loved for its maximum adjustability to take many shots and capture any angle.


While the mounts are perfect for holding your Go Pro and enabling you to take clear pictures efficiently, Go Pro accessories are essential for the better performance of your camera. The following are the various accessories you can consider for your Go Pro.


When you want audio of the best quality, it is important to consider an external microphone. Although the Go Pro Camera can offer audio services, they wouldn’t be as quality as when you are using a quality external microphone.


When you want to use your Go Pro without being discovered, it is essential to consider a camouflage wrap that will make your camera blend in with the surroundings.

Remote Control

A remote control is essential when you want convenience and flexibility. With the remote, you can set your camera without touching it physically.

Lens Filters

The Go Pro camera is used in various environments, including underwater. Thus, having filters for your camera lens is essential to ensure the quality of images that you take.


A protective case for your Go Pro will enable you to keep it safe and prevent it from scratches and bumps.

The Best and Working Techniques to Hide a GoPro

Hiding a Go Pro is essential when you want to ensure you capture every moment while protecting your homes. If you are wondering how you can hide a Go Pro but still let it capture every moment in your home, this post has explained various techniques you can try.

Hide in a Bag or Backpack

Hiding a Go Pro inside a bag with a small hole is one way of ensuring your camera cannot be discovered easily. You can strategically place the Go Pro such that the lens matches the small hole to enable you to capture every moment. You can carry the bag around where you want to capture it or strategically place it in a place you want to monitor.

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Utilize a Bird House

If you want to hide your Go Pro camera around the house, utilizing your birdhouse is a great idea. Using the birdhouse is great because it won’t be discovered or move around when recording pictures and videos. Moreover, when considering this technique, it is important to ensure the birdhouse is located strategically to cover the critical parts.

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Place in See Through Pictures

Using see-through pictures and mirrors is a great way to ensure your camera cannot be discovered in the family rooms and dining areas. You can install your camera on the wall, then get a sizeable picture or mirror and place it in front of the camera.

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Place in Décor or Plants

If you have a house plant, it can be a perfect place to disguise your Go Pro camera. If the camera has a rechargeable battery, it would be perfect as you can drop them on the plant without much wiring.

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Mount on Walls

Mounting your Go Pro on the walls is one way of ensuring you capture everything in the visibility. Although it is easy to take note of such cameras, it is advisable to make them less visible by covering them with paint or fabric that matches the surroundings. 

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Mount on Entrances

Monitoring your entrance or exit is a good way of checking on who comes in and who goes out. Thus, you can mount your GoPro above entrances, enabling you to monitor every activity of the compound. Moreover, you can also consider hiding one in the Garage for maximum security.

Stuff in a Tedy Bear

Teddy bears are a norm nowadays in every home. If you have one, you can place your Go Pro inside the teddy bear and strategically place it in a suitable direction. Moreover, if you don’t have a teddy, you can consider other objects like sports equipment, water bottles, stuffed animals, and more.

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Use Kitchen Cabinets or Bookshelves

Every home contains a kitchen or bookshelves. If you are lucky to have one of those, you can hide your Go Pro on top of a bookshelf or in the kitchen cabinet. When using this technique, it is important to ensure the camera is not in isolation such that it cannot be spotted easily.

Safety and Security Considerations

When using your Go Pro camera, it is essential to remember that you must respect your privacy and that of others. As much as taking videos has grown popular, it is crucial to adhere to the regulations so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side. The following are some of the safety and security concerns you must consider.

Adhere to Local Laws

It would help if you familiarized yourself with local laws regarding recording and privacy laws. If you ignore the local laws, you risk getting into lawsuits for obtaining footage illegally.

Respect People’s Privacy

When you want to record, you must remember that each person is entitled to privacy. Thus, you must not capture sensitive information unless you have obtained permission from the individuals before recording.

Beware of Public Places Recording

When it comes to recording in public places, take time to get familiar with regulations regarding such places. Some other places don’t allow recording, thus ensuring you don’t get yourself on the wrong side of the cops.

Select the Suitable Mount

A suitable mount for your camera will enable you to take clear pictures. Thus, when choosing the mount, you must ensure it is tight and stable to avoid damaging your Go Pro. Moreover, you must ensure the chosen mount is perfect for the activity of the day and the environment.

Back-Up Footages

It is a good practice to ensure your data is always backed up. Backing up your footage will guarantee secure storage and prevent the loss of important data.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Go Pro Won’t Turn On

If you realize that your Go Pro is not turning on, it may be having the following issues.

  1. Circuit Board Problem

Your circuit board may be having issues preventing the camera from connecting correctly. You can check the circuit board, and if it is broken, consider replacing it.

  1. Dead Battery

When your camera’s battery is dead, it won’t turn on. Try charging the batter for a few minutes before trying to turn it on again. If it doesn’t turn on after charging it, you may replace the battery and check if it will turn on.

Go Pro won’t Charge

  1. Damaged Charger

Your camera’s charger may be faulty, making it hard to power it. Thus, you can try a different charger and check if it will charge. If it charges, consider changing your charger.

  1. Faulty Port

If your Go Pro’s charging port is broken, your camera may refuse to charge, prompting you to change the port to continue using the camera.

  1. Dead Battery

When your camera’s battery dies, it won’t charge. Thus, you check if the battery is the issue and replace it if that is the case.

Go Pro Is Not Reading My SD Card

If you want to store taken pictures on an SD card, but your camera cannot read the card, the following tips will help you fix it.

  1. Faulty SD Port

Your camera may fail to detect an SD card because the port is faulty. Thus, you can try a different port and check if the card will be detected.

  1. Circuit Board Issues

If your circuit board is not connected correctly or is damaged, your card will not be detected. Check the circuit board and see if it needs replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Legal to Use a Go Pro in Public Places?

Using a Go Pro is good, but you must not interfere with other’s privacy. When you want to record in a public place, consider learning the local regulations regarding recording. Moreover, you can seek the permission of individuals before recording them.

How Can I Ensure Go Pro is Secure?

You can ensure your Go Pro’s security by selecting a suitable mount. Your chosen mount must be stable and tight to prevent slippage issues. Moreover, carefully place the Go Pro so that thieves cannot steal it.

How Do I Hide a Go Pro?

Hiding a Go Pro is easy using camouflage. You must ensure the camera is wrapped with materials that resemble the physical surroundings, making it hard to be spotted. Moreover, you can hide in objects like water bottles, teddy bears, and bags with small holes.


Hiding a Go Pro is essential when you don’t want people to be drawn to your camera. When you want authentic moments captured, hiding your GoPro will let people express themselves freely. There are many techniques for hiding your Go Pro when you don’t want to use mounts.

You can hide the Go Pro in a teddy bear, a bag with a small hole, on the kitchen shelves, and many other places, as this post has discussed. If you are looking for more techniques for hiding your Go Pro, check this post for detailed instructions.


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