2 Ways to Pair an LG Soundbar with Subwoofer [Step by Step]

We can never shy away from the fact that an LG Soundbar is a great alternative to the low quality TV and smartphone speakers. Many are times when TVs and smartphones are fitted with cheap and low profile speakers creating the need of an LG Soundbar. 

However, this may not be enough. You can make the sound better when you pair an LG Soundbar with a subwoofer. The subwoofer gives you a more immersive listening experiece through its low notes in acoustic instruments and vocals, low pitch audio frequencies (bass and sub-bass), as well as precision in low-end transients. 

The question ringing in your mind might be; how do I pair an LG Soundbar with a Subwoofer? You can either adopt a wired or a wireless approach to pair the two. The most used method is the wireless method. Follow along this guide to discover the simple steps you need to pair your LG Soundbar with Subwoofer in less than 5 minutes.

Pre-pairing steps

Follow these few steps first to get started with pairing your two devices;

  1. Identifying your LG soundbar model: First things first!! Before you proceed on anything, be sure to identify the LG Soundbar model. 
image 191
LG Soundbar Model

Although my guide will discuss all the steps you need to follow, pairing steps may differ slightly based on the specific models. The model number acts as a key identifier for accurate pairing instructions.

  1. Checking the existing connections: The next most important factor to consider is checking the existing connections. Be sure to check the LED indicator on your subwoofer to examine an existing connection between the subwoofer and LG Soundbar. You also need to refer to your soundbar specific manual for specific LED light meanings. The light meanings may differ slightly based on the different LG Soundbar models.
  2. Preparing the subwoofer: Lastly, you need to link your power cable to your subwoofer and plug it into an electric outlet. This should be followed by locating the pairing button on the subwoofer, usually on the back or bottom. 
image 192
Power cable linkage with the subwoofer

Pairing methods 

You do not have to worry on how to pair an LG Soundbar with a Subwoofer. It’s quite easy and straightforward. Once both the subwoofer and the LG Sound Bar are turned on and you can locate the pairing button on the subwoofer, you can adopt the following pairing methods;

A. Automatic pairing (applicable to most LG soundbar models):

Follow these simple steps to complete your automatic pairing in a few minutes;

Step 1: Turn off the LG soundbar by pressing its Power button.

image 193
Turn off the LG Soundbar 

Step 2: Make sure the Subwoofer is turned on. When the subwoofer is turned on, the LED light should start blinking automatically.

image 194

The LED light starts blinking automatically.

Step 3: Next turn on the LG Soundbar on the Power button.

Step 4: In a moment, both the LG Soundbar and Subwoofer should be paired automatically. Be sure to check on the LED indicator on the subwoofer for confirmation. You should expect a solid green light. 

image 195

A solid green light on the Subwoofer LED should be observed

This might not be the case all the time. You may experience other colors on the Subwoofer LED indicator and this should not worry you. Here are some of the colors you should expect. 

LED ColorStatus
Blinking greenConnection in progress
Green Successful connection 
Red Bad connection 
OffNo power cable connection

B. Manual pairing (for older LG soundbar models or if automatic pairing fails):

When your LED indicator shows a red color, it means that your pairing was not successful. 

image 196

Red LED light shows connection was not successful

Also, some of the older LG Soundbar models need a manual pairing. If this is the case, it’s not time to panic. Follow these steps to complete a manual pairing;

Step 1: Like in automatic pairing, turn off the Soundbar by pressing its power button.

image 197

On the soundbar, press the power button to turn it off

Step 2: Press and hold the pairing button on the subwoofer for a few seconds. On the Subwoofer, the LED light should start blinking. 

image 198

Press and hold the Subwoofer pairing button for a few seconds. 

Step 4: Turn on the Soundbar by pressing its power button.. Wait until the LED light on the Subwoofer stops blinking and turns solid. In most cases the color is solid green. 

image 199

When the connection is established, the LED light should light up in solid green.

Step 5: The solid color implies both devices are paired. 


Sometimes the two devices may not connect even after trying automatic or manual pairing. Here are some of the approaches you can adopt to try and solve the issue;

  • Ensure that both devices are powered on: Sometimes you may have forgotten to power on one of the devices. An off LED sign on your subwoofer implies the device needs to be powered on.
  • Double-check if you are pressing the correct pairing buttons: Sometimes you could be pressing the power button instead of the pairing buttons. Be sure to press the correct pairing button.
  • Move the subwoofer closer to the soundbar during pairing: Apart from improving sound quality, it could also help the two devices to connect.
  • Ensure there are no obstacles preventing the pairing: Eliminate anything that might block signals affecting the connectivity.
  • Try turning the volume down: For some reason, subwoofers tend to connect to soundbars more effectively when the soundbar volume is low.
  • Unplug both devices for some minute: Like humans,l devices tend to get exhausted hence need a restart. If none of the above approaches tend to be resource, unplug the two devices for at least 5 minutes and plug them back.
  • Consult your LG soundbar’s user manual for specific troubleshooting steps: As mentioned previously, different LG Soundbar models may have different pairing procedures. Be sure to consult the specific LG model user manual to understand the specific user troubleshooting steps.

Must have tips when you are pairing an LG Soundbar with Subwoofer

Having understood the steps you need to follow to pair an LG Soundbar with Subwoofer, you need several tips to avoid problems when undertaking the procedure. Some of these tips include;

  • Master both automatic and manual pairing: Be sure to master both approaches so that when the automatic pairing fails you can try the manual way. 
  • Eliminate all forms of signal interferance: Before you even get into pairing the two devices, eliminate signal interferences from baby monitors, microwave ovens, other speakers, and medical equipment. This increases the probability of a strong connection.
  • Ensure volume adjustments: Having a high volume set in the Soundbar may interfere with the connection. Ensure that the volume is lowest before you get started. 
  • Eliminate obstacles: There should be no obstacles between the Sub and the Soundbar. In fact, it is advisable to have both of them as close as possible. 15 ft apart is the most recommended but incase connection is still a problem, you can bring them close to 5 ft apart.
  • Use the Stop or Mute button in case of connection problems: When you face connection problems, be sure to disable the sub’s volume control and press the Stop or Mute button for a few seconds to make the two devices discoverable for connection.
  • Apply the power recycling procedures where applicable: In cases when the LED lighting stops flashing, try repowering the devices to solve the issue.
  • Confirm pairing mode before you get started: The Subwoofer should be in pairing mode before you get started. Press it for a few seconds to initiate the pairing mode.
  • Ensure power connection: Always make sure that both devices are connected to a power source. Even though the devices are wireless, they still need to be wired to a powersource.
  • If the connection problem persists, reboot both devices: If issues persist, perform a “power cycling” action by turning off both the subwoofer and soundbar, then turning them on again. This simple reboot can resolve various connectivity issues.

The wired method

This approach is easy and straightforward. For a wired subwoofer, you just have to run one or two wires straight to the back of your soundbar, already plugged in power. 

The approach is less used nowadays due its less convenience and restrictions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the differences between wireless and wired pairing for LG soundbars?

LG soundbars offer both wireless and wired pairing with subwoofers. Wireless pairing implies connecting devices via bluetooth or WIFI. Bluetooth is the most commonly applied strategy in wireless pairing due to its ease of use.  

On the other hand, wired pairing entails physical connections applying HDMI or optical cables. It is more stable and reliable, providing direct audio. 

Below is a table showing their differences;

FeatureWireless PairingWired Pairing
Connection TypeBluetooth, Wi-FiHDMI, Optical
ConvenienceConvenient, flexibleStable, direct transfer
PlacementVersatile for device placementRequires physical cable connection
LatencySlightly higher latencyPotentially lower latency
ReliabilitySubject to interferenceMore reliable in certain scenarios

2. How can I adjust the subwoofer volume on my LG soundbar?

Once the two devices are connected, you can use the LG Sound Bar remote control to adjust the Subwoofer volume. Here the steps;

Step 1: On the remote control, press the Sound Tuning button. This will help you choose options for the Subwoofer. 

image 200

Press the Sound Tuning button

Step 2: On pressing the button, you will access options such as WF (representing SubWoofer), C representing Center channel, R for rear speakers, TRE for treble and BAS for Bass on your Soundbar.

image 201

WF represents SubWoofer

image 202

C represents Center channel

Step 3: Choose one that suits you best, for example, you can select WF and now press the volume options (+ and – options) on the remote to increase or decrease volume. 

image 203

Use the Volume options (+ andoptions).

3. Can I connect multiple subwoofers to my LG soundbar?

For the most current models, it is possible to connect at least two subwoofers to your LG Sound Bar. However, this depends on your Sound Bar model or brand. Some of the latest LG Soundbar models are expandable and can be linked with other subwoofers. So, be sure to confirm its expandability on your LG Soundbar manual or check the manufacturers website for your particular model.


Pairing your LG Soundbar with a subwoofer is an easy and straightforward process. It does not matter whether you apply either wireless and wired options. Before initiating pairing, identify your LG Soundbar model and check existing connections. Automatic pairing is common for most models, but manual pairing may be necessary for older models or unsuccessful attempts.

When a problem comes up in pairing be sure to apply troubleshooting tips such as verifying power, correct button presses, and eliminating obstacles. Additionally, it is advisable to master both pairing methods, address signal interference, adjust volume settings before you get started with the pairing procedure. With the latest model you could also consider expandability for multiple subwoofers. Whether enjoying wireless flexibility or the stability of wired connections, optimizing your LG Soundbar and subwoofer pairing ensures an immersive audio experience.


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